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Sorry to hear that it really sucks. For me I won't use the FedEx shipping option again.
@TweedyProf I have this in the works at the moment the cloth is from Drapers.
If it's under $1000 you'll be fine but it was the wooden shoe trees that set off the alarm bells with customs. I had another pair of Galway deliver Skoaktiebolaget last time by Aus Post and there was no problems with duties.
I won't know until tomorrow I had to sort up the charges before they will deliver. I'll post a pic when I get it. Hopefully you won't get any surprises like I did.
First time using the Fedex option to ship my incoming Galway to Australia and it was a big mistake. The shoe tree was quarantine and had to be inspected with taxes and custom charges got slugged Aud $411.00. Never had this happen with the regular post.
These are mine it's on the Rain last.
I'll be interested in a re-run of the loafers it looks great! Was this Polo suede?
Those monks looks great @lightseason congrats!
I actually really like the Drapwrs cloth I was going to order the green herringbone in the same book.An alternative is this one made by Vox it is from Scabal Shetland Tweed bunch around 13oz.
Yes it's a one piece back.
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