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It's just personal preference my cuffs are 2inches tall which for someone my height 6'1" I can get away with it.Thank you for the kind words we are all here to learn, it doesn't matter if you are advance or a beginner mode.. Only way to improve on how we dress is to have constructive criticism or comments.
It looks like it's from Drapers silk, linen mixed.
Thanks Pliny! It's the LL Brisa POW the same one Gazman was spotting in another thread.
Please excuse the pocket square always have a tendency to pop up by the end of the day. [[SPOILER]]
Thanks Matt!
Thanks I'll look into it.
I did received samples from HE Box but it wasn't melton, it was more like wool overcoating. Perhaps they misunderstood my intent from my correspondence.
I have been thinking about the same for the same reasons, most peacoat I've tried on are boxy and short.My friend just has one made by Bntailor I will check it out when he gets it.http://subskin.tumblr.com/post/93498244457#notesAnyone know where is a good source of melton for peacoats?
Thanks spectre! Never like the look of cutaways all that much I think I own one from Patrick Johnson. Most of mine collars are semi-spread and button downs.Most of shirts are made by Ascot Chang and they will be in Melbourne next week. I highly recommend them if you are looking to replace some shirts.
I probably post more picture of me wearing suits in reality I am more comfortable or you see me mostly in odd jackets and pants.
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