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Beautiful whole-cut congrats!
X Post Friday Challenge
Crazy weather I got drenched running home from the train station likely I was wearing jeans and a not a favourite jacket.I washed all my sweaters to be put away for summer and this happens.
That's @gazman70k in that picture and he has a pretty amazing collection of watches and he chose to wear a Pam 372 enough said.Stunning piece,Panerai will always polarise people. I wouldn't wear my with a business suit. Here is my Pam 232 for the detractors
I really like his style it's always effortless @Vaux_le_Vicomte. I believes he uses a few different tailors the latest being the very talented Kotaro Miyahira.I agreed with others the first jacket could do with some extension and a fuller chest but it's all personal preferences otherwise it's pretty damn good.His tumble is very cool too.http://legrimod.tumblr.com
Hope you get the cloth. I've been enjoying wearing mine the last winters.Here is the only image I have during the fitting stage.
The first two images is phatguido former member who used to post here. The suit is from Patrick Johnson Tailors. If I recall the fabric was from Loro Piana flannel book.http://mostexerent.tumblr.com/post/5693290089/cloth-sample-for-next-suit-as-per-my-post
Great challenge gentlemen thanks for entering there was really great fit. There can only be one winner congratulation to @Cleav well done!
I kopped the cigar too earlier on with no problem.
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