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Congrats to Pingson on a well deserved win. Thanks for all those who voted I honoured and surprise to be runners up.
First time having a go at this challenge. Some great fits gents![ [[SPOILER]]
It's great idea in principle but you'll need to have very good discipline to implement it. Hanging around the forum it's not so good either you always see something here you want to add to your wardrobe.
You never know if they will ever travel to the U.S. but at the moment they are pretty busy doing local stuff. Patrick Johnson another tailor I used for some casual stuff are travelling to the US soon for trunk shows.
There are a few threads on Carmina just use the search button to find it, beside buying from Carmina direct there are forum affiliates that post on the forum that sells Carminas. You want to be able to return your shoes easily if it doesn't fit. Here is one on sizing. http://www.styleforum.net/t/291006/the-official-carmina-sizing-thread
I'll just make it brief since it's a little bit of topic. In terms of handwork both are excellent with Bn you can ask for optional extra handwork. Both have excellent fit as you would expect for bespoke. I like the styling better on my Bn stuff, they do the spalls camicia better than WW Chan. The guys at Bn are young and very motivated and often travels to Italy to learn more on how to better their craft. Price wise both houses are very similar. I have gotten great...
It's not a tweed but I like there look of this W Bill cashmere. http://bntailor.tumblr.com/post/73259700758/herringbone-sports-coat-by-b-tailor-in-w-bill
My bad I didn't read your thread properly. I was referring to William Yu tailors. I don't have any experience with Y William Yu.
From my understanding the Rain and Forest last are available in wider widths in a MTO.
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