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11.5 F in most G&G lasts.
I guess, but I can't make any promises at all about the finished product, I was hoping to do a couple of single MTOs first and then gauge how they looked before introducing, but hey you know I'm your Huckleberry when it comes to GMTOs.
I'm not sure there will be more Kudu, at least not that type, I believe that was from a leather merchant that went bust 15 years ago and then AA Crack secured it recently somehow, but I'm not sure. I think we have enough for maybe a couple of single MTOs still, we'll have to wait and see after the Thorpe order has gone through production how much is left.
Have not decided on styles yet. We have enough right now to make the following amount of pairs (approx.):- Oak: 5 pairs of boots or 6 pairs of shoes- Cognac (like the stuff we previously stocked from Carmina): 6 pairs of boots or 7 pairs of shoes- Chestnut: 3 pairs of boots or 6 pairs of shoesI've never seen Oak or Chestnut IRL (these names are my inventions by translating the color names from Swedish so please don't give this too much weight) so I can't post any pictures,...
Fits very similar, go with same size.Yes, we have the Grain Jumper in Tärnsjö instead of the old version incoming. But it's delayed, we should have recieved it in September but now it looks more like January. We also have some other styles coming in Tärnsjö and we will also offer shoes from Bonafé in Tärnsjö grains (three different colors).Lol. Maybe in 20 years.Please email us if you have any issues with our site, shipping depends on which region you order from.
I agree, IMO that's not bespoke, it's a custom made last at best. Bespoke, to me, involves a measurement session by a craftsman and at least 1-2 fittings. The term bespoke has been depreciated greatly over the years as we all know. But I might be considered a snob by saying that, I dunno.Very basic, more or less a St.James in Oak. It might be the only bespoke shoes I ever commission (unless I get totally hooked on it of course) so I wanted something I could wear almost...
Yeah, I use our own trees for many of my EG shoes.
Guys, code is now live. Special SF treat a few hours in advance.
X-post from the Ongoing Bespoke thread - measuring session for my first G&G commission a while back, trial shoes are ready and en route to Stockholm with Mr. Wegan. Fitting tomorrow I think. [[SPOILER]]
My first G&G bespoke commission (yeah, kinda odd I know, you'd think I would have pulled the trigger earlier). As you can see, we almost ran out of paper.
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