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Wow, great choices @medtech_expat I'll everyone of those.
[quote name="ljhrox" [[SPOILER]] L]Hi guys just getting a fit check on my grey pants on the right, any ideas what can be done to remedy the creases behind the knee area? I seem to get this in varying on degrees my pants.I highly doubt so but could it be because they need some 'breaking in' after a few wears with iron work?[/quote]Having fuller trouser leg will eliminate the problem some what. They do look rather slim at present.You can post your question here for the...
I am very honour and humble especially coming from you but all the credits should go to J and tBn tailor.Korea in as thriving bespoke industry going on at the moment. Many of the younger generation of men are bespeaking new garments instead of buying rtw. Besides Bn tailor there are few more excellent tailors that do exceptional work but they are not as well know outside of Seoul.
Thanks Charlie! The cloth is a 17 oz Fresco/hopsack from London Lounge Cloth club. The beauty of Bntailor is they will do CMT.
Thanks so much for your kind words. The tie is EG Cappellihttp://www.patriziocappelli.it/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=2_17&products_id=1000Agreed with you on melange if we can convince Michael Alden to do a blue version it will be superb. It's a heavy weight around 17oz but it doesn't feel heavy.
The colour is actually mid grey the image came out more blue, the cloth is from London Lounge Mistral I have the navy version as well but the grey has a nicer melange effect.Bn tailors do most of shoulder seam like that, the reason being there're no added shoulder pads they extend the front canvass past the shoulder line to give the shoulders a very light structure. I am not sure it's Liverano influence but I do see a few Italian tailors finish the shoulders this way.The...
I had a few PM about Bn tailor I thought I'll post this here as well. Please excuse the exuberant pocket square.
Thanks! It's from Bntailor.
Please excuse the exuberant pocket square.
I hope he'll come out from the woodwork and start posting here as well, he had some amazing fits.You can catch him here .http://instagram.com/whitehawkwarrior
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