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I also think they look surprisingly nice. The shoulders are not too wide. However I would have liked to see wider lapels, a somewhat lower breast pocket, softer shoulders and more open quarters on the jacket. Also the pants are a little tight.
Great. Definitely going to visit Davidsons next time I'm in Stockholm/Uppsala. The recent upsurge in interest for quality shoes in this land of cheap, rubber soled, square toed monstrosities brings some hope.
For me, getting married to someone who is more careful with money has helped ... At least a little. I also think it's about setting your priorities straight. Try to think about it from a greater perspective. Is there nothing else that matters more in the long run -- providing economical stability for your (future) family, or even being able to help others in need, etc. For us mere mortals, the future is always uncertain, and while I do not discourage spending money on nice...
I'm afraid heels eventually wearing down is something you will have to live with, if not wearing heel protectors. The only "solution" would be not wearing the shoes. But as cptjeff said, find a good cobbler and it's an easy fix.
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