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They can take a lot water but not as much as Dainite.As you yourself is hinting at, this type of sole is a compromised for those who feel that Dainite is too bulky. And personally I really like this compromise, living in a city where it's usually raining or snowing half the year.
But buckling does not take longer than lacing? Or is it just that you're not used to it?
I know this is like cursing in church but I'm not all that fond of JLStJ either, not aesthetically at least. I have never commissioned them though, maybe they are fantastic IRL and on your feet. Truth be told I know very little of JLP Bespoke, never seen a pair IRL. But the RTW 7000 and 8695 last are pretty damn sweet.
I'm not usually a huge Jodhpur fan but these are awesome, the inspiration was a MTO we did a while back, very similar specs.
This is true, both as a retailer and end customer you are quite limited with JLP. At least compared to G&G and StC, but I still think JLP have quite a few very interesting styles and options. I think the problem is that there are few JLP retailers. I really, really love some styles that LSH did a few years back but unfortunately they don't seem to make so much JLP anymore.
As usual, loads of good stuff coming in the next couple of months, all will be revealed in time.
Bick4 is basically everything you need for grain IMO. Unless you want a high shine of course.
Arran sounds sweet. Hatch grain?
Thanks for sharing @Burzan @RogerP @Keen
Yeah, prolly delivery in December or something like that.
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