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Thanks for participating! And an extra thanks to gdknight64.
I own both VNA and CRU. Did not notice any difference in stiffness or hardness upon breaking these in.
It's not like a cow would start leaking after a few hours in water. A dead cow though...
Split toe looks machine stitched. They are back next week from their summer break, will inquire.
DISCLAIMER: I have not read through all the posts in regards of the cost discussion, so forgive me if I am stating something that has already been addressed. People have a tendency to want to make it sound like it's as easy as adding up the labor costs, material costs and machinery costs and then there you have it. I'm not saying labor costs are not an important factor, it is, but it's not as simple as that. You also have to calculate the costs of financing/credits,...
All fees and customs will be included in the price for the U.S. store. The price listed will be the final price you as a customer will pay.Correct, thank you sir!Shipping will be free in the U.S. Store. I don't know if you noticed but we now offer free shipping for any order over 1500 SEK to the U.S. The shoes are still being shipped from Sweden though.That's a deal. The best deal I ever made. It's about a 1000 pairs each year and growing. I'll be in touch soon, you may...
The "Simply" wholecut is a seamless style, so technically it's more advanced. If money is not an issue I'd say the Simply.
It's not in place. Late September. Yow will notice, there will be stars and stripes all over the place!!!
Croco from Carnina is rough, I would not make up a boot in it if it was not.
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