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It's small but nice. They had a bunch of those guidi workboot collabs. Some rick, some street wear brands I know nothing about. They had a whole rack of raf on sale a while ago.
thats cool hendrix. looks comfy.
Yeah that's pretty ideal I think. They look bad fitted.
^damn must have gotten swooped quick. the lighter color is nice too.
Got these from rakuten, condition looks near perfect. Nothing to note. Just hoping to get back what I spent after taxes/shipping. Price includes US shipping. Size 44, fits true. Could probably work for anyone in the 29-31" waist range.
^shhh you'll alert sinnedk/jbravo/hirsh
Cordovan and sepia
The leather ones like tacco don't have any arch support, they're just flat. If you need support I'd go with superfeet.
^ see here
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