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Tried on the sea-dweller at my AD yesterday, surprisingly sits quite comfortable on my wrist.
I don't have a problem wearing wool challis in the spring summer, I just like the textures more and personally prefer a matt finish tie.Wearing this current favourite yesterday, it's the perfect agent tie imho.
Thanks Jason! Love that wool challis ties of yours I am wearing in that image.
Don't be too harsh, it's the only way to learn by commenting and asking questions. My time here on SF has certainly made me a better dresser.
Looking great gaz! That coat is going top be awesome.
^^ +1 on washing them but make sure you use cold water, linen will shrink.
It's just personal preference my cuffs are 2inches tall which for someone my height 6'1" I can get away with it.Thank you for the kind words we are all here to learn, it doesn't matter if you are advance or a beginner mode.. Only way to improve on how we dress is to have constructive criticism or comments.
It looks like it's from Drapers silk, linen mixed.
Thanks Pliny! It's the LL Brisa POW the same one Gazman was spotting in another thread.
Please excuse the pocket square always have a tendency to pop up by the end of the day. [[SPOILER]]
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