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Custom suede patina. Base color is Noix Suede.
^^ Awsome! How did they hold the water out?
Agree on both accounts!
Wear in good health! Derbies have a tendancy to fit slightly more generous, hope it works out well for you. You might also consider a thin leather insole.
Got two great styles from Dandy Shoe Care to offer, single pairs we've sent down for Alexander to work his magic on. Both available in UK 9 only. Carmina Single Monk by Dandy Shoe Care (EDIT: sold) Carmina Chukka by Dandy Shoe Care
Tavistock in Rioja in F and we'll probably open up for pre-order too in different widths, but thats still a few months off.
Can't get enough of the Isham. I have one pair on the MH71 in Vintage Oak on Dainite and it's so bloody great. Have two more Ishams on order (Vintage Chestnut and Kudu).That's KN14. The Isham is usually made on the MH71, with a storm welt but it looks better without it IMO. Our version is without.
Yes, but not until September 2015. We have the Isham in Vintage Cedar inbound then.
+1. And available for GMTOs. Think Midnight and Isham.
It's Edward Green that sets the limitations of lasts under the MTO Standard Program. If it was up to my you could have any last you liked.
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