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Added Borrelli shirt & dropped prices.
Thanks for all the answers. Sending the tie to Tiecrafters would unfortunately be too much of a hassle since I live in Sweden. stubloom - Thanks. I called all the high quality menswear stores here and they all seem to use the biggest dry cleaning chain in town, which I found have got mixed reviews on the internet with both happy customers and also quite a few who seemed to think they had ruined their jackets etc. I also called them and they say they use perchloroethylene...
Added some stuff & consolidated with other thread.
Sam Hober Panta Vass Saint Crispin's RLPL Drakes E. Marinella Edward Green Caruso Attolini Asprey SAB Hermès G&G Cleverley John Lobb Holliday & Brown all the great tailors etc ...
maomao1980 [[SPOILER]] Montesquieu [[SPOILER]]
Another member with unusual but impressive sense of style:Tibor [[SPOILER]]
Quote: Originally Posted by EFV Seems like someone's been quite inspired by Jarvis Cocker.   Agreed.   Found a few more (LabelKing): [[SPOILER]]
I always enjoy gshen' casual style photos:
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