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The AP Jumbo is stunning!Try on the 15402 at my AD it just a little big on my wrist.
The 401 would look much better in the classic last imho.
That the nicest one imho. I love it but most of my ties are custom now so have to let it go.
I am continuing my closet cleaning selling some ties that I have hardly worn. They are all in excellent condition, most have been worn no more than six times. Free shipping for Australian members. Other countries will be at cost. I only accept Paypal.#1 Panta Clothing six fold unlined dark grey 100% wool tie. Length 60" Wide3.5" SOLD [[SPOILER]] #2 Vanda Fine Clothing unlined six fold brown and blue POW plaid in silk and wool .Length 57" Wide 3.5" beautifully hand rolled...
Drakes ties for sale, they are all from my personal collection most are NWOT or I've only worn them once or twice. They are all in new condition. Shipping will be at cost. I only accept Paypal. Price is $79.00#1 Purple basket weave 100% silk. Length 59inches Width 3.25 inches Sold [[SPOILER]] #2 Skyblue with off white diagonal stripe 60% silk 40% linen length 59 inches width 3.25 inches#3Grey herringbone 100% wool Length 58inches width 3.25 inches. Sold [[SPOILER]] #4 ...
Looking good Musella, looking forward to see the instalments. Any chance of taking pictures of the fittings.
It this one here, the colours are amazing.http://vandafineclothing.com/store/214-red-medium-paisley.html
Received these for Christmas.
I forgot you have to be a member to be able to read the thread.
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