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Yes, incoming in about 4-8 weeks. Please e-mail to be on the waiting list.We just heard they accept single MTO Cordovan orders. Only.Frankenstitch is incoming in Burgundy Shell. Pplease e-mail to be on the waiting list.
Best way is to have a clear picture of what you want to do and have most of the specs already figured out. These GMTOs seem to me to get best traction. Also, pictures help, like to one of that exact boot posted earlier. Then cross post in this thread and the Carmina thread, maybe the B/S thread and gather people who are interested. When you guys have six confirmed we'll start the actual "official" GMTO by sending out e-mails etc.
I'm surprised to see that cramped working space, light looks very dim too. I would think the prestigious firms would take better care of their cutters? But as long as the finished product is good I suppose it does not matter much, although I would feel better myself if I knew the workspace where my garment was made was an inspiring one, or at least an ok one.
Sorry about that. We'll not restock any of those exact Dandy Shoe Care make ups but I'm certain we'll do other colabs with him in the future.
We have started to order a lot more UK 6 and UK 6.5 but these sizes usually go very fast. Sorry.
That was a stock model from us, back in 2012, 80092 model on Forest I believe, we will not restock it this season, we have a similar model from Bonafè in stock though.
Visiting with Liverano & LIverano on Tuesday for my first fitting, and picking out some new materials for ties for the coming SS season. So psyched!
Thx Justin!
Thanks for sharing and thx for shopping with us.
Thanks for all the positive feedback the last 24 hours, we're really proud and happy you guys like our new styles. It's been a crazy few hours, yesterday we set a new online sales record. Thank you for all your support.
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