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Please excuse the pocket square always have a tendency to pop up by the end of the day. [[SPOILER]]
Thanks Matt!
Thanks I'll look into it.
I did received samples from HE Box but it wasn't melton, it was more like wool overcoating. Perhaps they misunderstood my intent from my correspondence.
I have been thinking about the same for the same reasons, most peacoat I've tried on are boxy and short.My friend just has one made by Bntailor I will check it out when he gets it.http://subskin.tumblr.com/post/93498244457#notesAnyone know where is a good source of melton for peacoats?
Thanks spectre! Never like the look of cutaways all that much I think I own one from Patrick Johnson. Most of mine collars are semi-spread and button downs.Most of shirts are made by Ascot Chang and they will be in Melbourne next week. I highly recommend them if you are looking to replace some shirts.
I probably post more picture of me wearing suits in reality I am more comfortable or you see me mostly in odd jackets and pants.
X post Friday ChallengeNot very exciting but this is how I dress most of the time. [[SPOILER]]
Not very exciting but this is how I dress most of the time. [[SPOILER]]
Thanks J, These truly are great boots the colour is amazing but unfortunately just half size too big. I probably can make them work if I put in an innersole but not ideal. My lost is someone's gain.
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