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It's summer here down-under wearing tropical weight wool POW.
My favourite EGs Westminister, Dover and Oundle.
Definitely not the ugliest Stc but some how the Riva last doesn't look good with this shoes.
Most shoulders have some sort of padding but natural shoulders or shoulders with minimal padding are more difficult to achieve. A lot of tailors uses heavy padding on shoulders because it's easier to fit a client. On a future commission consider asking for less padding or natural shoulders.Ascot Chang should defiently alter your shirt without fees, just tell them your concerns with the fit. There are a lot of fabric around the waist and the shoulders, ask for Nelson at the...
Your tailor is telling you fibs fully canvassed suits don't make it heavier. From looking at your images the shoulders are quite padded and the front/ quarters could be more open. Your Ascot Chang could fit better there are few issues with it. Which branch did you go? They have always done fittings for me in the past. I would take the shirt back and ask them to fix it, you could add some darts to slim down the waist.
Drakes usually stock them but looks like it's only available in longer or shorter lengths at the moment. http://www.drakes-london.com/online-shop/ties/view-all/longer-length-9cm-silk-tie-3172
Thanks Steve, that's great news!
Congrats to Pingson on a well deserved win. Thanks for all those who voted I honoured and surprise to be runners up.
First time having a go at this challenge. Some great fits gents![ [[SPOILER]]
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