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Talking about Fresco had my second fitting for my blazer suit in Minnis 520 Fresco with Bntailor.
Someone gave it to me early 90s as a present I've never worn it so it on ebay like as soon as I listed it.
This would have been perfect but I just sold it.
Just PM ~B~
I don't recall seeing a green like this one from W Bill linen book, this looks like darker green to me May be @~ B ~ can chime in.
If you are a baller @~ B ~ is doing some W Bill linen run in some exotic colours. http://chairmanx.blogspot.sg/2014/08/our-new-bespoke-run-linens-from-w.html
FlannelsI didn't ask if you were looking for RTW or having trousers make by a tailor.The cloth samples are only useful you were having trousers...
For sale is a pair of Carmina Chelsea Boots in brown calf size UK 10. Carmina model 810 Danite rubber sole. Soiller last which is a wide fitting last. Purchased from Skotiebolaget and worn only once. Comes with original box and dust bag $420.00 > $400.00 > $380.00 Shipping worldwide please PM for cost.
By cotton I don't mean the casual chino variety there are dressier cotton trousers if you can find it or you can have them made. Flannel trousers are the most versatile to wear with navy blazers, there are various weight of flannel you can choose even summer flannels. I'll would use flannel for 3 seasons and wear cotton or Fresco for summer.
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