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Carmina offers three different kinds of croc and gator. 1. Crocodile - quite rough and coarse but IMO very cool for casual styles. This is least expensive. Most Carmina pairs posted above looks like crocodile to me. 2. Alligator - much finer scales. Very expensive. if I recall correctly the surcharge is about €1500-2000 depending on style. 3. Cayman - somewhere between alligator and croc in both price and roughness. Never seen this live on a pair of shoes TBH.
^^ I have to disagree in regards of the 363/363MOD last. It's a very well balanced and classic last and the button boot a very classic style, worn mostly up until the 40s-50s I believe. A too modern last would make it a bit flashy, but that's just my personal opinion. The way Enzo Bonafè makes hand welted shoes, the sole is not cut super close to the vamp. Call it the house cut if you like. If you want a slimmer look then you should consider making them in Blake...
It's 30% extra only.
Yeah, they have it, this is a picture of it. But I don't have the style reference available.
Yeah, the 15% MTO fee is very generous IMO.
Single MTO or get three to agree on a GMTO.
Oh sorry, thought you were interested in a normal longwing. I believe they do have a pattern for a longwing boot, but the factory is closed so I don't have anyone to ask about it.
Both are available, yes.
The import tax and duties from the EU to US for men's shoes is 8.5% plus maybe another percent handling fee from FedEx, to be honest, I think this is very low.It is correct that Bonafè does not provide a recommended retail price list and probably never will. Saint Crispin's did not either until very, very recently. With StC the problem is more the opposite where you see over priced StC in parts of the world. Carmina still does not have a formal RRP although they expect you...
Regular post (USPS for US clients) is simply more expensive for us to use. We have a good contract with FedEx and that's why it's cheaper to use. Customs fee to the US is 8.5% so its actually not that bad.It's only a matter of time until we will have to discontinue the USPS option, both EG and Carmina is putting some pressure on us to stop this because USPS is so lousy in regards of collecting customs. For StC we have already stopped because they demanded this.
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