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G&G finishes Hatch Grain like none other, it's sublime.
About 9000 SEK / 7200 SEK ex VAT. This is excluding trees. Final price will however be decided at the time of arrival (depends on currency exchange rates).
No, it's global, very small demand for F-width...sorry! I'm a wide footed fellow myself, so for G&G I have to go the MTO route.
That reminds me, I forgot to advertise these make ups before, this is what we have incoming in August from G&G, new make ups:Gaziano & Girling Hove, Oak Hatch Grain, MH71, double leather sole.Gaziano & Girling Walkton, Vintage Oka/Polo Suede, DG70, single leather soleGaziano & Girling Thorpe, Rustic Country Calf, MH71, double DainitePlease e-mail us to be on the notification list when they arrive. All models are in E-width. The Hove and the Walkton will be stocked in UK...
We're extending this to August 11 (Edward Green is closed for summer anyway so I can't place the order until they open up the factory again on Aug 11th).
Enzo Bonafé Wholecut Pre-Order now open: http://www.skoaktiebolaget.se/products/pre-order-deposit-enzo-bonafe-wholecut
I can't comment on Di Bianco. Never seen them IRL. In my opinion Bonafè is one of the best value brands around in the premium segment, but I'm sure there are other nice makers around that's not on my radar.IMO "true to size" is misleading. I discourage people from referring to it. E-mail us at sales@skoaktiebolaget.se for specific fitting advice.
No, at least not the prototype I made up for myself, check my Insta from June 24: http://instagram.com/patlofRemember that there are several tanneries now doing Museum Calf. We offer it for both Carmina and Bonafé, but I don't think they source it from the same tannery.We decided to make the model (the one on Inca in the Insta pic) up in mid-brown Museum Calf instead (should arrive in September) because the Burgundy MC was so dark you could barely see them marble effect.
Correct, no restock yet.
The burgundy MC Carmin use is very, very dark, almost black. Just so you know.
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