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Greg,I posted this on my tumblr a while ago, the cloth is a wool seersucker from Eurotex it's a stunning fabric.http://lindenway.tumblr.com/post/85532464463/turnoverchange-b-tailor-seersucker-navy
A couple of highlights from the De Bethune event the other night.
The jacket looks great David! I regretted selling my length now that I see a few on these jackets finished.
You really have to see the FP Journe Chrono Bleu in real life and hopefully outdoors to appreciate how beautiful this dial is. I had the pleasure of trying my friends's piece and I was smitten.Thank you! The strap is from Kaktus using vintage military bags so patina was well and truly on the strap. The plexi is holding up very well and I haven't scratch it so far. The watch also came with a spare plexi from Panerai just in case....
Good to know about this information, I have been been enjoying wearing mine but I don't wear it with suits.
No website they are very old school email or call them or get your tailor to request the books.It must be a recent development Lovat launched a few new books. I presumed this will be a regular program because my tailor are carrying those books.
I saw a new bunch from Lovat Mill yesterday it may have something you are looking for. It's a fresco at around 380grams it's a really nice cloth, its not coarse and scratchy like the Minnis.
That's on my instagram that Luca posted that comment. I've lost all respect for Luca, Gennaro was with Rubinacci for a long time now he comes out and calls him an old men that can't cut.
It's mine, I wear it mainly with jeans and grey flannels, I do wear it a lot on really cold days or when I travel top colds climate. It's hefty at 20oz.
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