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Alden Context Number 8 Shell Cordovan Tanker Boot - f'in $717
Quote: Originally Posted by Nataku I can't figure it out myself. I've been thrifting for about 10 years now. It's more scarce here because there isn't a retailer here in Minnesota that sells Kiton (which I don't really understand as they sell Brioni and it does quite well). I know it's around because several other MN thrifters have found multiple Kiton pieces. Neiman-Marcus in Minneapolis sells Kiton.
Quote: Originally Posted by noobizor Total unmitigated book porn meltdown!!! The first ever simultaneous hardcover/softcover release (the second was Infinite Jest in '99). This is the 1st sim. soft. Not really valuable (<$50), but the cover's identical, and it'll make a great reading copy. Plus, I already own the hardback. I think I have that same edition, but after the four years of on and off attempts it took me to get through...
Quote: Originally Posted by LouisD Damn you ImageShack !!! Does anyone have the pics saved on their computer by any chance and could re-post them here? Just reading all the astonished reactions isn't quite the same. Right click on the image, copy the URL to the clipboard, open a new window, and paste in the URL.
Quote: Originally Posted by acecow Also, tread carefully on combining a darker pant with a lighter sport coat as it looks bad 90% of the times. Hmm I wore a mid-light gray windowpane sport coat today with charcoal pants. I hope I fall into the good 10%, but I'm sure I'll keep doing it regardless. Otherwise, I'm not sure what I would wear my mid-light gray windowpane sport coat with.
Quote: Originally Posted by texasmade10 Yes they are ok to put in the dryer Why would you bump a 4 year old thread to say that? And half a dozen other threads. There is something fishy afoot here.
Quote: Originally Posted by Nataku Are you blind? You just took a photo of the tag that says "Made in Switzerland". As DoTheGrownup said, "Taglia" is the size. This one is a Euro 50 R which is about a US 40 R. That's hilarious! I didn't even bother zooming in since I assumed there was no origin tag based on his post. These...
Quote: Originally Posted by Lafont Recenty I purchased at a resale shop an Ermenegildo Zegna sport coat of 51% silk/49% cashmere (or the opposite?) - black or near black with subtle brown windowpane double or triple stripes. Soft as butter, excellent fit and condition. Rayon lining. Three-button, four on sleeves, notch lapels, side vents. Natural shoulders. Label says from Saks. A tag sewed into a pocket gives details as to materials (in Italian) and...
Quote: Originally Posted by noobizor Purple-check shirt that effing *pops* (in person) -- it's a ladyshirt, but still... Are you going to wear said ladyshirt? My wife is a BB 8 and I have a hard time imagining her shirts fitting on a man's waist.
I think that's a nice jacket. It's an older label design, but the jacket itself doesn't look dated to me. I have two sport coats with this label, both made in Switzerland, one of which is a silk/cashmere blend with the same Silk & Cashmere tag as yours. I wouldn't call this the steal of the year, but a very nice looking and well made coat.
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