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I agree that MTOs from established UK makers are getting very pricy, with increase in price of 5% a year or even more. At the same time, many Continental European makers (like Bonafè) have just raised their prices once in 4-5 years. As long as the UK makers still sees an increase in demand they will of course raise prices even more. At the price point many higher end English makers are offering shoes now, and with very long lead times, you can understand the appeal to...
@nh10222 Thanks for the feedback. Enjoy! As for the English shoe industry and their ability to "rise to the challenge" this definitely remains to be seen. It's been a good half decade or so for the English shoe industry. Driven on by a very strong demand from Asia and the US. It remains to be seen how much the industry is affected by the Brexit. There are many scenarios that can play out. The biggest problem for the shoe industry in England is that it's an extremely...
Yes, it's billed in USD on the US site.
We are experiencing issues with our website. Probably have to do with the massive DDOS attacks on the American side of the pond and it seems to be hitting Europe too now.
Sure thing, will you post in the MTO section? I can drum up some interest in our thread too. Are there any more pictures available?
@ericgereghty @dieworkwear We're a couple of guys at Skoaktiebolaget interested in the Slewfoot Tobacco Fresco.
Sure thing, I'd basically just post it as we would for any pre-order or GMTO. Would this be ok?
As long as you're happy!
@Tony Yang I believe all of the stuff offered on that site is factory seconds and rejects so that might have something to do with it? I believe Mr. Porter has the same style, might be a reject from them.
The culprit is you, for sponsoring Staryuck.
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