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All swatches are scanned by us and available if you email us or you can check our Facebook page, there's an album there with all the JL swatches.
Very nice @SeamasterLux
Hey fellas, just a friendly reminder that we are hosting a John Lobb By Request Fair (trunk show) in Stockholm from today-Saturday and are voiding the MTO fee both in store and online.
If they fit your feet and you like it, who cares what "older folks" thinks. It's not that aggressive in my opinion. I'd even prefer it to be a bit more chiseled, with a sharper drop to the sides. It's a great last and one of our top sellers, both for young and not-so-young.
The gator is about 2000 USD surcharge, but prices vary a lot so I have to double check if you are interested. Just email Note that standard gator comes in almost any color but nubuck is more limited.
We have a braided loafer coming in soon, but slightly different, larger braiding.That Chelsea might have been the one we did a couple of years back. It was a GMTO in dark brown braided leather on Simpson I believe.
Quick photo report from Linneapelle. Some cool braided stuff from Spain. Will have to ask Carmina to source this. Gotta love Bison. The Bonafè alligator supplier showed me this. Basically any colour is available. Nubuck 'gator. Same supplier. After work. Got some really exciting stuff in the pipeline with Horween as well, had a great chat with Nick and Skip Horween.
http://www.ilvecchiodrappiere.itThanks, will be great for a couple of Swedish three-season sports coats. The definition of Italian three-season is quite different.
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