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For sale is a pair of G&G Warwick in vintage dark oak mto from Bespoke England. They are size UK10.5E and of MH71 last. I hate to let them go but they don't fit that well. I've hardly worn this shoes it's in excellent condition. It comes with steel toe taps. I take care of shoes very well and these are no exception. These have been given a light mirror polish. Shoes trees are not included. Free shipping to Australia. Other countries will be at cost please PM any questions....
I like the darker green, I am in for a suit length if not too late.
What is your budget? Bijanbespoke Lengbespoke The FineryCompany.
X post from the Skoatiebolaget thread. Received these recently even with the heavy taxes slugged it is well worth it.
Received these recently even with the heavy taxes slugged it is well worth it.
Sorry I can't remember which book it was from it's silk and linen mixed made in Scotland. The swatch you posted from Cappelli does look like from the same book. I will post some pics of my fitting when I receive it from my tailor.
Sorry to hear that it really sucks. For me I won't use the FedEx shipping option again.
@TweedyProf I have this in the works at the moment the cloth is from Drapers.
If it's under $1000 you'll be fine but it was the wooden shoe trees that set off the alarm bells with customs. I had another pair of Galway deliver Skoaktiebolaget last time by Aus Post and there was no problems with duties.
I won't know until tomorrow I had to sort up the charges before they will deliver. I'll post a pic when I get it. Hopefully you won't get any surprises like I did.
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