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^don't forget to check out the Sony NEX line.
is that from g*****d? if so I hate you.
Awesome Lad parka with very warm thinsulate lining, removable coyote fur lined hood, hidden knit cuffs, hand warmer pockets, interior drawstring, chunky YKK zips etc. Worn but good condition, lots of life left. Love this jacket, would never sell if I didn't grow out of it. Note: at one point I had the body taken in slightly and later decided I didn't like it and let it back out. The result is some visible stitch marks along the side seams. Not very noticeable in real...
Zam tee in a beautiful cotton/silk blend. Very soft but substantial with stretch. Color is very dark emerald, almost black. Interesting shoulder seams, raw hems etc. Worn a few times, good condition. Measurements (stretchy): p2p - 18.5 s2s - 16.5 length - 29
g trans for president.
^I'm a fan. nice price too.
damn those are pretty
i can do it if you like (and MoK approves).
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