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Yes correct Joe (incontro) is wearing jacket in Eurotex cotton. It lovely light weight cotton loosely woven it's a perfect summer fabric.
Don't write him off just yet Francesco Guida have worked at Liverano in the past. His work is much better than that I've see it myself first hand. I suspect he has gained some weight since the jacket was made. Most of the tailors I know are time poor seldom have enough time to make themselves new cloths.
That's my suit from Bntailor I ove the fabric wears a little warmer than cotton seersucker but it's still quite light weight. Eurotex did a special run for us through their agent in Korea I believed the cloth was no longer available at the time. I believed Greg @gdl203 had a suit made from it as well.Correct.
The jacket is made by Bandtailor from the Eurotex cotton book.http://blog.naver.com/bntailor/40209625042
Thanks I'll send Ben a pm.
Still don't have mine as yet.
I've done it to two of my fresco jackets never worn it as an odd jacket.
It said low stock it doesn't mean it's discontinue.
Good to meet you finally sorry didn't get to chat for longer.
I wear the chino all year round winter in Sydney can be very mild. The Solbiati bunch is not a blend it's cotton or linen. I have tried the Mersolair linen and cotton blend before but find it's coarse and scratchy.
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