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Thanks for the love gents! I really wasn't expecting this win. There was some great fit from some of you. I put up a fit that is out of my comfort zone something I normally wouldn't do. Lets have some suggestions for this weeks challenge.
For sale two Tom Ford knitted ties it has been lightly no more than 5 times. Shipping with be $10.00 for regular mail international. [[SPOILER]] 2) Tom Ford brown knitted tie in honeycomb design 57" x 3 "100% silk. There are full snag there are hardly noticeable.retails over $220 Price SOLD
Try Coombs at the Strand Arcade or the Shoe Worx at Chiefly Plaza both are very good.
X post from FCJust realise majority of my shirts are blue based.Details [[SPOILER]]
Just realise majority of my shirts are blue based.Details [[SPOILER]]
I'll echo that thanks for doing a fine job @EliodA
I actually spoke to them on the Harrison forum few years ago about reviving the Carlo Barbera bunch. Hopefully Harrisons will be selling tons of this stuff to make it viable for them.
Some very nice cloth you've posted those Colombo cashmere looks very sumptuous.
Harrison's is listening to us so many winners here W Bill. Shetland, Smith's Botany and best of all the Carlo Barbera Jacketing that was one of my favourite bunch from H Lesser in the past.
Have a look at Porters and Hardings Glorius Twelve bunch there are a few very nice gunclub.Here is one I made up a few years ago London Lounge always have the best gunclub IMHO in terms of scale, colour and patterns. I am awaiting this one. It may be still available. Mr Alden wearing it very nicely.https://www.flickr.com/photos/thelondonlounge/11187442394/Also from Delfino the Italian designs are more vibrant.
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