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I can imagine Karl will be disappointed when he won't able to hand finished the shoes for you he has to polish the sole and edges which he has done to my suede shoes to the past .
With all the talk of museum calf lately have me thinking about asking Stc to make me a pair with it, anyone have any experiences so far?
Thank you! It is, from Patrick Johnson's Napoli line.
Great thread @wurger John Lobb Chapel in dark brown museum calf.
Some great fits here gentlemen. I'll have a go at this
Steve I'm in for the cognac.
Which last you thinking for the PTBs Steve? I could be persuaded on a cognac pair.
It's hard to go wrong with a linen suit for summer. If you already have a darker blue linen suit I would go for the khaki for a totally different look. I have a suit made with W Bill 60136 and I absolutely love this colour, also get lots of compliments when ever I wear it.Here an image
Here the two images of the same fabric as worn by Vox. I also tried to source this fabric a few years back, would love to see it remake.
I've had the grey and navy made up, although is a heavier weight the hopsack finish makes it breathable. It's one of the nicest hopsack i've seen, idea for traveling it doesn't crease easily even my tailor commented how great this cloth is to work with.Here an image I've posted here earlier.
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