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Great to hear, it's going a lovely shoes.
Finally got around to take a fit pic.
For sale a brand new pair of Carmina Handsewn penny loafers in navy suede on Xim Last size UK 10.5 . A versatile pair of shoes to add to your wardrobe. Perfect for summer. These was purchase from Epaulet of new York and are retail for $355.00. The shoes have only been try on carpet and in brand new unworn condition. Offering these for SOLDincluding shipping worldwide from Australia. A nice write up below by our own member kevinyapjoco
Yes sir! rain and forest last will always have extra wide option (rain will always be slightly be wider in my opinion btw) [/quote]Thanks Steve, good to know the wide options will be available on the Rain and Forest last.
[quote name="aldenwear" I would be in for this whole cut so long as it would be built in the rain blast and be available on a wide fitting. The writer of the underlying article desceibes the ahoe as being on the simpson last. If that writer is correct that will not work for me. [/quote] This will be on the Rain last, the Simpson last is too narrow for me as well. As for the wide fitting I'll have to check with Steve if wide fitting is available for group mto,
Gents, Trying gather interest on a group mto, the shoe I proposed is black suede whole cut on Rain last. Unbelragazzo wrote about the shoes in the thread below. It will be a great who for the evening, I can see myself wearing it with a dark navy or a charcoal suits or flannel pants. http://www.styleforum.net/t/338057/carmina-at-pitti-uomo photo courtesy of Unbelragazzo
I receives my as well and have the same problem. I take 10.5F on the oxford in the 82 last and ordered the same size, the Galways one size too large.
Thanks gusvs! It"a summer here in Australia and it"s been very hot soI haven"t had a chance to wear it.I'll try to post a fit pic in the next few days.
No, it's made by bntailor.Thanks David!
Recently funded the Prince tweed is definitely one of my favourite offerings of LL tweeds.
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