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My Minnis 656 houndstooth flannel has been funded can't wait for it.
[quote name="J ourneyman" url="/t/518128/the-watch-appreciation-thread-part-two-rolex-patek-philippe-audemars-piguet-jaeger-lecoultre-baume-mercier-and-more/2205#post_8483255"] Lovely watch, and tasty-looking char kway teow, too!  Were you catching up with one of the "Sydney Tarts"? [/quote] Thanks! No, Catching up with a fellow member of @calibre61 watch club.
Lunch with a fellow watch geek.
I am talking about the company as a whole they supply fabrics for some of the biggest fashion houses in Italy.
You can ask them if they can supply you.
Eurotex is a fairly large company in Italy you may want to check if there is a distributor in your part if the world. I ordered mine through BnTailors which carries the books.
Yes correct Joe (incontro) is wearing jacket in Eurotex cotton. It lovely light weight cotton loosely woven it's a perfect summer fabric.
Don't write him off just yet Francesco Guida have worked at Liverano in the past. His work is much better than that I've see it myself first hand. I suspect he has gained some weight since the jacket was made. Most of the tailors I know are time poor seldom have enough time to make themselves new cloths.
That's my suit from Bntailor I ove the fabric wears a little warmer than cotton seersucker but it's still quite light weight. Eurotex did a special run for us through their agent in Korea I believed the cloth was no longer available at the time. I believed Greg @gdl203 had a suit made from it as well.Correct.
The jacket is made by Bandtailor from the Eurotex cotton book.
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