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That's @gazman70k in that picture and he has a pretty amazing collection of watches and he chose to wear a Pam 372 enough said.Stunning piece,Panerai will always polarise people. I wouldn't wear my with a business suit. Here is my Pam 232 for the detractors
I really like his style it's always effortless @Vaux_le_Vicomte. I believes he uses a few different tailors the latest being the very talented Kotaro Miyahira.I agreed with others the first jacket could do with some extension and a fuller chest but it's all personal preferences otherwise it's pretty damn good.His tumble is very cool too.http://legrimod.tumblr.com
Hope you get the cloth. I've been enjoying wearing mine the last winters.Here is the only image I have during the fitting stage.
The first two images is phatguido former member who used to post here. The suit is from Patrick Johnson Tailors. If I recall the fabric was from Loro Piana flannel book.http://mostexerent.tumblr.com/post/5693290089/cloth-sample-for-next-suit-as-per-my-post
Great challenge gentlemen thanks for entering there was really great fit. There can only be one winner congratulation to @Cleav well done!
I kopped the cigar too earlier on with no problem.
Haven't visit this thread for while wearing the AP15400
WW Chan have the best handmade button holes in the business not just in Hong Kong. The problem is they are so neat and even to the untrained they do look like machine made.My jackets are all have a hand canvased chest and handmade buttonholes but I believe he has a few different situ (tailors) that he uses and you have to speak out from beginning you want more handwork.
I like the look of MOP buttons on navy jackets it does adds some casualness to your outfit, not really a fan of gold buttons to me it just too distracting.Also have a couple of navy jackets with silver buttons. These are more unique I sourced them from Japan it was made by a jeweller using sterling silver. I like how they became oxidised and not too shinny.You can't really go wrong with both.
Thanks for all the thumbs up guys!I have used different tailors in the past based in Sydney also WW Chan and Gordon Yao in Hong Kong. I've only started using Bntailor about two years ago really love what they do how passionate these guys are about their work, the price point is good value compare to my other tailors.
New Posts  All Forums: