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Rain and 946 fits very similar, sorry dude.
Not recommended.
New Odd Stock section for www.skoaktiebolaget.se Hi guys, just wanted to let you know that we have launched an Odd Stock section in our web store: http://www.skoaktiebolaget.se/collections/odd-stock All items are discounted 30%. This is a beta version of the Odd Stock section. We will make a few improvements the next few days, I'm aware of a couple of bugs that my programmer is looking at, but that's mostly visual stuff, everything should work just fine technically. Let...
Glad to hear it! Good call on changing the laces for the wedding too.
One pair of UK 7.5
We'll double check and confirm when they arrive next week. I ordered 3 pairs of UK 8.5 so you boys should be fine.
The old 363 last was a challenge to fit. The new version we use, the 363MOD, fits closer to Carmina Rain.
^^ Great catch! +1 on the MH71. It's my favorite G&G last. I am surprised the Isham does not get more love here.
Please join us for our Gaziano & Girling Trunk Show on October 3-4 (Friday and Saturday). Tony Gaziano will be here in person, showcasing G&G's range of footwear including the Bespoke, Deco, Savoy House Shoes and Bench Made collection. For bespoke fittings please e-mail tony@gazianogirling.com in advance. Skoaktiebolaget will offer complimentary Gaziano & Girling lasted shoe trees with every MTO placed in-store during this event. Skoaktiebolaget HumlegÄrdsgatan...
The above pair I think is shot with a flash, it's darker IRL.The Burgundy color from EG, like all hand finished shoes (EG, G&G, Bonafé and some types of finish from Carmina) may vary from batch to batch although every batch run is usually very consistent. The finishing for every batch is made by different people at the factory and it's not an exact science. We've not had any complaints about this though, I think people appreciate the fact that it might actually vary slightly.
New Posts  All Forums: