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Since we added the odd stock section on our website we have actually discontinued our EBay auctions.
Thank you both. It's a very popular pre-order, almost 20 orders and counting.
They do, but I can't remember the exact charge, and unfortunately it's a bit of a hassle sending shoes through for a recraft from the US to Europe because of customs. But they do offer it.
Feel free to email us at sales@skoaktiebolaget.se and we'll assist you.Someone mentioned returns for US clients. We offer a global 30 day return policy (from the day you receive the shoes), no questions asked, as long as the shoes are in a brand new condition.
Every day is Paddy's Day at Skoaktiebolaget!
Yes Loden Suede and Dark Oak Galwas are incoming in stock this fall. Now that's a boot you need.
We've had great response actually. The vast majority prowls the forums without posting comments. Also, G&G GMTO make ups rarely gains more than a dozen participants, the price point is what it after all.
^^ Good to see more Swedes in the forums. My first contribution to a Friday Challenge. Be gentle. Corcos jacket. Liverano tie. Sam Hober pocket square. Simone Abbarchi shirt.
If I had a Porsche Turbo and an Audi in the driveway I'd probably prefer the Porsche.On a different note I also think Steven's trousers looks like Kudu. Ocean Kudu.
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