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^^ Falkirk has always been one of my EG favourites. As mentioned by the previous speaker, it feels like a very unique EG design. I noticed this article about the style a while back, it's a nice read. There are more articles if you Google Falkirk. http://uptowndandy.blogspot.se/2011/04/fine-english-brogue-edward-greens.html?m=1 As for light coloured shoes, I own a lot of them. They are not hard to maintain IMO. A bit of Bick4, a bit of neutral polish for shine and dark...
There are styles I like in the Classic Line, but the craftsmanship and attention to detail should be better, given the price point. But that's just my personal opinion. I probably just slammed the JLP door in my own face but that's how I feel.
Thank you sir.Depends on where in the US you live. If you are in NY, it's very quick with regular mail/USPS because this is where the parcel is first sorted when it gets to the US. But if you are on the West Coast it's slower. FedEx Economy claims 5 business days nationwide in the US. But we have not added FedEx Economy for US clients yet to the site, will do it though if there's enough interest.
Shipping updates. Hi guys, we just did some changes in our shipping rates and options because there was room for improvements. Priority courier changed from TNT to FedEx. Priority shipping is now less expensive. EU shipping is now cheaper and we will use FedEx instead of Posten (government regular mail). We have changed courier from regular mail to FedEx Economy in Hong Kong because we had some issues with a few parcels gone missing (found their way eventually but...
Nothing inbound this week, but maybe next week I hope to get some Carmina Jumper refills.
Not in the near future, but they are on my radar, of course. The Classic Line does nothing for me personally but Prestige is wonderful. I love both the 7000 and 8000 lasts to death. I just need a good reason to justify the price point for Prestige (about £1000 GBP inc. VAT). I also need a larger store. Maybe I need to open up Stateside. Bigger is better, right?
Why do you say that JLP is "French" design? Just curious. I thought their lasts were developed in Northamptonshire? And I believe their current creative director is from the English West Indies? The sales team are all French though it seems to me, those I have spoken to at last.
There is a huge Cordovan shortage. Right now we (or any Carmina retailer for that matter) cannot place any refills for any Cordovan or place new lines of Shell styles, we can only do single MTO Shell orders.
^^ Glad you like them. I actually read the review 1-2 days ago. Thanks.
Great stuff G! Let's hope for a cold one this year so you can wear it a lot.
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