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Thanks! Some were taken during fashion week in shibuya but a lot are just wandering randomly into the streets in harajuku/omotesando. Back at it soon for next fashion week!
Hey guys!I moved to Tokyo a few months ago. I spent quite a while roaming the street and taking real streetstyle with real people!A few samples here: [[SPOILER]] I don't want to spam so can see way more here, here and here!Don't hesitate to ask for references, I try to note as much as I can the designers. And also any question about Tokyo and fashion/food Cheers,
To accordion: Kokko me in vancouver carries UC as well.
Again, so sorry for the three posts lol. (mods, you can delete my last two here, I had a bug). Last pic: Melie.
Ooouh I messed up? Might as well put pics. Sorry guys, the page didn't refresh. Fully styled that one!
Most of my pics are with the 56mm. I also have the 23
Ah thanks Benjaminda! Good choice with Xt-1 (I'm very very biased..). Is that the 35 or 56mm? Your light on pic 4 and 6 was pretty good! Quick selec here of my recent stuff. Did some shots at the 'fashion' week of Montreal lol. More girlz and portraits on my blog. (really need to update my website...tumblr went to shit) Moving to tokyo soon, expect some japanese street life!
aaah 6x9. Been looking for these fujis for a while. But I do have a mamiya 645 available (brother) and love the feeling with it =)
I had a leica m9 with me for a week with a summilux 35. I had fun, I think. Rangefinder was interesting but I think it's as you say, you need time with that camera and lens system to really get into. Gear isn't everything ;P I prefer my xt-1 pics that I took at the same time.. and I do like manual focus (for portrait) even with my xt-1 so it's not even that! If I had the money, I would probably go somewhere else than Leica (Hassel, pentax). This is prolly my fav shot...
Damn that Orlais fit is lit. Gj.
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