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Thanks everyone for their comments. If you buy a pair of Saint Crispins from Karl Sussman he always goes the extra mile of hand finishing it for you. It just takes the shoe to another level imho. It probably won't stay that shinny for long once I start wearing it but Karl has taught me how to maintain my shoes that I can still have them looking good with little bit of work.
It looks like my shoes are ready to be pick up. http://bluscuro.tumblr.com/post/78275504637/saint-crispins-cap-toe-for-tc-claret-coloured
X post from the Friday challenge
Here is my entry. [[SPOILER]]
Thanks buddy, it's was great to catch up with you here in Sydney. I have long way to go to catch up on your collection.
I have asked Saint Crispins this same question perviously about a similar style in my case it was the G&G Warwick. Saint Crispins said they could do it but at the end I didn't order it and just opted for the G&G option. As with any pattern change it's alway a risk how it will turn out.
I found my Galway fits half size bigger than on my oxfords on the same size and last, not sure if EG makes the boots biggers so you can wear thicker sox or the nature of the derby closing.
That's the hardest part for me with so many shoes that I want.
I am sure about this weekend Karl said he is still polishing it. Are you picking up or ordering?Thanks Roger! I will definitely post photos when I get them.No too sure the colour number but it's burgundy but I ask for darker antique finish.You'll know that feeling well.
Almost ready, the anticipation is killing me. Image from Karl Sussman
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