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This one looks pretty awesome, and inexpensive to boot. too bad Brown is out of stock
Hi all, I really like those brown leather A2 military jackets. My only problem with them is that they are quite bulky. Does anyone know of any that are not bulky? Thanks
so yeah, anyone want to actually help me out? I realize how obnoxious it is to be asking for calculus help on a style forum, but I'm just trying to figure out how to do some good ol' math
damn, the only thing I have come up with is chaning it to this: [ (1+sin x)/ 1 * (1) / (1-cos x) ] ^2 but I'm not seeing how that helps...
umm yeah, that is the problem, what exactly do you mean?
I'm so glad the members of SF know calculus better than I do lol. Here is the function to derive: y = ( (1+sin x) / (1-cos x) )^2 This is what I get, but I cannot figure out how to simplify it (hopefully my calculus is correct) 2*( (1+sin x)/(1-cos x) ) * [(cos x)(1-cos x) - {(sin x)(1+sin x)} / (1-cos x)^2 ] For clarification, in the big trig term, (cos x)(1-cos x) - {(sin x)(1+sin x)} is all over (1-cos x)^2. (If anyone needs this to be clarified, I'll scan a...
yeah, I think my teacher typed up this hw problem wrong...
this problem came from a worksheet from my teacher. I'm pretty sure it is a typo on her part since this is never positive. thanks guys!
yeah sorry, that is the correct derivative. So then is this like a trick question since it always seems to be negative?
Lol, I got another math question for you all. The function is y = (1) / (x-3)^3 . The question is "Prove that the slope of the tangent line is always positive" So, obviously to figure this out I would take the derivative. When I do this I get: -3(x-3)^2 / (x-3)^6 . So that equation is the slope of the tangent line. Now, here is my question, how can that ever be positive?
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