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Congratulation on your upcoming wedding. If I had to choose one it will the first tie the other three is too casual for a wedding tie imo.It's seven fold important to you? There may be other options out there.
Congrats on a great blog. The Bijan piece was a nice read, he is great bloke and very passionate about his craft.I would to see interview with other tailors such as Lengbespoke, Casa Adamo and Charles Nakle in the future.
I have this brown neat 3 fold with un-tipped w/rolled edges and really is a great tie.https://www.samhober.com/macclesfield-print-silk-ties/macclesfield-silk-tie-134.html
I wear mine with jeans and chino it's great for summer. You should wear yours more.
Blue suede Uetam last loafers.
Looks nice but it looks more blue than brown on my screen. Drapers?
pm sent.
Sent you a PM.
Yes it is possible to make the sleeve longer there are usually small amount of fabric left in the sleeves on bespoke shirts or alternately they will make a new cuff for you.
Thanks! It's straight out from the postal bag and I took out the plastic thing that hold up the collar hence it looks weird.
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