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I preferred the StC version sans brogue it's much cleaner looking.
Thanks for all the advise regarding the 184 last. I've order a pair half size smaller than what I normally takes, hope for the best.
Anyone have experiences with the 184 last compare to other EG last such as 82, 606 or 888. Thinking of picking up a pair of the Piccadilly loafers from the EoM sale, not sure if I should size down half size.
Dark navy suit is a much better option for you especially in the evening. Look for fabric with some surface interest such as hopsack, you can then wear the jacket as an blazer.
I don't think anyone stocks Saphir in Sydney. I get my from Exquisite Trimmings. Shaya is great to deal with and fast shipping as well.
Great looking pair if shoes! I'll interested to see how they fit.. I have been contemplating commissioning a pair for a while but have concerns about the whole remote process.
Thank for that, I'll keep that in mind when I order a pair. I am sure StC will be able to fix it to your satisfaction.
Karl is great guy to deal with, warning you now you it's going to be additive 😀
Thanks for pointing it out gusvs. I was looking for it in the flannel bunch.
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