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Have a look at the Harrison Mersolair, I have made up a few pairs of cotton trousers from this book, nice stuff.
They are pretty flexible especially the Napoli line which essentially is semi-bepoke. While Patrick prefer a leaner silhouette let them on the outset that you prefer a fuller cut.My stuff from PJ are not as fitted as the stuff you see on his tumblr especially the trousers.
Just ordered 2 PC ties as well, really great deal from a great seller.
Very similar I wear Alden size 11E in Leydon last and 10.5E in the Barrie last which are roomier.
http://bntailor.tumblr.com/post/65757207320/casentino-bespoke-coat-by-b-tailor-atA couple of overcoats being made by bntailors using similar cloths.
I would say the stitching on the hem have come undone, just have your tailor fix it. Purple label jacket are mostly manufactured by Saint Andrews and Caruso in the past, they are made to very high standards . The buttons holes are usually all done by hand. Find a very good tailor to have the sleeves hem and button holes put on. I would suggest 4 button holes and kissings. I wouldn't wear a black shirt with this jacket unless you are out clubbing, try a white button down...
I have a few three fold lined cashmere which worked out great. just feel unlined cashmere ties would loose it's shape rather quickly.
Have to agreed with you David. I have a few suits made by WW Chan and Gordon Yao and they are great, fits perfectly and the workmanships is fantastic. I do feel something is missing compare to the suits that has been made by my old Italian tailors and my other tailor who used to worked for Huntsman. The Hong Kong suits almost feels two dimensional. There are less iron work used to shape the chest for instance. You are correct is hard to explained but once you put on the...
X Factor Here are a couple of ebay sellers. I have only deal with quality fabrics and their H Lesser stuffs are great. http://stores.ebay.co.uk/Quality-English-Fabric-by-Harrisons http://stores.ebay.com/BRITISH-FABRICS/SUPER-120s-WOOL-/_i.html?_fsub=385965719&_sid=156420269&_trksid=p4634.c0.m322 John Foster have a online shop, the fabrics are very nice at a decent price. May be slightly more than you want to pay. My advice is you are paying good money to have a suit...
For sale Nwot two Panta Clothing ties both finished in 100% wool. Constructions are 6 fold unlined with hand rolled edges, great fall/ winter tie, goes perfectly with flannel suits or tweed jackets. Made in New York.Length 60.5" X wide 3.5"Price is $79.00>$70.00 each including shipping world wide. paypal only. [[SPOILER]] 2) Brown and blue plaid 100% wool
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