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Quote: Originally Posted by krspdla I found most of these ties at thrift stores at the beginning of the month - 2 Zegna, 1 YSL, 2 Lanvin, 1 PRL, 1 Christian Dior, and 1 Harry Rosen. I was happy with them all at first, but I'm having doubts with whether or not they're authentic. Could any of you guys help me out? I would be almost certain that they are all "authentic", but that doesn't mean they are worth anything. Don't get excited for YSL,...
I've got a few items on eBay this week. A Samuelsohn sport coat, some Zegna ties, and a Comme des Garcons shirt I don't know a lot about CDG except that there stuff is crazy expensive and people go crazy for it. I don't need to get a lot for the shirt so I put it out there with a low starting price compared to the other CDG pieces on eBay. If you know more about the shirt or are interested in it, send me a PM.
Quote: Originally Posted by jabts i'm actually curious... how does one figure what they should spend on a suit.. i used online calculators to tell me how much rent i can afford and what car i can buy (not that i listened and pay about half what i can afford for each), but if i'm a $600/suit earner, i prob should stay away from $3k+ suits its all so much fun.. who knew..? this is how i was with guitars.. now i have 18 collecting dust... Did...
I thought people might find this interesting. I am not a client, but have been interested in checking out their wares. Some nice pictures in the slideshow.
2010: Brooks Brothers extra slim fit shirts fit me great 2011: Today I received 3 new ESF shirts from the after Christmas sale, will be discarding several ill fitting shirts from my closet.
Quote: Originally Posted by Nataku Also, here are a couple shots of the mystery tie. If anyone can lend a hand in identifying it, I'd be most greatful. Tie might be Ike Behar. Most of the ones I've seen are self tipped and I think I have seen ones that read Made in New York. I think they are really nice ties, usually very thick and substantial.
Quote: Originally Posted by Nataku ^^ I've found that newer Talbott ties feel like they're made a lot better than the old ones too. Same with a lot of stuff. Zegna too. Their older stuff feels like garbage, but some of their newer stuff is amazing. What's the deal? I've heard of quality going down with time, but quality going up? I have a bunch of the older Zegna and Talbott ties (90's era) and agree they feel like crap. I think this may just...
Quote: Originally Posted by Xenos I think my RL signature jacket was made in the USA, though. Do we know who made that? I don't have an answer, but it could probably be found in this thread
Quote: Originally Posted by k4lnamja essentially, anything made in italy is a great find! I wouldn't go that far. I have found made in Italy ties that are of sub-par quality, and plenty of fused suits that are pretty low-end but made in Italy. The RL Signature line suits and jackets referenced above, while no longer made, were fully canvassed and made by Corneliani.
Quote: Originally Posted by k4lnamja Originally Posted by Xenos 1 heavy wool chalkstripe orphaned suit coat, Ralph Lauren blue label with the "Ralph Lauren" in script, like the current Purple Label. Was this the precursor for PL? Double-vented, looked for the pants to no avail. i think i saw a ralph lauren jacket just like that. is that worth keeping? If it was made in Italy, yes, definitely.
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