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Charles can also do collars with very light fusing or no fusing and collar stays that are not sewn in if you ask him to, most of my shirts from him are finished that way.
How about these http://www.luckyfootlinks.com/shop.html The blue Czech glass cufflinks, have them modify so you can attach a button on the back.
Thanks! I haven't seen the new Fox Flannel yet but would love to get my hands on some. I believed you can ask for samples from Fox.
Butler great stuff!Now I need to find a job and have someone else pays for my wardrobe.
This really is a great cloth! I've also signed up for the second run, hopefully it will get remake especially for forex.
Nice jacket! It's the fabric from H Lesser x Barbera?
[[SPOILER]] LL RAF blue linenGreat colour! I am waiting on mine. How are you going to make yours up?
Maccimus, it's looking very good.
These have to be the nicest croc shoes that I have seen. Picture from ethandesu.com
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