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I'm pretty new here too, but I can bet that if you spend some time on this forum, you won't be thinking CK, Nautica, or Hilfiger for long.
Well, I just picked up these for $39 + $12 shipping, so I think $35 shipped would do me fine. Any takers? I'm gonna give eBay a shot next week if no one here is interested.
I want to begin by saying that since I found this forum my entire outlook on buying clothes has changed. I found SF while trying to identify a really nice looking sport coat I found at a local thrift store (a Samuelsohn). I've been shopping at thrift stores since I was in middle school. Thanks to SF, now I know what I'm looking for, and I've found some great stuff. To the point, I picked up a pair of Allen-Edmonds "Belgium" in 12C, and they don't quite fit me. I want...
I have them in 33x30 and I like them a lot. Bought them after reading a few things on this forum. I paid about $45 for mine in January. After reading more on this forum I'm interested in getting some higher-end stuff, but I like these a lot and look forward to them breaking in, so I'll probably save my money until they start falling apart.
I have a question: did you find this suit in Minneapolis? I am interested in it if you decide to get rid of it, you can PM me.
He also wears suits without belts. Is this something you can only do in Miami?
New Balance 595 and similar classic style NBs (not really designed for running) are great for those with wider feet. I wore one pair of these for almost 4 years, almost every day. Supremely comfortable.
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