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This was my cloth that i sold on B&S a few years back it been talk about before the actual cloth has a yellow hue cast unlike the photo I took.This picture here is more reflective of the colour.
Congrats they look amazing well worth the wait. It's that peccary?
Those look great I will have to send Patrizio an email.
Thanks you.I ordered my pair at the end of September, the lead time have taken longer these days due to it's popularity no doubt.I would contact the retailer just to check on the status. Hope you get yours soon.
With those words, here are a couple of new arrivals I've just received.
If only they were F fittings they would be gone.
Seiko Blumo with BoR bracelet.
Some great fits and samples so far gentlemen, it's a hard act to follow here goes. Loro Piana navy cashmere by Lengspoke Scabal Shetland tweed by Adam Marrone Bespoke London Lounge Shetland tweed by Bntailor Delfino wool gun club by Bntailor Breanish tweed by Bntailor Vanda wool tie and Henry Carter wool challis. Henry Carter wool challis and Drakes wool madder Sam Hober wool challis and Vanda donegal wool tie. Drakes cashmere and Faconnable...
Yes I am also guilty of posting new shoes mostly. I think there used to be a thread showing shoes that have been worn.I've yet had to sent my shoes back Stc to refresh as I have a good shoe rotation and the soles are quite thick, but i am sure it will be in the near future and it will done on my personal last which I didn't have when I ordered these.
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