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Yeah, blend is fine! Also, linen look-alike is fine.
Hey guys, I'm looking for a linen suit for the summer. Navy or beige I think would look nice. Can you recommend any in the $300-600 range? Thanks!
I'm looking for some solid color slim-fit shirts in size 15.5. Shoulder's not wider than 18". Colors: White, Pink, Blue Also looking for knitted ties: dark blue, dark red, pink. Has to be shipped to Sweden. Thank you!
Quote: Originally Posted by Master-Classter ahem... use your imagination here... picture the Sportscoats at suits, or reverse the items (brown tie becomes a brown suit) for color combos... personally I love orange, maroon, and green for tie/sweater/shirt colors but that's just me. Excellent post, thank you!
Quote: Originally Posted by Unrefinery That's fine, actually. Matching your pocket square to your shirt is way overrated. But you can always go to and get some more interesting squares for $8. Nobody answered your question about shoes. Generally, a brown shoe that is darker than the suit will be fine. Black shoes can work too. Lighter brown shoes are trickier. My rage when TheTieBar has some awesome looking PS's but the...
Damn good advice guys, thanks! I'll get a new camera tomorrow, will take some pics on my suit then. It's too bad I only have white pocket squares if I'm gonna wear blue/pink shirts to the suit though.
Hey, I need some inspirational pictures for tie/shirt and perhaps even shoe matchings for a chocolate brown suit. What are some do's and dont's? The suit is in a fairly light fabric, is it okay to wear dark brown in the summer? Thank you guys! Edit: The suit also has a very feint windowpane pattern with blue and dark red. But if I were to match with those colors it would only be visible at a really close range. (perhaps that's good?)
W: 31 L: 30 and slim cutting prefered. Colors: Sand, Beige, Grey, Khaki Has to be shipped to Sweden.
Excellent, thank you!
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