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Yes I am also guilty of posting new shoes mostly. I think there used to be a thread showing shoes that have been worn.I've yet had to sent my shoes back Stc to refresh as I have a good shoe rotation and the soles are quite thick, but i am sure it will be in the near future and it will done on my personal last which I didn't have when I ordered these.
Thanks Cleav hope all is well buddy.No, It's the Roseville Golf Club on the north shore.
Grand Seiko SBGM031
Those boots are just stunning they will get better with age.Here are mine double monks got them around 2011 I am pretty hard on my shoes, they do required more maintenance than other calf skin. If you are prepare to look after them you'll be blessed with a great patina.
Price dropped
Thanks for the update B looking forward to this.
One of my favourites from Jason.
Great thread Tweedy and thanks for inviting me to participate this challenge. I must have been not thinking right to agreed as it;s the middle of summer in Australia and I need to post fit pics 😀 . Just kidding of course this will be fun. I will try do my best to post some pics over the weekend.
Speedy Tuesday
I got to know Maftei through chatting with our own shoe guru @fritzl he was instrumental for me ordering my first pair of Maftei. As I live in Australia going to a trunk shop or visiting Austria wasn't possible at the time. I posted them one of my best fitting shoes together with my orthotics to start the process. Although Lucian Maftei speak perfect a lot of my special request was interpreted by fritzl, he also foreseen the progress and kept me up to date on the...
New Posts  All Forums: