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I found my first Oxxford suit last week...and passed it up. It was a ventless SB in a 38R. Way too small for me. The tag in the pocket said 1992. There were about 3 other suits from the same guy there. Another was a ventless DB Samuelsohn in a flannel chalkstripe. Really nice suit, but again, I wasn't sure what the appeal of a ventless DB would be here.
Quote: Originally Posted by cartisdm No, that was a bad example. I want to be formal, but I don't like the loafer style. I'd actually like a dressed down, dress shoe (if that makes sense?) Wingtip
Corduroy pants, hemp necklace, birkenstocks. My favorite t-shirt was either my Phish Fall 95 tour shirt, or the shirt with the Maxell logo I got with the UPCs from the hundreds of blank tapes I bought.
Quote: Originally Posted by sho'nuff i wouldnt keep it either. you ask yourself and publicly if you should keep it then dont. youll look foolish wearing it (actually, it will be wearing you) at a place and people will know it by the look on your face that will be yo face. I would keep it. I'm wearing a pinstriped flannel Polo Signature suit today with really roped shoulders that I wasn't sure if I could pull off when I bought it. Now it's one...
Quote: Originally Posted by dieselman89 Also in defense of Hugo Boss, if you are looking to spend aroudn $500-600 (and do not want to buy online) for a suit they are one of the best. I have had one for 5 years and it looks the same. If you are set on Macy's just get the Alfani Red Label suit. It comes in separates and is probably as good as the Boss for half the price.
Quote: Originally Posted by jasonmarshalljazz i do big ginghams with a solid knit all the time. Slightly OT here. I think this looks great, but what is the consensus on wearing gingham with pinstripes if you are not a super-cool jazz musician? I'm thinking about giving it a try now that I picked up this shirt (in blue)
Quote: Originally Posted by harvey_birdman That's how I tie my trench. Doesn't really strike me as effeminate. Thanks for posting this pic, I was looking for something like this but didn't really find anything.
Quote: Originally Posted by blackboard_knowledge A quick etiquette point: men should NOT wear the belts on their trenchcoats tied in the front. That is effeminate, and makes the trench look like a dress. Instead, thread it in the back. I'm confused. How exactly am I supposed to tie the belt on my trench in the back?
Quote: Originally Posted by Nataku I've been on a long dry streak, but finally found something today. A bespoke shirt from Bowring Arundel of Savile Row. $1.99. Very well made. Split yoke, side gussets, MOP buttons. Fits me very well. The collar has a bit of a ring around it, so it'll get my stain treatment tonight. Do you like those contrast collar/cuff shirts? I've never tried to pull one off, but maybe someday I'll give it a go. Definitely...
Quote: Originally Posted by Slickman Let me rephrase, what would you get as a fourth suit? Navy, Charcoal and Med Grey Covered Tan/Khaki lightweight wool, maybe in a subtle herringbone.
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