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Can't get J.Crew in Sweden and I don't want to order that stuff, it's about the same quality as H&M isn't it? I'm looking for something a little higher quality. Max $500
bump, Also if anyone would rather recommend a retail cotton suit. Max $500
As the title says, 38S also works. Shoulders should not be wider than 18" and sleeves should be around 25" Working sleeve buttons would be a nice plus. NWT/Vintage doesn't matter.
Wow, many good replies. Thank you guys! Can't believe I forgot about indy, and I'll check out the english patient again, only saw it as a kid.
Quote: Originally Posted by sipang Desert boots are not obvious at all actually, unless you're going for that boring safari jacket cargo pants thing. I don't like cargo pants at all, I was thinking more of some kind of british colonial desert soldier look. Like perhaps, beige or cream linen shirt with brown linen scarf, cotton/linen pants in khaki/desert. Heavy leather belt and shoes... not desert boots, then what? Help me out!
Quote: Originally Posted by harvey_birdman Double hump camel is this season's must have accessory. Don't try to front with a single hump camel, you'll be laughed out of town. I was thinking of this camel actually:
Hey, I'm thinking of stylin' some kind of desert look this spring/summer. Except for the obvious "desert boots" what are some essential garments I should get? Inspirational pictures would also be nice! Thank you!
Quote: Originally Posted by TimelesStyle Out of curiosity, what size are you? I'm EU48. 17.75 shoulders.
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