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What can be said about Samuel Windsor in terms of quality? About the same as Loake? Cheaney? Thank you.
Looking for 15.5 shirts. slimfit, 17.5~ shoulders. White, light blue or light pink. Checked or striped is okay. Max $40 Looking for trousers. Slimfit. 32/48 Grey, camel, beige, and shades of these. Cotton and Wool. Max $60 Looking for shoes, preferably unused or very litte wear. Brown/Black wholecuts, monkstraps, brogues and oxfords. UK 7.5, EU 41,5 Max $200 Looking for briefcase, preferably brown. Slim look. Max $100 All to be shipped to Sweden. Thank you!
Thanks for all the good advice guys!
Quote: Originally Posted by Aaron01 Mabitex is generally slimmer than BB Milano, I think they're constructed a bit better. BB Milano on sales are a steal, sometimes they show up for like $20. Some people like J Crew's Urban Slim Fit, I've never cared much for their trousers and find their sizing to be weird (vanity). It's now off topic but do you think they'll have any online sales any time soon? I live in europe so I must depend on the...
Damn, so quick replies. I didn't wanna write "chinos" and look stupid. I guess trousers would be a better term here on sf. But thanks for your replies guys.
I'm looking to buy some quality cotton&wool trousers for casual and business wear. There's alot of Mabitex sales going on here on sf, and they're good I've heard. How does Brooks Brothers Milano fit compete in quality and fit to Mabitex? Are there other brands at the same price level that I should be looking out for? Thank you.
I'm looking to buy some quality shirts for the spring season. What are some quality brands in the $50-100 price segment that I should be looking out for here on sf? Also if anyone happens to know if there are any nice sales online that would be nice. (They have to ship internationally however) Thank you.
New Posts  All Forums: