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It's good to know WW Chan is offering Dugdale. I know a few tailors uses this cloth and they highly recommend it. Over at Cutter and Tailor forum Sator highly recommended Dugdale very earlier on saying is a underrated cloth. I want to give it a try if I don't already have so many cloths.
I've have not used Dugdale in the past but have seen some of their books they look to be very well made.
My favourite is London Lounge Mistral or the lighter version Brisa but is hard to obtain for most people.The are a few in the Harrisons Oyster bunch and Smiths Woollen Steadfast are excellent but both heavier cloths.
+1 Fresco and hopsack are much more interesting than plain worsted imho.
No wait too long I am going to move it to ebay soon.
yes you correct it's a Vanda.The navy and pink,I was on the fence with this one when I was culling my ties recently it's also my least favourite from the bunch here.Thanks for all the compliments I eddied my post to included all the tie-makers.
Thanks gents!
Here's my measly collection of stripes ties. From the left Drakes, Drakes (both are cashmere) Herringbone, Vanda, Hober, Vanda, Vanda,Drakes, Drakes, Borrelli, Faconnaable (cashmere/silk), Drakes, Hober
I don't think it's call the tropical bunch anymore, if you go to Harrison's website under H Lesser the bunch is 306/ 8/9 oz . I am pretty sure this is the replacement for the tropical bunch
Thanks Andrew, I'll try post the finish jacket when I get it back in a few weeks or follow my blog.
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