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I have a shirt a lot like that that I have successfully worn with a dark brown knit tie and a light blue tie with reddish dots that match the shirt. I think the light blue avoids the patriot look better than the navy would.
Quote: Originally Posted by gladhands Please don't take this the wong way, but a gentleman who can wear a 30in inseam would probably be considered short. If you are short with a 17.5 neck and 38in waist, you probably shouldn't be buying slim,-fit shirts. I'm 5'10" with a 30" inseam and a 16" inch neck and I wear slim fit shirts. I do not consider myself short.
Quote: Originally Posted by razl So why don't we (or at least I) see leather goods, especially shoes, from kangaroos? Is it that it doesn't finish/present as well? I'm just curious. FWIW, many high end football (soccer) boots use kangaroo leather. Before the advent of synthetics, it was usually considered the best leather for soccer shoes because it is supple, durable, and relatively water resistant. The Adidas Copa Mundial, maybe the...
Quote: Originally Posted by lynch_king that is not a zegna label. i have a zegna sport coat right here i can take a pic of the label for ya if you want. fabric by zegna is still a pretty nice coat don't get me wrong! Agreed that the coat is not made by Zegna but I have a Zegna jacket (manufacture) in what might be that very same fabric and it is amazing cashmere. I wouldn't stress the maker too much if you just found a sport coat in good...
Quote: Originally Posted by SkinnyGoomba What did they expect from a Russian? Isn't Blago Serbian?
If you will be in Duluth in the height of summer, I wouldn't waste time shopping. Duluth is beautiful this time of year, and is the gateway to the North Shore of Lake Superior. I would recommend getting out of town and taking the scenic route along the lake to Split Rock lighthouse. Definitely worth the trip. I would also highly recommend the New Scenic Cafe outside of town on the scenic route. Duluth is definitely an outpost of the Iron Range lifestyle. I wouldn't...
Quote: Originally Posted by EBTX66 Any idea if the vinegar/Oxyclean process works on blood (and linen) and, if not, any ideas? I skinned my knee while wearing a pair of silk/wool pants a couple weeks ago and my dry cleaner got the stain out no problem. I imagine they could do the same for linen.
Quote: Originally Posted by EBTX66 Take the advice below and read up. Just realize it will take practice. I'm still learning what to leave and what to pick up. Yesterday I found a Ferragamo, a Burberry, and a no-name Italian tie. When I first started I would have bought all three. Later, I learned to slow down and look things over carefully (very hard when you get that "label rush") and so I noticed that the Ferragamo had a stain and the Burberry was worn...
Quote: Originally Posted by Doxe If you're over 30 the uniform is: ill fitting khakis with a bland coloured polo that has sleeves that come past the elbow and is shapeless. Shoes are usually square-toed, rubber soled, black pleather that has faded to a grey-blue around the sides of the shoes. Bonus points if the polo has a logo of a golf course or country club.
I've never actually bought anything from Hub White, even though it is in my building. Even at 25% off, I imagine their stuff is out of my range. Any suggestions?
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