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I'll put Bijan at the top of the list for tailors in Sydney, Lengbespoke set up by ex employee of JH Cutler who is doing some great work at the moment and Adamo Marrone in Leichardt.For MTM PJ is still very good value but with Bn tailor can be had for not much more and the turnaround is very quick I'll still choose the later.For shirts you can't go wrong with quality of Ascot Chang shirts, there service is first rate, once you have your pattern down you can get a shirt...
I love the colour green for ties, here's one from the other day.
Thanks guys! The tailor I used for this suits cuts more of a English cut, he was a tailor for H Huntsman before he opened up his own shop in Sydney. The trousers are always cut fuller and with a higher rise by default, it's make to be worn with braces which I wasn't wearing in the day. My preference would be a slightly slimmer trousers but it's good to have variety sometimes.
The suit looks great Gaz! I have a suit in the same fabric and it's lovely to wear.
Breaking out the three piece flannel suit, please excuse the sans pocket square I realise after I took the shot.
Just received these from Steve of Gentlemensfootwear as part of GMTO. Brand new just tried on at home on carpet. Brand new Carmina Loden green suede chukka in Soller last Tomir sole, UK 10.5. The colour is gorgeous and unique. I wish I could keep them it's half size too big. The last runs half size bigger than Rain and Inca last. Just looking to recoup my cost. I think the retail price is $575 For sale $488 >$460>$440 including shipping to the US please PM for other...
Thanks for sharing the work looks great!
Thanks Pliny! I saw your cashmere in the thread it looks lovely, can't wait to see it make up. My it is super comfy its like wearing a cardigan. The tie is a does have a Christmas look probably should have gone with another PS.Thanks guys for all the compliments and thumbs up.
I don't mind at all.
It's actually charcoal cavalry wood twill.I think mid grey or lighter grey flannel would have work better in hindsight.I didn't know charcoal flannel was un-igent.
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