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At least if you are non-UK, buying in a different currency than GBP.
^^ Awesome work guys, I love all these Bonafè GMTOs, so nice to see the amount of variety and freedom offered within their program.
We have at least three styles on the 804 coming this fall.The 946 and 74945 lasts are both easy to fit and to me they represent the pinnacle of last design; the balance and form is basically executed to perfection. But I'm aware that a lot of people like the 804 last and that's why we're expanding our range on this last. I do agree it's a very, very nice last!
Yes, we have a field boot in grain and some other nice styles incoming this fall.
Yeah we have loads of Bonafè goodies to be released in the near future but timing has not been decided yet. Summer is not the most strategic time to launch new styles. Keep tuned to this thread as this is usually where we first post any new arrivals.
Yeah I kinda have the same issue, I have big feet too. Unfortunately we don't have a good system in place to reserve or add sizing for bulk orders unless you participate in a GMTO or pre-order. We have quite a few going on now though: http://www.skoaktiebolaget.se/collections/gmtos
We do have the Enzo Bonafé "Burgundy Beauty" incoming very soon which is similar, but unfortunately not in a UK 11, only UK 10.5. No immediate plans to stock larger sizes due to our limited store space.
Carmina Shoemaker 80514 Tobacco Suede Wholecut Chelsea Boots. http://www.skoaktiebolaget.se/products/gmto-deposit-carmina-tobacco-suede-wholecut-chelsea-boots Wholecut Chelsea Boot 80514 Rain last Tobacco Suede Dark brown elastics & pull tab Tomir rubber sole Mid brown sole edge Red lining Price: 3680 SEK ex VAT / 4600 inc. VAT / $575 USD (only for US clients) Deposit: 50 % deposit / 50 % final payment The deposit 1840 SEK ex VAT / 2300 SEK inc. VAT / $287.50 USD is...
Never seen a Chelsea Boot on the 804 I think.
Well, I said I don't know of any cobbler that can do it, if you do please let us know. I will hire him to try his/her craftsmanship, at least if it's at a reasonable price, lower than sending them back to Bonafè.
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