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Please e-mail us for further price requests. sales@skoaktiebolaget.se...but as mentioned above you can see the difference is about 4000 SEK.
Correct, 11800 SEK including Swedish VAT. Plus 900 SEK for trees.
No need, in stock.
Restock of this model will be posted online within a couple of days, so yeah you are lucky.
If you want to do the Dover on anything other than 202, 606, 32 it will have to be Top Drawer or MTO Option 2 with a surcharge of 2700 SEK (incl. VAT). A Top Drawer Dover is 15800 SEK (incl. VAT).
Price Increase September 8 Hello people, just wanted to let you know that prices for all our brands will be increased on September 8. The price increase will be marginal for MTOs because here we have already increased our earlier this summer, but all our ready-to-wear stock will be subject to an increase, especially G&G and EG stock. So if you are on the fence, you should consider pulling the trigger before September 8 (this means Sunday evening, September 7, in North...
Changes have been long overdue if you ask me, now they got some new energy in the organization, making a lot of improvements. Chris who used to be Store Manager at Jermy Street, now retail sales manager, and Euan (Hilary's nephew) are pushing for improvements. There are probably more people too pushing for change, but Chris and Euan are the ones I know of.
I would not look to deeply into the brochure, it's not always a good representation of coming stock models. EG is actually revamping their whole stock line system this fall, we're expecting more detailed info within a couple of weeks.
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