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Great looking pair if shoes! I'll interested to see how they fit.. I have been contemplating commissioning a pair for a while but have concerns about the whole remote process.
Thank for that, I'll keep that in mind when I order a pair. I am sure StC will be able to fix it to your satisfaction.
Karl is great guy to deal with, warning you now you it's going to be additive 😀
Thanks for pointing it out gusvs. I was looking for it in the flannel bunch.
Shoulder alteration is one of the hardest to perform, to do it probably the sleeves have to be taken off and the shoulder seam open up and then tailor then should do a fitting for you.As you already know it's a very costly exercises and I woulds only go to the best bespoke tailor to have it done.
It's the houndstooth flannel still available from Minnis? Haven't seen it on the website for a long time.
Great choices ! I had the exact same pair the oxblood austerity brogue a pair of very versatile shoes.
Perhaps I can answer for Eric as this is my jacket. The cloth is London Lounge blue Donegal herringbone tweed (LLTW19). The colour is lighter than the image irl, It's a great heavy weight cloth.
Looks great! Congrats.
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