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Thanks! It's actually blue and white very fine stripe 100% linen from G&R.
Some Ascot Chang shirts that I just received including one from the Chambraygate. Just don't sit to close to the fireplace when you wearing it lol.
No, I got it through J.T.
I am having this grey windowpane cloth being made to a sport coat at the moment not 8 oz but very open weave 100% linen from Solbiati
I went and had a look at the shoes after you mentioned this, it's does look pretty straight when you look down from the top to me may be it's the camera angle playing tricks.The handmade ethos are definitely there I find even shoes on the same last and size can feel a little different in fit.Anyhow the Westminister are 10 years old and have been well worn including battle scars from wearing it to building sites as you can see from the toe caps.
Thank you! Adamo Marrone my Italian tailor here in Sydney .
X post from the Friday challenge.
It's summer here down-under wearing tropical weight wool POW.
My favourite EGs Westminister, Dover and Oundle.
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