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^^^^^^ I was thinking the same how many blue on blue jackets does one need. Ariston does have some very nice stuff haven't seen the new books yet for summer 2013. You can buy direct from Cacciopolli they posted a few images on the tumblr. http://caccioppoli1920.tumblr.com/post/46505498442/summer-2013-jacketings-bright-summery-colours-and
That would have been great but it's not in the book, the other option is blue on blue.Image 10 by banjo888, on Flickr
Some lighter weight jacketing for spring and summer Drapers, Drapers, Harrisons.
Same here my shirt shrank as well after washing. I definitely advise to prewash the shirting beforehand.
if you know the fabric and the serial I am sure Chan will be able to order it in for you. It's probably impossible for them carry too many books when they are travelling. Their cloth selection in store is pretty impressive,
Nelson at the Peninsula is one of the most experience fitters at Ascot Chang.
Yes, that is correct.Fitting pieces are added to to accommodate problem areas.In some cases the last can be shave off to fit.For me this system is godsend having wide forefeet and narrow ankles. The end results is almost perfect fit without going to bespoke.
If I had to choose between herringbone and houndstooth as my only tweed jacket I will take the former. Herringbone pattern is more subtle it will blend in easily with most odd pants especially in brown.
Thanks! I will check it out.It doesn't have to be Smith I do like the look of the Steadfast but 14/15 oz will be a bit heavy for wearing in Sydney.
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