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Only on SF!
I say you need two pairs. 1. Normally I'd always recommend a black cap toe Oxford. Like this: 2. But given what you are saying, I'd also propose a brown "semi brogue" like this. It won't do for a wedding or funeral though so you might want to consider the above anyway.
The surcharge is 50%. Maybe there was some kind of typo in your quote.
One of my favourite styles from G&G, it's one of few styles that will look good on any of their lasts.
Great post. Did they display most shoes without trees at JS?
It's very dark. That's why we introduced Polo, this is warmer and lighter but still dark enough to be versatile. Suede will never be formal, but yes, IMO the darker the more formal.
Pre-order deposit link now open:http://www.skoaktiebolaget.se/products/50-gmto-deposit-g-g-burnham-in-vintage-cedar
They are currently looking for a new supplier, or I think they just recently found a new one. @GabrielOB probably has all the dets.
Ageing very nicely, this is what I'm looking forward to.
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