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It's a Luminor Power Reserve Pam 125. It has a automatic movement. This watch was made for production years, E-F-G-H which dates the watch from 2002-2005. This was discontinue after the H series.
[[SPOILER]] I just had a sport coat made with 29536 top right hand corner, the cloth is brilliant! Its so hard to find cloths of this quality these days.
I have been using the Saint Crispins guide to polishing my shoes and very please with the outcome.
It was a great event here in Sydney, Max was a top bloke very interesting to talk to. He mentioned he had a very good session in Hong Kong.I agreed about the Legacy Machine 1, I am very tempted to pull the trigger.
Love it or hate it some crazy stuff from MB&F.
[[SPOILER]] Damn you Gaz, it that the Pam 448 on the left ?
Gaz, looking forward to this!
Looking good J! Good to see you posting again.
I don't think the jacket is overly short, looks like you have longish arms. Your shirt sleeve appears to be slightly short and like others suggest lengthen the trousers. The ripples on the back can be easily fix by a competent tailor.
It's looking great, I would bull it a few more times just to get a little more shine on the toe cap.
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