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Nelson at the Peninsula is one of the most experience fitters at Ascot Chang.
Yes, that is correct.Fitting pieces are added to to accommodate problem areas.In some cases the last can be shave off to fit.For me this system is godsend having wide forefeet and narrow ankles. The end results is almost perfect fit without going to bespoke.
If I had to choose between herringbone and houndstooth as my only tweed jacket I will take the former. Herringbone pattern is more subtle it will blend in easily with most odd pants especially in brown.
Thanks! I will check it out.It doesn't have to be Smith I do like the look of the Steadfast but 14/15 oz will be a bit heavy for wearing in Sydney.
Anyone knows if Smiths makes a lighter version of this cloth.
Check with ~ B ~ I got a bolt off him last year. Rangoon is great cloth for our warmer weather. You could check out H Lesser Tropical as well.
medtect's suit looks more khaki than olive but I love this colour. The linen is from W Bill.
Great stuff! I saw the bunch this afternoon I could easily pick 3 or 4 jackets from the book.
Not really light brown but olive colour houndstooth with blue overcheck, it's a shetland tweed suitable for Spring but I will have no hesitation wearing this in winter down-under.The subscription is currently open on the London Lounge Cloth Club. You will have to join us a member to subscribe.
Due to price rises the last few years Chan is not such great value anymore especially when you pick the more expensive fabrics such as Holland and sherry.
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