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I'll take a pic in decent light one of these days... [[SPOILER]]
^ I've been using it, it's pretty convenient. the 5$ pickup fee is well worth it when you factor in packing supplies and mind-blowingly awful post office experiences.
Beautiful Cloak piece, purchased from yjp but slightly small on me. Tons of great details: removable silver fox fur, zippered hood, drawstrings everywhere, quilted lining, hidden knit cuffs, hand-warmer pockets, storm flap, etc. Tagged XS and fits true (I'm a 46). Price includes US shipping. Measurements: s2s: 16.5 p2p: 20 sleeve: 25 back length: 38
great job guys.
Always liked my smartwool in the winter.
i think they just changed the name to bring them under the 'alpha' umbrella.
^don't forget to check out the Sony NEX line.
is that from g*****d? if so I hate you.
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