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Older season Geller fishtail in great shape. Substantial weight coat, good for fall/winter. Tone of great details like pointed cuffs, horn toggles, cupro lining, etc. Tagged 48 but fits 46 (see measurements). US shipping - $12 Measurements: Sleeve - 25 S2S - 17 P2P - 20.5 Back Length - 39 (includes pointed 'tail')
Older season Geller trench in great condition. Thick substantial denim with a little stretch. Awesome cloak details like shoulder fastening placket, raglan shoulder detail, antique hardware, etc. Bottom flaps can be buttoned up for mobility. Tagged 44 but fits 46 (see measurements). US shipping - $12 Measurements: Sleeve - 25 S2S - 17 P2P - 20 Back Length - 36
Heavy calf stooges biker jacket from a few seasons ago. One of the best leather's ever used. Thick soft calf with a slight texture. Only worn a handful of times. Note: the sleeves were ridiculously long to the point where you couldn't use your hands so I had them shortened slightly and the cuff zippers moved accordingly. They are still long and look the intended way but you can pick things up now. Zam Barrett (who makes leather jackets for a living) did the work for me....
Rick intarsia in one of my favorite leathers. Mid-weight calf (not paper-thin like some) with awesome texture/treatment. Jacket has been worn a bit but condition is pretty flawless. Tagged 48 but fits perfectly snug on a 46 (see measurements). US shipping - $12 Measurements: Sleeve (including cuff): 27.5 S2S - 16 P2P - 19 Back Length - 22.5
You should be good it runs 1-1.5 sizes small.
Thanks dude! Love that @melonadejello shout-out
^ t-shirt too!
They didn't pick it up this spring but I assume they will continue for future seasons.
Excellent condition summer shirt by Plokhov. Breathable gauze-y wool blend material. Interesting details like the overlapping collar, vents at the armpits, and a single vent in the back. Tagged 46, good for a small or possible medium depending on how you want it to fit. Only worn a few times. US shipping: $5 Measurements: s2s: 17 p2p: 20 back length: 30.5
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