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Big fan of Seiko wearing my GS yesterday
That looks brilliant and Formosa was quick making yours. Glad I was able to help out.I am still waiting for mine should be here any day now.
I have made this jacket up with the same cloth I think you'll be fine using the cloth as a pair of trousers, its a light weight cloth but it's very sturdy.
Thanks for the thoughts I am still lurking around and there have seen some great outfits here of late.I have been renovating an old house the past few months and I am usually in old jeans and shirts not really fit for posting here. Hopefully back in regular program in a few weeks.
Those are stunning!
I am throwing in free shipping worldwide to move this.
I have well over 100 ties and I hardly wear a tie these days, need to cult half of it at least.
I have a couple of suits from W Bill linen book and very please with it. The one I used was 60136 it's a taupe colour very versatile I don't have be too careful about getting dirty like off white. I would also recommend 60129 I have trousers from this doth and its great.There are a few people on the forum can get W Bill for a discounted price it depends where you are.Sobialti is much harder to find I believe Loro Piana have bought the company I am starting to see their...
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