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Thanks, I do like the pics I've seen. Would love to see some of the stuff in person.
Yeah this is really key.
^No just from like the calf down. I think if the hem's were a little smaller, they would look less sloppy where they hit your shoes. Even half an inch can make a big difference for optimal stackage. It could also just be a matter of them being a bit too long. Note NN's pic directly above.
Taper those jeans a little and chop off an inch or two and they will look way better mayne. Nice fit though!
Yeah that was the idea, but since it won't really fill that need I guess I'm in the market for two coats
that's nice too, thanks. slim arms have me a little worried.
yeah, not as practical unfortunately
^that one is nice, good call. to further complicate things:
this: or this: (wrong color)
my 5zip got drenched in champagne once. it looks better now.
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