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Bump for nice seller. Payment sent for #6.
Excellent sellers: NachoBroadway intfxdx MalfordOfLondon padronlover
Want to buy UK size 8.5 (last 341) Crockett & Jones Swansea in dark brown suede, and Bradford in dark brown shell cordovan. Please PM me with pictures and price.
Looks very nice.
Quote: Originally Posted by bengal-stripe Where the hell did they get "The Burton" from (a classic yet modern loafer)? or this
Quote: Originally Posted by stu00a what the F I definetly would bought it if it was 40R. uhh +1
Steve Smith delivers his stuff really fast. Highly recommended!
Senli & Frye are good. There is also a Henry Poole shop in Beijing who has their suits made by Hanloon Tailor.
Nice pics & selection.
Caruso, because they fit me perfect and I like the styling of my Caruso jackets.
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