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Looks nice but it looks more blue than brown on my screen. Drapers?
pm sent.
Sent you a PM.
Yes it is possible to make the sleeve longer there are usually small amount of fabric left in the sleeves on bespoke shirts or alternately they will make a new cuff for you.
Thanks! It's straight out from the postal bag and I took out the plastic thing that hold up the collar hence it looks weird.
You're welcome!
Yes that's correct, here the code number ARI F 26527/00001 It's great stuff it comes in a different shade of blue as well.
Thanks! It's actually blue and white very fine stripe 100% linen from G&R.
Some Ascot Chang shirts that I just received including one from the Chambraygate. Just don't sit to close to the fireplace when you wearing it lol.
No, I got it through J.T.
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