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Lovat green is usually described the bluish green colour used in tweeds and woollens cloths or garments from Scotland from my understandingIn @Butler case his tweed cloth came from Lovat Mill.
Thanks! I can't agreed more it's a very good field.
Thanks!Thanks! My one and only jacket with those details. My taste is a lot more sedate these days. This jacket was commissioned from John Cutler Bespoke close to 9 years ago as you can see his style is very English. My taste has changed a lot since then but I do enjoyed wearing this jacket from time to time.
Having post for a while. My Friday Challenge [[SPOILER]]
Some great entries gentlemen. [[SPOILER]]
It's a simple alteration any competent tailor should be able to perform it. You may want to ask them to let out both seams rather than one side to keep it even.
Will love to meet a few of you guys next time when I am down.
That's the Agnelli tweed LLTW14.
For sale a brand new with tag pair of Marbitex trousers in a lovely soft brushed cotton in red colour. Size Italian US 34 The style is single pleated slim fitting, I had them cuffed but never worn them. The cotton is a heavier weight perfect for fall and winter. This will pair nicely with a navy blazer. They are similar to Incotex but nicer imho. Shipping worldwide please PM for cost. Price $125.00 >$110.00>$100>$90.00 Measurements Waist 17" Rise !2" Inseam...
Welcome! Great looking space I have to drop by next time in Melbourne.
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