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Beautiful shoes Roger! Did you request on the burnishing?
DavidI've noticed the ties that I've from you have two layers of lining of different weight it's this the norm? Could you just use a single layer for a lighter weight tie?
Try Howard Yount for double monks.
I think what he meant was people end up choosing wrong tailors, adding too many bells and whistle for their first commission.My own experience was choosing a black suit as my first commission many moons ago before SF to the angst of my tailor, I've ended wearing the suit only a handful of times.
Not to scare you off from getting your first bespoke commission. A very good friend with a lot of experience in bespoke clothing told me once you'll more than likely end up not throwing out your first bespoke commission in the bin. He calls it tuition fees.
Welcome to the forum! You may want to ask the questions in this thread you'll get a better response. Your suit do have a few issues I wouldn't rush to order your next one yet. http://www.styleforum.net/t/265924/the-tailors-thread-fit-feedback-and-alteration-suggestions
Very nice timeless classic style! I think my next pair of Stc will be black as well.
I do owned a few Panerais but there are many that they produced that I don't like. Pam 232 with JV strap
Maftei is underrated they can do something sleek if you choose to. I feel the company have good potential to grow if it's market properly. Saint Crispins was also virtually unknown until the igents discovered it few years ago.
Not my cup of tea but the details and workmanship is amazing. I had the pleasure of meeting Maximilian B├╝sser the creator of MBnF last year, he is very nice bloke and very passionate about his watches.If I were to pick a watch from the brand it will be one the LM1 Legacy Machine.
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