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You can visit a podiatrist and have your feet examine. You may also just have a narrow heel , you may want to try a pair of custom shoes and have a pair make with a narrower heels.
The watch looks too big on you, I have had my Big Pilot for a while now but don't wear it much probably due to the size and I have a 7 inch wrist, going to flip this in the future.
Tudor Pelagos Blue.
That's a fantastic collection.
Here you go the Harrison site images are terrible.
For sale John Lobb Austerity Brogue UK 10.5 made on the 8000 Last in brown calf, Vibram sole installed. The shoes are marked R on the lining but I have struggled to find the blemishes when I bought them. These shoes are in great condition I have hardly worn these shoes at all and I have maintained them with regular polishing and conditioning, there are minor scuffs and scratches on the shoes from wear and tear. Shoe trees are not included. Price $350.00 Postage will be at...
5513 with Serif dial.
This was my cloth that i sold on B&S a few years back it been talk about before the actual cloth has a yellow hue cast unlike the photo I took.This picture here is more reflective of the colour.
Congrats they look amazing well worth the wait. It's that peccary?
Those look great I will have to send Patrizio an email.
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