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I can't agree more if the last is not right for you move on to something else that fits.
X post from the Friday challenge.
Great challenge! Flying the Aussie flag here.
You guys were absolutely right.I find burgundy shoes extremely versatile, this pair was polished with black and brown wax to achieve a deeper shape of burgundy.Thanks guys! I had some modification done to my last and now they fit like a glove very please with the result.
It fits wider than the shoes on the same last probably due to the derby opening, I want to keep these so much unfortunately is too big.
Let's get this thread back on track. Finally picked up my shoes and the images that was sent to me didn't do it justice. The colour is really great.
I can imagine Karl will be disappointed when he won't able to hand finished the shoes for you he has to polish the sole and edges which he has done to my suede shoes to the past .
With all the talk of museum calf lately have me thinking about asking Stc to make me a pair with it, anyone have any experiences so far?
Thank you! It is, from Patrick Johnson's Napoli line.
Great thread @wurger John Lobb Chapel in dark brown museum calf.
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