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Please email us for fitting advice and questions about delivery times for specific MTOs.
It's a franchise and not a shop owned by Carmina, still, my guess is it will be a great shop.
I find it's very easy to fit clients in Carmina, no complaints in that regard. No complaints on anything in regards of this brand to be honest. I have little experience with Vass, but I hold Bonafè to be the most underrated brand out there at this time. But we're working to spread that gospel!
They have come a long way in the last 5-6 years. They have flagship stores in most major Spanish cities, one in Paris, St Petersburg, a global network of retailers. I think that a lot of the old school brands are really looking over their shoulder and they can hear Antonio happily cheering I'M COMIN TO GET YA (in a heavy Spanish accent of course). I don't know if they are actually underrated anymore? I think a lot of people have them on their radar and are aware of the...
New website looks great, long over due. They actually increased prices from €340 to €371 (including VAT) for base styles, which is more in line with retailers like us and other EU retailers.
Please email sales@skoaktiebolaget.se for fitting advice.
I think it's so-so, @MoosicPa seriously needs a few more StC Derby styled shoes, like these:...definitely more split toes. Most definitely. Ha!For those of you who did not know I challenged Moos for a NST battle but I've yet to find the time to shoot my collection. I blame only myself... and...erNo but seriously, as always, very impressive.
Thanks, I appreciate the effort, but you really shouldn't have gone through all that effort on my account. You are a good man!
Please email us for questions regarding specific MTOs or refills.
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