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Kudu slippers?
Yes, we offer in store VAT refunds for non-EU residents, like almost every boutique in the EU. Welcome!
I think you might be referring to my St. James II in Mountain Ram and Vintage Cherry. It's basically the style that unleashed the whole Kudu wave, the full story if anyone has the patience to hear me out:I noticed that G&G had some limited stock of Mountain Ram a while back. I had seen a pair, years ago, posted by Leather Soul in Ram, and had always coveted them so when G&G had some Ram in stock I was very quick to pull the trigger on the St. James II spectator combo. When...
Out of curiosity, don't you have a problem with the shoes collecting dust? Or did you take them out of the boxes for the picture? Maybe I'm weird even reflecting on such a thing.Great collection!
A big thanks to everyone helping organising GMTOs, it's a great way to contribute here on Styleforum as well as support your favourite retailers! I think @ThunderMarch is one of the members who has organised most Bonafè GMTOs (correct me if I'm wrong). Kudus to him and everyone else who's contributing.
A lot of sula for the kula.And thanks @Viral for your kind words.
This particular style will not be restocked any time soon, at least not in this colour. I'm surprised it did not sell better, one of my favourite make ups this season from CS.
This is replacing the Coimbra Adelaide which is now out of stock. The black version of the above shoe has been ordered for a restock and will be part of our permanent CS stock.
Bonafè mainly does hand welted for us. Only a very small percentage of the shoes they do for us is Blake. Even fewer are made with the "Japanese" waist (Blake / hand welted combo).
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