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The color is very hard to reproduce, I'll probably have too re-shoot them. Color is somewhere between Carmina Snuff and Fox Suede. They look splendid with jeans!
Price increase is rolling out across the site now...final chance to do some last minute shopping.
In stock item prices valid until end of business day today.
Well I think you just might have the record for Q1!Awesome specs, that's the spec! . Deep Vintage Cedar, MH71, double leather, no storm welt. E-fit.
I hear you guys saying this all the time and I did not want to comment on it. I think it's like the sixth person TODAY! But yeah... good thing we have so many enablers around here or I'd be out of a job. Ha!
They know and have been very understanding about a grace period before price increase, although I kinda wish we made the adjustment for currency earlier. Pound Sterling is so strong towards SEK it's ridiculous. And USD and HKD too. Good for all you guys though!
Opened up, just for you. http://www.skoaktiebolaget.se/products/edward-green-laughton-refill-pre-order
Guys, it’s been an amazing few days! We’re finishing up the last few straggler MTO projects but we are not accepting any new requests. The GBP has not been kind to us but you have and I’m so grateful for all the amazing support and all the fantastic make ups that have been ordered. With the 120 or so Bonafé styles ordered during our MTO promo in January and this late February craze to beat the price increase, you will see so many amazing shoes and boots in a few months, I...
Strangely enough not the record for today though. But we're grateful none the less!!!
No changes please, this GMTO closes in just a few hours.
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