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Reverso Grande Duo GMT.
I sure will.
Just bagged these can't wait.
My mistake I didn't read Dereck's post probably yes I thought he meant the blue donegal indeed the corn Shetland is much lighter weight not too sure it's heavy enough for a overcoat in that case.
Thanks D the Donegal is probably the one least worn due to it's weight from memory around 20oz. It would make a fantastic overcoat if I had the chance again I would make it into a shorter length overcoat.
No regrets for me love all my LL offerings although I agreed with some that the cloth could be lighter weight.
This is great is it a London Lounge cloth?
Bntailor sports coat in Drapers silk and linen cloth and Steady State shirts all by TheFineryCompany, expecting this to be finish anytime now.
Price dropped.
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