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I meant the a1923 but yes, on the m_moria. Some special kind of welt construction.
damn those work boots are calling me
Worn twice, 9.5/10 condition. Color is black, size is 42 but fits a size small. Good for an 8/41. Retail was $1200 or so I think. No visible wear except some scuffing on soles. Outsole measures 11.25"
BNWT from the current season. Substantial weight black wool, fully lined, single vent, one button plus one hidden snap, functional button cuffs, interesting shoulder detail. Collar looks good up too. Size 46 fits true. Retail is over $900. Price includes US shipping. Measurements: s2s: 17 p2p: 20 sleeve: 25.5 back length: 36
always down for drinks with geller nerds
Purchased from yjp, good condition, minor pilling under the arms and laces were cut shorter than original (could be easily replaced). Fits perfect for a 46/S. Price includes US shipping. Measurements: s2s: 17 p2p: 20 sleeve: 24.5 back length: 35.5
Yes you are. If you don't initiate a claim through ebay, you're not protected at all. Open an item not received case, and say you want a full refund. He won't be able to provide tracking and you'll win and he'll have to refund you through ebay. Up to you how you want to deal with his "refund", I'd just send it back.Either that or be on the lookout for a coke bottle in your mail box...
damn, that bnergbleafabel or whatever looks great
Thomas coat is itchy too where the collar hits your neck. Hoping it softens up a little with wear.
BNWT, size 46 fits true. Price includes US shipping.
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