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Hello, I'm looking for a "slim fit" (slim waist) Double Breasted Jacket/Suit for the spring. Cotton/Linen/Wool, any colors. I'm size 38R with 17.5" shoulders. All offers are welcomed! Cheers, TheAdMan
Hello, I'm looking for cotton NN09/Incotex/Mabitex trousers and/or shorts for the spring, just nothing too dark. My size: 31 waist, 32 length (suit size 38R) Needs to be shipped to Sweden. Hit me with offers please! Cheers, TheAdMan
I'm looking for a slim fit pair of dark grey to light grey flanell trousers, I'm around 31-32 waist on trousers like Mabitex/Incotex (eu) Has to be shipped to Sweden, please give me offers!
Is it possible to look this good for under $2000? I think no, but what could I do/buy to come the closest? Essentially I'm looking for a slimfit DB-jacket suit in the same kind of material as in pic. His tie is also awesome, I guess it's cashmere? Cheers
$1 for international shipping - Awesome! Thanks guys!
Where can I find white linen pocket squares with a contrast color border? Thank you!
As topic says, Normal length sleeves. needs to be shipped to Sweden. BNWT preferably.
Looking for tan or light brown colored oxfords/brogues for the summer. A belt in the same color would be a great plus. Size: UK 7.5 US 8.5 Max: $200 Has to be shipped to Sweden.
Can't get J.Crew in Sweden and I don't want to order that stuff, it's about the same quality as H&M isn't it? I'm looking for something a little higher quality. Max $500
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