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Quote: Originally Posted by about11oclock I'm put off, living in NYC, by their attempts to look like a boutique brand Lol, piss off. Most people do not live in NY or have access to interesting b&m stores.
Quote: Originally Posted by golfham received the dbl indigo shirt today. Amazing material, but it's too big...I'm going to soak it in hot water. does anyone know if they're making anymore trousers? Those are hot. I saw on the site they are "out of material" for the trousers. Hope they get some more. Also do you have the measurements on the shirt? I'll be ordering a large soon and need to know if they run bigger than measurements.
Quote: Originally Posted by Johdus Fanfoozal Those look like a carbon copy of a Clarks' "Roar" but with a different sole. They're both brown, that's really about it.
Here are some measurements for the slim fit international if you are looking for something more fitted. There are measurements for the original international posted there as well.
Quote: Originally Posted by grundletaint jeez dude, a simple would have sufficed. Thanks, I think that will get a lot of use.
Quote: Originally Posted by EdenResident I don't understand the Heller's Cafe stuff (and the losers who actually buy it). The point of buying vintage is because they're authentic. Why buy reproductions at a premium? What makes this any different from the fake vintage mall brand stuff like Abercrombie? This is like buying a Rembrandt print for MORE than the real one used to go for back then. It doesn't make any sense. I think those prices are...
Quote: Originally Posted by Johdus Fanfoozal Besides the Kakadu, are there any other decent Babour International or Belstaff Roadmaster knockoffs, er sorry, replicas? Anybody know the quality of John Partridge in the U.K.? I've read a lot of good reviews of the custom made leather Belstaff knockoffs made by the-tannery. You can find them on the uk ebay.
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