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Yes and no. They show creases fast but @toothsomesound has some that are beat to hell and look great.
Luckily he know's a mechanic
no line here either, but definitely a hassle. still way better than manhattan...
I was excited about it originally, thought it would be full of twisted tailored stuff like the first season of plokhov. Unfortunately it looks like a combination of hot-topic and julius.
nice fit
Yeah he's on his 2nd? season doing their menswear (it's bad).I knew about the collab, was just commenting on the silly article.
plokhov, now normcore. you heard it here first: http://www.wmagazine.com/fashion/2014/09/alexandre-plokhov-uniqlo-sweatshirt/
Ok false alarm guys, shoes feel much better after a day or two of wear. Thanks for the interest.
I may sadly need to let go of the l-0 x inaisce i just got due to a fit issue. Got a great deal and could pass along the savings.
^i agree, i used to wear them a lot. i would get several years out of them. i'd never pay full price but on sale you could do a lot worse.
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