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We have a lot of shoe freaks here, like myself, people with 20-30 pairs + and it's nice to mix things up a bit. Can't all be DOAK or VOAK.
Unfortunately running a bit late.
^^ You will see this with G&G too, even StC. All makers. It's not exactly a defect IMO.
Please email us, we'll look into any specific issues.
Are we talking about the above mentioned GMTO? Please clarify.
GMTO deposit Carmina Split Toe in Burgundy CalfThis is a pre-order deposit link for the Carmina 80189 Split toe in Burgundy Group MTO. Pictured shows the same style in Saddle Shell and on the Simpson last. This version will be on the Rain last.Model 80189, Split toe derby, Rain lastBurgundy Calf (Natur Burdeos)Single leather soleDark Brown sole edgePrice ex VAT: 2880 SEKPrice inc VAT: 3600 SEKDeposit: 50% pre-order deposit, 50% before deliveryThe deposit 1440 SEK ex VAT /...
Might be. Might not.
Who says the skins are thinner now? As far as I know the thickness is around 1.4-1.5 mm and it's been like that for a while.
It's not the thickness or the durability that's the main issue, it's the aesthetic of the available leathers. Cattle is grown much quickly these days which provides less attractive skins. That's one reason at least. Also, the car industry and luxury brands probably have first dibs on good skins because of their huge volumes and big wallets.
Sorry for being AFK for a while guys. Florence-Bologna-Milan in three days does not leave much time over for SF unfortunately.Yes, most likely. But also faster shipping (we only use FedEx Priority to North America) and much better tracking. Still, even faster US customs feeRestock has been ordered, please email sales@skoaktiebolaget.se to be on the waiting list.We have no plans on switching the 888 Inverness to the 890 last anytime soon.Thanks, very grateful for this. For...
New Posts  All Forums: