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For sale a brand new with tag pair of Marbitex trousers in a lovely soft brushed cotton in red colour. Size Italian US 34 The style is single pleated slim fitting, I had them cuffed but never worn them. The cotton is a heavier weight perfect for fall and winter. This will pair nicely with a navy blazer. They are similar to Incotex but nicer imho. Shipping worldwide please PM for cost. Price $125.00 >$110.00>$100 Measurements Waist 17" Rise !2" Inseam 33" Leg...
Welcome! Great looking space I have to drop by next time in Melbourne.
It is possible to let out the leg seam if there is enough fabric to let out, I have done the same alteration to my incotex pants in the past.
Sorry I wasn't very clear I already preorder when will it be ready?
How about the mini houndstooth flannel?
Great write up K thanks for sharing. I need to go back to Naples soon.
This is purely a casual suit for me especially with the patch pockets. If your intention is for business I would choose another shade of blue.Thanks buddy!
Thanks! It's the lighting the colour came out too bright. This image is more indicative of the colour of the cloth
Damned I am V too bad.
Don't think you can change it I already asked Kyle. I ordered the green but wanted the Charcoal what size are you?
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