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The Acorn Kudu was the light one, I did not fancy this color. The Tan Kudu is the color used on the pictured Isham. The name is a little misleading as most people picture tan to be lighter.
It's just 5-6 pairs that arrived, some of them pre-campaign. The rest will hopefully arrive in April. We can expect some really nice pics coming through the next few weeks!
Would look awesome, no doubt. Only need three for a GMTO. Lead times are longer for seamless, about 5 months.
Yes, will arrive this fall.
^^ Please guys, maybe do this over PM?
^^ I love how theTärnsjö Jumper creases, almost like Shell... but better.
A Thorpe in Tan Kudu as a GMTO is 10800 SEK ex VAT (about $1250 USD). G&G trees are 1440 SEK extra.Please note that Kudu is only available in Tan (the same as the GMTO Isham previously posted).
Aubergine has a more purplish undertone. Etrusco is brown with burgundy hues.
Give us dets! Now!
X-post A teaser of our Enzo Bonafé Seamless Wholecut in Aubergine Calf. Price will be 7200 SEK ex VAT / 9000 SEK inc VAT. Email sales@skoab.se if you would like to be notified when they arrive. Sizes are limited, but I foresee a re-run of these. They really are something special in every regard. Enzo Bonafé style "771 INTERO" on the 946 last - we hope to get these in April
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