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Will do Cleav next time I head into the city.
Beautiful day in Sydney calls for linen jacket.Details [[SPOILER]]
I am pretty sure it's from Loro Piana Cloud cashmere and silk bunch. I can get the serial number for you next time I go to my tailors.
I have a few suits in the sadly discontinued Rangoon cloth. It's a light weight wool but hold it's shape really well.
Good to have you back and doing a great job @Claghorn Thanks everyone for the love.
Beautiful whole-cut congrats!
X Post Friday Challenge
Crazy weather I got drenched running home from the train station likely I was wearing jeans and a not a favourite jacket.I washed all my sweaters to be put away for summer and this happens.
That's @gazman70k in that picture and he has a pretty amazing collection of watches and he chose to wear a Pam 372 enough said.Stunning piece,Panerai will always polarise people. I wouldn't wear my with a business suit. Here is my Pam 232 for the detractors
New Posts  All Forums: