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Great shots LonerMatt and KingJulien! I will post a few recent film shots I did. And a few digital.
Edit: Forgot to quote Synthese, back in 2012.:Hey I guess that idea became true in the end Thx again Sipang, I keep looking at this thread for inspi every now and then.By any chance, I think UC had en edito in numero japan of march but never could find it.Do you have a source for these?
ahah thanks! I'm getting good at autoportraits. Hurray for phone connectivity ;P
Somehow I dream about the end of the world just to be able to pull facemasks and not look stupid.
Wanted to post this in the last day outfit contest but I have no writing skills lol. [[SPOILER]]
Starting to shoot some girls in MTL! first three with the Xt-1 and last one with an old medium film camera (mamiya 645)
Posted that fit in the photo thread but he only wears designers that fits that thread! A shot I took in Toronto. Harnden, Murakami, Yuu and Guidi. Told me he buys a lot with proxy and second hand =)
Full look (minus shoes) , from the fw 2013 collec. I love these pieces! still wear them a lot today.
Shot that guy in TO, would fit well here lol.
Finally, spring has come and I did a selfie. Old Junya * 2 stone island
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