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They have been making these for years. And if you knew your German car brands you would have known Porsche used to make tractors at one point in time. Does anyone actually use boat shoes on boats? I prefer to be barefoot myself! I'm also guilty of wearing super ugly, fast drying boat shoes - completely artificial in every detail. Don't tell anyone!
I would consider picking them up again if a number of things would improve at EG. 'Nough said.
Correct, no Lama Calf and Norvegese.Correct!
Is that the guy from The Big Blue and Nikita?
@watchidiot Splendid pair, I gave my brother the same as a present, he wears the hell out of them but you can't tell, very sturdy make up, perfect with denim. One of our first Bonafè make ups!
Excellent make up guys! I think we might do a re-run of these now that people can see how great they turned out.
RE: delivery times Delivery time is usually about 12 weeks. However, if you place an order just before summer or Christmas it's more like 14-16 weeks because they close the factory for a few weeks during these periods. But as with any manufacturer that makes MTOs, you will find that delivery times may fluctuate. The StC factory is very, very small - if a worker calls in sick for a week this will have an impact on lead times. It*s that small. Part of the charm!
Ok let's get this sorted out.US clients will automatically be directed to our US site - as long as you are surfing from within the US that is. We do not allow US orders from our "International" site. Don't get me started on the whys because it's complicated. Any order placed in the US from our US site includes any US customs & FedEx handling fees - and will be billed in US dollars so there won't be any currency exchange fees or anything like that. What you see is what you...
Ah sorry man, we have not actually added anything to the US site, but we did adjust our G&G prices!
Some additions have just been added to our Odd Stock section: http://www.skoaktiebolaget.se/collections/odd-stock Enjoy!
New Posts  All Forums: