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Correct, can't really comment on this last.
Might want to post these in B&S with some pics?
Sounds about right.Yes I do. No issue with the fur.Those almost looks better than a pair of G&G St. James to be honest.It's not in order to save space, we have an unlimited account. It's just to make the site more easy to navigate because we have a huge number of styles that are sold out and will not be restocked. But I'll give an archive section some thought.Have a look at http://www.skoaktiebolaget.se/pages/about-us scroll down a bit and you'll see almost all our...
I'm all for it if everyone there is comfirmed.How about these specs:Uwing boot model 80387Polo Suede with slight contrast stitchingRain lastTomir rubber sole with thin mid-sole for a dressier lookPrice is 3200 SEK ex VAT (25% depsoit, 75% before delivery)
^^ Don't forget the Pin Grain. Available as MTO in Brandy, Dark Brown and Black. There's some limited stock left of this material. Looks really great actually, but it looks best on dressier styles IMO. I think a Shannon would look killer in it.
Maybe people are bummed it's not a pair of G&G? Just a wild guess.
The price is set.
Casual only IMO.
4560 SEK ex VAT. About 560 USD.
Most likely a UK 9.5 but it depends, please email sales@skoaktiebolaget.se for specific fitting advise.
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