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Thanks for that just cop one.
Are the Mac coats runs true to size? The shoulder measurements are quite narrow.
I was referring to the Millionaire which bunch I like very much haven't had the opportunity to inspect the Saltire bunch as yet.
Hopefully I'll be flying the Aussie flag not too many FU jackets in my wardrobe though.
Looks great! How does the Saltire compare to the regular Harrison cashmere?
I think the U last loo great in the G fitting.
Same here when I saw the close up it reminded me of space invaders lol.
It's a Grenadine tie I associate it with more casual attires.I don't think pow ties are boring at all. You'll be in 30 years times looking at your wedding album you make this choice.+1 on Vanda ties Gerald and Diane is pretty quick to fulfil orders.
Congratulation on your upcoming wedding. If I had to choose one it will the first tie the other three is too casual for a wedding tie imo.It's seven fold important to you? There may be other options out there.
Congrats on a great blog. The Bijan piece was a nice read, he is great bloke and very passionate about his craft.I would to see interview with other tailors such as Lengbespoke, Casa Adamo and Charles Nakle in the future.
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