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To do it well it's all about the fit and the texture of the cloth. The most versatile trousers will be mid-grey and light grey flannels, hopsack or fresco for warmer months, tan and khaki colour cottons will look great as well. I like texture in cloths I wear my blazer with calvary twill pants. Have a look at this thread here http://www.styleforum.net/t/149660/navy-blazer-and-trouser-but-avoiding-security-guard-look
This is hilarious, I really think your fit have improved a lot of late.
I like the jackets you probably could take it in a fraction at the waist. Even though your pattern is the same I find different cloth behaves differently, especially you mentioned the jacket is unlined. I'll pair it with a light blue shirt and a texture wool tie it will make a world of difference.
Thank you everyone for all the kind words!.
You would fit right in my man.
From Friday challenge X post [[SPOILER]]
Haven't worn this suit for a while sometimes I think it's bit too much going on. [[SPOILER]]
You guys are far too kind there are many that post here that are way better dress than me.
Your new jackets sounds wonderful, hopefully we can get a fit shot in the near future.
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