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It's perfect! Just the tie I was looking for.
Just a small one Mind you when I started with Adamo like 10 years ago his prices were like $1800 for a suit.
I hear you, it's been the same for me as well Adamo and his wife are lovely people. Over the years I've made over 15 suits and jackets with him, almost every suit would be different because he doesn't use a paper pattern. You have to be hands on to achieve the style you want. I hardly wear the stuff he made for me anymore. I have given a few to a friend that is about my size. I much prefer to wear my Bntailor stuff these day.I think most of the tailors in Sydney are...
Yes, it's the Australian prices turn around time it's quite quick especially if you are base in Sydney. I believe Joe plans to travel to Melbourne once a month.The suits we get in Australian are the version with a lot of handwork in Korea it's a option.
Thanks Nabil I think that is the correct price, it's posted on Joe's tumblr below.http://bntailor.tumblr.com/post/86376646458/subskin-update-private-appointments-and
It's starts from $2,400 for a suit but it depends on fabric.
Ha ha we could've been twins.The jacket is on a mannequin it's not a good indication how much padding it's on the jacket, also it's a Florentine style which usually have more shoulder paddings than it's more popular Neapolitan cousin that we used to see on this board.
There is a G width which is extra wide but it's only MTO.
I was at Panerai event last night this pocket watch was kinda cool ref Pam447, shame about the price tag.
I'll put Bijan at the top of the list for tailors in Sydney, Lengbespoke set up by ex employee of JH Cutler who is doing some great work at the moment and Adamo Marrone in Leichardt.For MTM PJ is still very good value but with Bn tailor can be had for not much more and the turnaround is very quick I'll still choose the later.For shirts you can't go wrong with quality of Ascot Chang shirts, there service is first rate, once you have your pattern down you can get a shirt...
New Posts  All Forums: