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Last day for our Carmina Adelaide pre-order in Burgundy Museum Calf.
Gaziano & Girling Isham in "New" Vintage Chestnut, in need of some polish to be honest. Sozzi cotton socks. NSM trousers.
It was a move to be level with their retailers more than anything else. They used to be much cheaper than their own retailers while now they are more level with the other EU retailers.
Did you actually read the post?
I think I just did though? Is he short? He doesn't look short. So I guess there's balance after all eh? Dude looks very nice in that outfit either way. There is no rule without exceptions. I can only hope to look that good at his age.
A worthy winner no doubt!
I'm feelin the turn ups. I believe @butler is quite tall? That would explain it. Looks best on tall people IMO, and creates balance. Would look ridiculous on a short guy.
Yes there are G&G fakes but I think it's unusual. I saw a site a couple of years back that I alerted Tony about, he confirmed they were fakes. it was actually quite easy to spot, if you are into G&G at least.But it might just be a bad sales rep too of course.
It's been a while since I visited this thread, so much awesomeness. Keep up the good job!
Couple of fitting pictures from Corcos a while back. @GabrielOB's new jacket "Florentine" peacoat in loden. Excuse the poor quality of the pics, lighting is a bit of a challenge in the fitting room. And we used Iphones.
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