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Most definitely only issues don't expect your suit in a hurry unless you push him along. He is semi-retired and only produces around 50 suits a year. The style is more English he uses light canvassing and very little shoulder pads. Just google member here incontro, a lot of his suits is made by Bijan and he has some of the best fit on the forum.Here is one of mine recent ones by Bijan http://lindenway.tumblr.com/post/49410391943/london-lounge-pow-check-brisa-suit 
If they were I would have kept them
Going with the brown side as I already have a cashmere jacket in grey. Don't think you can go wrong either way.
Here you go my LL Etna was just delivered with the Mistral and Piuma. The Etna is amazing pure luxury the double sided finished is unique. I think I am going to make this one up quarter lined.
The LL Mistral is a wonderful cloth I have an Navy blazer and grey suit in the works at the moment. my tailor commented on how good the cloth to work with.
My is on the way I can post photos when I get it.
Welcome to the forum! I can't advise you on tailors in San Francisco as I am a Sydney sider myself. A few members here who are from San Franciso have their garments made from travelling tailors. I guessed there aren't too many tailors left in SF. I have used Cutler and Adamo in Sydney in the past, Cutler will be out of your price range plus his tailors have all left and set up their own shop. Have a look at these guys here http://www.lengbespoke.com.au/index.html They...
+1 everyone should have a pair of dark brown cap toe in the wardrobe like this.
It looks like jacketing to me and not a suit. You can take a look at the Harrison Glorious Twelve 25332 that looks similar is around 330 grams. Having seen too many herringbone patterns in flannel, tweed is your best bet.
Thanks guys!
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