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These are so nice regrettably I had to sell mine due to size being too big. You are rubbing it in now
+1 I am in the same camp here, I've had a few people PM me of what some of my tailors charge. I would alway answer them privately.
That's brilliant! Cleav certainly knows how to have fun.
That's what I do I removed the insole and put in my Vasyli orthotics that are made for sneakers. They are my most comfortable casuals shoes.
I would hand wash them or put it in a gentle cycle.
Tried on the sea-dweller at my AD yesterday, surprisingly sits quite comfortable on my wrist.
I don't have a problem wearing wool challis in the spring summer, I just like the textures more and personally prefer a matt finish tie.Wearing this current favourite yesterday, it's the perfect agent tie imho.
Thanks Jason! Love that wool challis ties of yours I am wearing in that image.
Don't be too harsh, it's the only way to learn by commenting and asking questions. My time here on SF has certainly made me a better dresser.
New Posts  All Forums: