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I saw a new bunch from Lovat Mill yesterday it may have something you are looking for. It's a fresco at around 380grams it's a really nice cloth, its not coarse and scratchy like the Minnis.
That's on my instagram that Luca posted that comment. I've lost all respect for Luca, Gennaro was with Rubinacci for a long time now he comes out and calls him an old men that can't cut.
It's mine, I wear it mainly with jeans and grey flannels, I do wear it a lot on really cold days or when I travel top colds climate. It's hefty at 20oz.
Waiting for my patiently. Please post pics when you get it. Thanks again to C&A
Of course you can have close fitting jacket and still be comfortable, just not it's so skin tight that the buttons is about to pop out. You'll need to consider when you sitting down, moving and even after a big meal.Some of stuff I've seen from @gusvs are fine examples of well tailor slim fitting jacket.
It's sounds like this LL tweed is exactly what you are looking for.
Thanks for the heads up. This is great news I hope the quality it's the same as before.
No problems at all I've more hits and misses to be honest and now I've my own last in Saint Crispins I should just buy what I know will fit.
Don't worry about what people think you know I have a lot of love for those black suede whole cuts.I am hoping to rock my very soon.I am echoing on FM our outfit is going to be hard to beat.
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