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Buy a grand piano, couple of Gibson guitars, a Lamborghini gallardo, small sailing boat, a house near the beach, couple of alienware computers and give the rest of the money to my family.
I went to go see Jackass today. They did some pretty crazy stuff but I think they did crazier stuff on the second one. I guess their all psychologically damaged when it comes to doing crazy stuff. (Steve-O's s**t-bungee-cocktail was overwhelming for me lol)
Quote: Originally Posted by Szeph el ratón Is anyone of you guys playing a MMORPG? I've played Ultima Online, World of Warcraft, Warhammer and Eve Online. 1st Person Shooter just aren't as addictive as MMORPG so I'd like to play one again. Problem is, I dunno what. WoW was kinda sucked out after playing it so long, Ultima Online is just too old, Warcraft is meh (I love the lore and the game raped it) and Eve Online way too difficult for me to stick with...
Unagi is my favorite. Toro is good too but only if it's fresh. Sometimes I order tamago(egg) when I want something sweet.
If you wash it a couple of times then I guess it'll be okay to buy used jeans. I don't know about shoes though... or shirts but jeans doesn't seem that bad buying it used.
My favorite is Sam Adams, Boston lager.
Hey guys, I'm graduating on December 2010 and I'm looking for a job. Actually, I'm planning to look for a job. I'm a business management major and I was wondering how you guys found your job and when. Social networking, direct applying, agency, etc. If you guys have any advice or comment, let me know. Cheers
I believe in God. If the world was all about us, it'll be pretty boring and meaningless.
I sometimes hang my body upside down. I feel the blood rushing through my head and later my head feels light and clear. You guys should try it once. 5 min per day for everyday.
I'm listening to a lot of Guns n Roses songs lately. My band is planning to do some cover songs so I guess I have no choice lol
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