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Wear in good health, both looks great.Yes, this is actually true but will be reviewed with the new prices coming in March. And the 363MOD last only comes in one standard width.Everything you see listed as brown calf on our website is Vegano Marron. If it's Natur Marron we list it as Espresso Calf. The sole has a thin midsole.
This is how Enzo Bonafè and most Italian makers usually produce a split toe. This is what we call a "reverse" split toe, in order to differentiate the two. @Andy57
I don't want to be blunt but those "SJC"s are the most unattractive boots I've seen in the Classic Menswear section in a very long time. That said, they will most likely be a huge commercial success. And popular in SW&D.
Yes they do. They have a few differnt wholecut options, including the seamless one. I believe we have a normal wholecut in black incoming soon.
888 and 82 lasts were designed by Tony Gaziano if I'm not mistaken - maybe EG was tired of that "heritage". Anyways, the new 915 last looks like it has a great profile but I don't like the top down look. I'd probably just stick to the good ol' 82 and 202 lasts, both are great looking rounded lasts although the 202 can be hard to fit.
I notice a trend that makers seem to introduce new lasts more frequently. As a retailer (and Shoe Freak), I have to say that I would prefer fewer new lasts and more new styles. Not only does it become more perplexing for clients (especially for experienced buyers who has nailed down their lasts/size) the more lasts they have to chose from. It's also more expensive to develop new lasts compared to developing a new style pattern. Is it a move to expand variety and thus...
Here are some pictures of styles that I hope can be helpful. Carlos Santos has a huge variety of styles. I mean, really, really huge. We've chosen some styles that we felt represented us best and adapted/developed some new ones, and a lot more to come. Style 6942 on the 316 last. Wine Shadow Patina (one of my favorites) Incoming as stock this spring. We have the same style on the 234 last available in stock and as Patina Service. Style 7201 in Braga Patina. Part of our...
There's a lot of difference in fit between the 187 last and the 160. We'll have to wait for @DonRaphael to clarify.
We're putting together fitting data for all of us in the store, and will post last/size comparisons here shortly, until then feel free to email us of course.
I usually wear a F-fitting in G&G (which is wide) and G in Sant Cripsin's and Bonafè (also wide). I could fit into Carlos Santos perfectly fine. I'll get back to you when I can confirm my size in the different lasts (I'm not in the store today) but I believe I used me regular Carmina Rain size.The lads in the store fits people all day long, and can give you the absolute best fitting advice in regards of Carlos Santos. sales@skoaktiebolaget.se
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