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Correct! Thanks for thinking of me though.
Nice picks!
Great inspiration posts. Will be submitting something soon!
^Hey man, sorry to hear yours was chipped. I opted for a UV coating on the covers in hopes that it would make them more durable but these things can happen. I'll be sure to mention this to the vendor for the next run.
Thank you everyone! Hope you enjoy it as much as we did making it. Would love to make this a semi-regular thing if there's enough interest.
Sounds good to me
Somebody get these cozy winter booties
DESCRIPTION SIZE: 3 COLOR: Black CONDITION: Only worn a couple times MATERIALS: 100% Buckskin RRP: $299 DESCRIPTION: - Slit at the wrists - Raw edges finishing - Soft leather SHIPPING United States $6
DESCRIPTION Nice mid-weight jersey scarf from Silent a few years back. Very soft. The entire thing is a tube with drawstrings at the ends. Can be worn a variety of ways. Measures: 13" x 62" SHIPPING United States $6
RG Ladder knit pattern tank top in good shape. Great for layering. Tagged M, can also work for an S/46. SHIPPING: United States - $6
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