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Thanks for the heads up. I wonder this is the same stuff. I have two suits from the heavier weight Fox flannel and it's great. I also have some heavier flannel from Minnis as odd trousers.The trouble is our winter here in Sydney doesn't get that cold, I hardly have a chance to wear the heavier flannels.I do like the mottle effect of the light weight flannel. I was told by Fox to achieved the look they used a woollen warp and worsted weft. To my untrained eye the cloth is...
Just received some light weight Fox flannel for trousers about 10oz/ 300g. I am quite impressed with the stuff.
Great looking and versatile shoes!Welcome to the world of Saint Crispins I am sure it won't be your last!Excellent choice on the 524 chukka boots. I was thinking of ordering a pair in suede or shrunken calf.
I don'e think you'll be disappointed with the cloth. Sent you a pm.
It not too heavy at all what I was trying say is the cloth has more body and it's thicker than other linen. I am sure in time after a few wash it will become lovely and soft. It's definitely not see through. I wore mine the past summer in Aus and I didn't hot at all and you all know how hot our summer gets.
Here is one of mine. The cloth is really nice, it's slightly heavier than G&R my default for linen shirtings.
I don't know where you can get H&S online. There are other options for cottons and linens, Harrisons have a great bunch with linen and cottons called Mersolair and W Bill linen is first rate.
You'll save some coins if you do cmt with GY.
I am selling 2 meters of the Carlo Barbera for H Lesser jacketing if anyone is interested. http://www.styleforum.net/t/349043/carlo-barbera-for-h-lesser-jacketing-8-9oz
For sale 2 meters of the Carlo Barbera jacketing. This stuff is great I have two jackets made from this fabric. It's been discontinued and no longer available. It will make a great spring or summer jacket SOLD shipped world wide.
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