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Does it count if I make my girl wear shit?Jacket too small on me lol, need to get rid of it. At least it fits girls.Had fun doing an edito session.Star is the ribcage varsity bomber from the fw 2013 Undercover collection. [[SPOILER]]
Great shots LonerMatt and KingJulien! I will post a few recent film shots I did. And a few digital.
Edit: Forgot to quote Synthese, back in 2012.:Hey I guess that idea became true in the end Thx again Sipang, I keep looking at this thread for inspi every now and then.By any chance, I think UC had en edito in numero japan of march but never could find it.Do you have a source for these?
ahah thanks! I'm getting good at autoportraits. Hurray for phone connectivity ;P
Somehow I dream about the end of the world just to be able to pull facemasks and not look stupid.
Wanted to post this in the last day outfit contest but I have no writing skills lol. [[SPOILER]]
Starting to shoot some girls in MTL! first three with the Xt-1 and last one with an old medium film camera (mamiya 645)
Posted that fit in the photo thread but he only wears designers that fits that thread! A shot I took in Toronto. Harnden, Murakami, Yuu and Guidi. Told me he buys a lot with proxy and second hand =)
Full look (minus shoes) , from the fw 2013 collec. I love these pieces! still wear them a lot today.
Shot that guy in TO, would fit well here lol.
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