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I've had Ovlov's ties shipped to me in the past in Sydney and then I forwarded it to him in S.A. I am happy to do the same if any one else is interested or happy for Cappelli to ship the ties to you as well. It would be much cheaper if we all share the postage.
It's not a lot of difference between 3 or 4 fold imho especially if it's lined. I really like the Cappelli 5 folds. I've actually counted 6 folds.You may want to give it a try.
Jacket looks good from the back, pants could be slightly wider below the knees especially for linen but it's a personal choice. Glue-fabric sound like fusing just because J Crew does it on their coats I wouldn't recommend it for bespoke, you should ask for a light canvassed front. It will still holds it's shape. Have you consider doing 3 roll to two instead of two buttons?
Here are a couple images of green suits from P Johnson tailors although is in cotton. I think it will look nice in Fresco in the right shade of green.
From a few days ago.
Of course that is very important you have to like the house style to begin with. I don't think Bntailor or Liverano would change their house style just because you are bigger built. What I am trying to say is to the OP is most tailors would work around the bodies shape that we have to make us look good.My good friend Ethan is prime example with his Liverano suits, he looks very good in them and clearly show a good tailor can makes you looks slim.
The trunk show dates have been announced here. Most tailors doing trunk show will charge slightly more their home base. You have to consider the travailing and hotel accommodation expenses.You should not worry about too much about how the Bntailor will suit you or not. The point of going bespoke is to get a fit that suits our body shape and everyone is different. If a tailor knows what they are doing they'll make you look good.http://subskin.tumblr.com/post/90445598712
I use a steamer to get rid of wrinkles it works well for me.
I am in for 1 & 3, thanks to T4 and C&A for setting this up.
This is pretty cool, Vox like it as well @incontro http://tmblr.co/Zc1IPu1KyqATS
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