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Let us know if you guys want to sign up for a refill, we only need three to make it happen (any width).
That's weird, I talked to EG about this just a few months back and the only boot they would do in crup was Alderley.
Yes, as far as I know.
Correct, single MTOs only.It was in burgundy calf actually. Maybe we'll restock it, not this season though.
Yes, but some of these fellows here have large or small feet and right now we only have core sizes in stock. With the new restock rules implemented by Edward Green in July, we need to order three pairs for each restock (used to be we could make single pairs as long as it was part of our stocked styles).
We've just opened up a pre-order for our Edward Green Falkirk in Edwardian. Good opportunity for all you gents with large/small feet to order you size. Please follow this link for more details: http://www.skoaktiebolaget.se/collections/edward-green/products/25-pre-order-deposit-eg-falkirk
A psychiatrist will probably not enjoy being called a psychologist or a pilot a steward, I totally understand your comment. In the Swedish language there's just one word for both cobbler and cordwainer; "skomakare" (lit. shoemaker), and it leads to confusion sometimes. But obviously it leads to confusion in the English language as well even though there are words distinguishing the two occupations.
E-mail me and I'll send you a price list, but even this does not include all models. Some styles are archived and discontinued but might still be available as MTO. It comes down to research the Internet for vintage styles in the end.
The models in the catalog are just samples of their collection. There are dozens of styles available that are not in the catalog.
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