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As I said, changes are coming but it's not immediate. I wanted to give people a heads up.
Who needs TV, all I need is @DWFII! I'm being honest here, I spend more time reading his posts than watching TV. Priceless.
Thanks man, that means a lot to me.
US retailers are screaming at StC too. I have promised Phillip to follow his new policies, which will also roll out later this year.Carmina will follow by the end of this year. No word yet from G&G or Bonafè.I understand you guys are anxious to learn more but a lot of things are actually still up in the air which is not good for anyone, especially us. I always want to be honest and transparent with you guys, so when I have more solid info I'll let you know.
As I've said before, and what I will confirm now, is that any placed order will of course be honoured in regards of price.
Final details are being worked on, it will take a couple of months for us to roll everything out. But most likely we will put up a new U.S. store front and charge in USD, it might even be shipped from a storage facility in the US (to be decided). But the price shown in this US website will be the final price for US clients. I hope I'm making myself clear in this regard.
They have actually had a different RRP for the US for decades, it's just that they did not inform us of it. So we were made aware of this a couple of months ago, and I have accepted to conform to this. Did not have a lot of options.US customers will be paying a price, level with say Leffot and other US retailers, but you won't be hit with any extra taxes or customs, there are companies that handle these kinds of transactions. Completely by the book of course.
Regarding the Edward Green Shankling refill order. I need to confirm a few things with Edward Green and their new policies regarding US orders before I proceed with this order. I hope to clear everything up within a couple of weeks.
Thank you sir. And thank everyone for the kind comments and support these last few days, really appreciate it.
Yes! This fall.
New Posts  All Forums: