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The Fox flannel Alden collection and the LL linen are permanent collection.
Thanks! I took a lot of inspiration from your.It's definitely brown the shoes have been darken with hand polishing so it actually gotten darke.It's a great colour my friend ordered the exact same shoes in that colour.Here is an outdoor shot the colour looks not as dark in sunlight.
You may want to post your question in the Australian thread you get a better response. There is Deerstyle in Brisbane you may want to try. I was going to suggest The Suit Shop but they are in Sydney not sure if they travel to Brisbane both of those are MtM.
Thanks! I went for Cru 604 which is the exact colour in this shoes below.
Love those loafers, just place an order for a pair of penny loafers like your @gusvs but I ask for apron front and split toes like the loafers below. Now the wait.
+! I have both Acorn and Alumo Oxford the later is miles ahead in terms of quality, some of my shirts form Alumo Oxford I had for years and the fabric gets better with age.
Will do Cleav next time I head into the city.
Beautiful day in Sydney calls for linen jacket.Details [[SPOILER]]
I am pretty sure it's from Loro Piana Cloud cashmere and silk bunch. I can get the serial number for you next time I go to my tailors.
I have a few suits in the sadly discontinued Rangoon cloth. It's a light weight wool but hold it's shape really well.
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