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Thanks Cleav!
Loving this piece at the moment
I think you suppose to post the images of the cloth and put a link to the B&S forum not placing the ads here. The mods can correct me.+1 on the Alumo Oxford.Spoke to @Basha he said he will be putting an order in around January.
Thanks guys! It is a 45 mm case.
Pam 190 with a 8 day JLC movement.
I am not too sure about this fabric for trousers as is very light and soft, just concern for how it will wear. You may need a second pair if you go that route.
Thanks guys! I love the cloth it has a nice texture it's light enough for summer and doesn't crease as much as linen.
A couple of cloths funded for summer. A navy blazer in wool and hemp, got this cloth through a group buy a while back from @badsha This one is a Drapers silk and linen check my tailor suggested to do a one piece back on this one. I put on a few kilos since I ordered these jackets need to hit the gym soon before the jackets are ready.
I'll check with my tailor and get back if they will be restocking. I want some for myself.
I have the original Agnelli tweed still not make up, yours came out very well is it flannel or tweed?Next time let's us know here if you going to do another group run.
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