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Quote: Originally Posted by zanderman Thanks for the help. Hannes, what is the point length on that shirt? 3.7"
RTW Barba:
lefty is a nice and reliable seller.
Example pics from their website: Not exactly what I would call "decent bespoke" ... More like typical cheap Asian MTM.
Do you have pics of tags?
"Classic with a twist"
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Quote: Originally Posted by harvey_birdman #8 is really just about perfect. But Alden's Whiskey is quite nice as well. They look dark for being Whiskey. To me they look more like Cigar. Ravello is my favorite:
DB = double breasted SB = single breasted DJ = dinner jacket FTFY = fixed that for you MOP = mother-of-pearl  FC = French cuffs MA&SEBT™ = Mystery Anderson & Sheppard Expatriates Bespoke Tailor CB = Chester Barrie LP = Loro Piana Grail = staple/SF groupthink approved item PG = Phat Guido foo = = mafoofan Spoo = SpooPoker Quote: Originally Posted by aj_del Vox = allen edmonds is incorrect, Vox = allen edmonds seconds +1
Quote: Originally Posted by Warrengardner 2/11/2011 Two knee-length Cucinelli coats added and 5% drop on Loro Piana Can we get some measurements on these?
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