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Hello, I'm looking for sz32 EU48 cotton pants from Mabitex/Incotex/PT01 in beige, off-white and light gray. Needs to be shipped to Sweden! Thank you!
Thanks for the offer, but no thanks.
Hello, I have two really nice suits and a DB jacket for sale. I'm shipping internationally from Sweden. 1. Brioni suit, size 38/48 Jacket: Shoulder seam to shoulder seam across back: 43,5cm Length: 77cm Chest: 48,5cm (widest part across) Sleeves: 60cm with surgeon cuffs Notes: MOP buttons, some small repairs under left sleeve, barely noticable. Full canvas. Hand sewn button holes. Colour: Dark brown with windowpane in light blue and rust. Pants: Foot opening:...
Hello, I'd like: #3, #4 and #9 please. Needs to be shipped to Sweden. PM me for details please. Cheers,
Do you still have these? PM sent since long.
Received my tie last week, serious seller, many thanks!
Hello, I'm looking to buy a cashmere similar to the one to the far right in this pic: If anyone has one, give me a PM. Cheers,
Size 7.5US? i.e. 40.5 EU?
Let me know if you get more models in extra slim fit 15.5 Cheers,
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