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From No Man Walks Alone reissue of Stephan Schenider FW 2011 Merino Coat, in jade green and light brown linen. NWT never worn. Price $850 including shipping worldwide. all sold-out SIZE 6 Made in Belgium Measurements Shoulders 20" Length from the bottom of collar 38'' Sleeves 27.75" Chest 25'' across
Have a look here. I've got a couple coming for my Grand Seiko the quality seems really nice.http://www.combat-straps.com/ALLIGATOR----189-95.html
The jackets looks great @Pliny I love mine which reminds me I've to wear it more often.Alden is trying to do rerun of the Agnelli Glen Check but in Shetland rather than the original Cheviot. You may want to put your interest down for this one, I think it will be pretty special if it gets made.
Thanks Cleav!
Loving this piece at the moment
I think you suppose to post the images of the cloth and put a link to the B&S forum not placing the ads here. The mods can correct me.+1 on the Alumo Oxford.Spoke to @Basha he said he will be putting an order in around January.
Thanks guys! It is a 45 mm case.
Pam 190 with a 8 day JLC movement.
I am not too sure about this fabric for trousers as is very light and soft, just concern for how it will wear. You may need a second pair if you go that route.
Thanks guys! I love the cloth it has a nice texture it's light enough for summer and doesn't crease as much as linen.
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