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I believe @MoosicPa has 18 pairs. I only got 15 or so.
Nope, but as you know, no surcharge for single orders.
Yes, we have this style being restocked in several sizes:http://www.skoaktiebolaget.se/products/saint-crispins-russian-calf-derbyThen we have decided to stock a few more styles for the shop:Style 633 in CRU 606 - G width - double leather sole - sizes UK 6.5-UK 9 - Classic lastStyle 645 in CRU 606 - F width - single leather sole - szies UK 7-UK 9.5 - Classic lastStyle 657(faux wingtip, new design) in CRU 609 - F width - single leather sole - sizes UK 6-UK 8.5 - Chiseled last
Thanks for the visit and glad you had a nice experience!
That's what happens when you stray out of this thread.
As I said, changes are coming but it's not immediate. I wanted to give people a heads up.
Who needs TV, all I need is @DWFII! I'm being honest here, I spend more time reading his posts than watching TV. Priceless.
Thanks man, that means a lot to me.
US retailers are screaming at StC too. I have promised Phillip to follow his new policies, which will also roll out later this year.Carmina will follow by the end of this year. No word yet from G&G or Bonafè.I understand you guys are anxious to learn more but a lot of things are actually still up in the air which is not good for anyone, especially us. I always want to be honest and transparent with you guys, so when I have more solid info I'll let you know.
As I've said before, and what I will confirm now, is that any placed order will of course be honoured in regards of price.
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