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It's all good, the weather is warming up it's time to prepare for Spring/ Summer.All the jackets, suits and pants are bespoke by Bntailor thru TheFineryCompany.1 London Lounge Irish linen2 Solbiati linen3 Drapers wool, silk and linen4 London Lounge Piuma Pow check5 London Lounge Piuma navy
Thank you to @TweedyProf for asking me to participate here once again and @Mr. Six for organising it all. I Finally got around to take some pics sorry for the delayed. It's the end of winter here down-under with most of my summer stuff was in storage. Here is my contribution.Shantung silk from VandaFrui silk.Vanda silkEG cappelliVanda wool and silkVanda Shantung solid navyVanda navy grenadineEG Cappelli MadderPassaggio cravette grenadineEG Capelli brown silk neat. [[SPOILER]]
Some great looks so far gent, hopefully I can put something up next week.
Welcome to forum! The price does sounds excessive but without knowing the specifics. There are lots of options for tailors in Japan if you are based there. You should be able to have a bespoke suit made for your mentioned budget used, Hong Kong tailors will be even less use the search function to do a search.
Some very nice samples from their tumblr. http://eurotexufficiale.tumblr.com
That is a beautiful piece, a great review here.http://forum.tz-uk.com/showthread.php?305779-Grand-Seiko-SBGR061
I am a huge fan,I think Grand Seiko is hugely underrated don't buy it if you want instant brand recognition but if you want a watch with excellent in house movement, accuracy and impeccable finishing do buy one I don't think you will regret it.I put money where my month is 😀 , here is a part of my GS collection.
My Minnis 656 houndstooth flannel has been funded can't wait for it.
[quote name="J ourneyman" url="/t/518128/the-watch-appreciation-thread-part-two-rolex-patek-philippe-audemars-piguet-jaeger-lecoultre-baume-mercier-and-more/2205#post_8483255"] Lovely watch, and tasty-looking char kway teow, too!  Were you catching up with one of the "Sydney Tarts"? [/quote] Thanks! No, Catching up with a fellow member of @calibre61 watch club.
Lunch with a fellow watch geek.
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