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End of business day.
We have an E-fitting (narrow) 946 line coming soon. We hope this will cater to this specific need.
Well, glad it was you who snatched them!
The swatch shows a good resemblance. The picture for the GMTO, there's something off in the Lightning there.The new style that just went up in Melezze is actually lighter than any we've received before. Color may vary from batch to batch, this is important to realise when committing to a GMTO. Please email us if you have further questions.
Some new Enzo Bonafé styles just arrived. Enzo Bonafé Adelaide - this was previously called 3200MOD but now has it's specific code as it became so popular: 3966. On the ever so popular 946 last. Enzo Bonafé Espresso Calf Oxford on the awesome 74945 last. And our delayed Longwing Boot finally arrived:
Don't be, the sizing advise you got was based on your feet, not Oliver's or my feet. The size comparison is just for guidance and always email to get custom, specific advise.
Thank you for that input @Newcomer, I hope this helps people considering Carlos Santos. Here's some more data and feedback in regards of lasts and fit, with references to other premium shoemaker lasts. Carlos Santos lasts Patrik (@Leaves) Carlos Santos - 234: UK 11 Generous last with plenty room across the instep, great arch support. For me it fits very close to Carmina Rain, maybe a hair wider. Honestly one of the most comfortable RTW lasts I’ve tried. Carlos...
187 last. We have two more lasts incoming in a few weeks, we have only briefly fitted these so will have to get back later in regards of this. For further fitting advise please email us.
This is Carlos Santos style 7905. In a different league but great nonetheless.
Ah, yes, sorry.
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