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Sweet Jesus, what has America come to these days? Guys used to wear suits to the race track and the boxing matches and the soup kitchen. Now we can't be bothered, even for a job interview? Also, NEVER call and ask what you should wear. It doesn't show you are good at following orders, it shows you are a dumb asshole who doesn't deserve a job.
Quote: Originally Posted by PhiloVance Assuming you grew up more than 20-30 years, those statements about Florsheim and Bostonian were probably true at the time . . . A friend of mine owns some funeral homes, and keeps a stock of his late uncle's gently used Florsheims on hand to bury decedents who didn't have a decent pair of shoes. From this you can either take: 1. They are good enough to wear for eternity. 2. They are only good enough...
I am a bald head shaver although perhaps more pumpkinesque. The Oliver Peoples Strummer works great for me. Although nobody will confuse me with Brad Pitt. . .
Thin-skinned - Check Impatient - Check Insult Senior Members - Check Welcome to SF, you will fit in nicely!
Make Way for Tomorrow is a great Criterion Collection movie. Is it just me or do they seem to be lowering the bar recently? Before too long, I imagine that Jungle2Jungle and Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo will join the Collection.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dakota rube ^don't forget the Courtney Cox replica panties. Replica?
Exactly. Like David Cross says about the garbageman who whistles at women from his position at the back of the truck - Sure 99 out of hundred women are going to give you the finger, or ignore your catcalls, or show no interest. But that 100th woman? Maybe she loves to fuck on a pile of trash!
A friend of my wife just got divorced after not having a physical relationship for almost 2 years. She is making up for lost time. In the past month, she has fucked two bartenders, a random college kid, a doctor, a pilot, and (wait for it. . . .) a shoe guy from Nordstrom's. So, there is a chance!!!
I would shave it, since it's not your special treasured day and you are just a bit actor in someone else's noblest life moment. When it's time to shave - Place some plastic sheeting around you and very carefully shave off all neck and facial hair. Make sure not to waste any, and that it all lands on the plastic sheeting. Once you are satisfied that all traces of your beard are gone, collect the beard hair gently, folding the plastic sheeting like you might fold Old...
Quote: Originally Posted by mikeman Alright, so I asked her to dinner next weekend, and we are going. However Im now thinking that Dinner is boring, or is an ok idea? I live in a shitty little city, so the options are limited... Dinner is a bit bland. Any chance for the opera or the race track?
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