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Quote: Originally Posted by a-rock I dress like a d-bag in Vegas. When in Rome... j/k... bigger reason is I hate that everything I bring there is going to reek of cigarettes and booze. Yeah you can dry clean but in the meantime anything that comes near the clothes until I can get to the cleaners is going to smell like Vegas. Some jeans or khakis, cheap dress shirts, and cotton unlined blazer is as nice as I'll bring to Vegas. Basically anything I...
Quote: Originally Posted by mystillwater that Zenga tie is gonna give me nightmares... and i've seen alot of ugly ties in my day.. sometimes you just need to leave it even if it's a rare and expensive brand I have got to learn to leave the older Zegnas behind. They definitely have a legacy of producing some ugly-as-shit ties. I have quite a few of them that I never wear. Maybe I should put them up on eBay as a batch and see if anyone bites. I...
Quote: Originally Posted by Nataku A local shop who carries labels such as KMW, Seize sur Vingt, APC, Rag & Bone..... etc has some of the Shirt line and they're pretty nice. Not Borrelli or Kiton, but on discount they're pretty damn nice. Who in MN carries APC? I assumed you were talking about LD, but I have never seen an APC piece in there. I remember asking a sales rep about it once and he told me they wanted to carry APC but that APC was...
Quote: Originally Posted by mystillwater anybody ever had a tailor add a vent to a ventless jacket? Just curuious if it's possible or worth the expense. There are a bunch of threads on this and I believe the (near) consensus is no.
Last week I scored an XMI Platinum tie, a recent Zegna tie, and a really nice John Nordstrom made in Italy tie. All about $2 each. I also found a set of Polo suspenders in tartan plaid, all leather on the ends with the polo logo emobssed on the leather in the back (where the "Y" is, I don't know what you call this). So today I tried them on. They are from the boys collection. Or for pants w/ about an 18" rise. I can't decide. If anyone has a son and wants a pair of...
I'm a little late to the party here (and I don't wear party shirts), but I've been seeing shirts from a line called Rufus a lot lately, and they look like party shirts to me. Expensive, made in the US. What's the story on these?
Made in Okiyama Japan, Zimbabwean cotton
I am able to get a couple of pairs of KMW 2010 (NWT) for $150 shipped CONUS. Retail is $275. They are available in sizes 32x34 and 33x34. Let me know if you are interested by PM and I will send you details. These seem to be sold out pretty much everywhere. I picked up a pair for myself and they are definitely of the highest quality. These are the jeans: http://www.contextclothing.com/item.php?id=90 Made in Japan.
Quote: Originally Posted by chrisb0109 After wearing them for a couple days, removing some of than shiny finish and giving them a better conditioning and polish, here are some new and better pictures. The color is quite light here. the true color is closer to the original images. I'm a fan. Is the sole leather or rubber?
I got some Brioni socks at Neiman Marcus for my wedding. Just seemed like a fun, silly thing to do. They were only $30 though. Of course, I don't carry much cash and I don't have an AMEX, so I had to run to the ATM just to buy the socks from stupid NM. To this day, that's still the only thing I've ever bought there. I wear the socks about twice a year. They're really not anything that special.
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