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It's a very good observation I do prefer the shoulders to have a slight extension to counter my wider hips. The two coats are made by different tailors, you are correct the first one do have slight padding and extension while the suit jacket has zero padding at all. It's a learning curve looking for what works for your body type. I agreed entirely it's a expensive lessons learned.
I hope you are not serious
It's a combination of my wide stance and my broad hips contributing to this.
From yesterday having drinks with friends on the Sydney Harbour.
Get there first thing in the morning you may be able to get a fitting in the afternoon. Ask for Nelson at the Peninsular Hotel he is one of their best fitters.
Yes, double the amount if it's a single width cloth plus extra if it's checks, to be sure check with your tailor.
It's not that bad shirts are light.
Smith's Steadfast and Harrisons Oyster bunch are two of the better ones. Do a forum search a lot has been written on the subject here.
It was a great deal, I would have cop if I didn't already have a mid grey flannel suit. Just by subscribing to Merchant Fox newsletter they have these offers once in while.
I also agreed Fox is a lot nicer than VBC, the Fox is going to drape better, more durable depending on the weight and hold a better crease.It's a shame but the mid grey was offer at 40% off only two weeks ago I think the discount code have expired now.
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