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Just received these from Steve of Gentlemensfootwear as part of GMTO. Brand new just tried on at home on carpet. Brand new Carmina Loden green suede chukka in Soller last Tomir sole, UK 10.5. The colour is gorgeous and unique. I wish I could keep them it's half size too big. The last runs half size bigger than Rain and Inca last. Just looking to recoup my cost. I think the retail price is $575 For sale $488 >$460>$440 including shipping to the US please PM for other...
The Loden suede is on Soller last UK 10.5 and the derby are Detroit last size UK 10 in dark cognac cordovan. Send me a PM if anyone is interested.
Last Drop.
Just got these GMTO from Steve, great service as usual. Both shoes are equally stunning, the Loden green is a great colour, unfortunately the sizes didn't work out. I'll be putting these up on B&S.
I have a 2.5 m length of London Lounge Cloth City Gun Club I am not going to make up, send me a Pm if anyone is interested. Credits London Lounge Thanks everyone the cloth is now sold.
Looking very promising, please update us on your progress. I also had a fitting and pick up a navy DB, Bntailor being so easily accessible now it's going to be bad for my pocket.
Having try the house brand ties as yet I've wanting to try it. Just pick up a Drakes's tie and some sox during the sale. Shaya is great to deal with have been buying from his for a while now.
Thanks! That's about perfect . I have a couple of 6cm ZigZag I find it a touch narrow for me.
PM @terrorsquad he is great to deal with, I've gotten a few Drapers from him in the past amongst other things.
Jason wide are those ZigZag knits?
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