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Here are a few of my LL linen shirts they have performed very well but as other have mentioned they do shrink quite a lot preshrink the fabric is mandatory. I also have very good experiences with Grandi and Rubinelli shirtings but these finer weave than the LL linen.
Breguet makes beautiful timepiece but the service is a lot too desire. I sent in my SO watch for service and it took over 6 months, recently received it back after wearing it for a few days the same problem it's still there, buyer beware.
Have this on my wrist today, most AD are quoting over two years wait for this model now here in Australia. The 116520 was easily available prior to being discontinued, having seeing in window displays during my travels around Asia.
That navy and cream is special Andy. I am sucker for navy blazers but looks like I'll be adding one or two of the colours too.
Just received the LL Cloth Club linen jacketing, very please with it hefty, soft and porous not much in the market similar to this. Yes it's expensive but for me it's worth every penny. I can't wait to make this up.
I have this one from Vanda I quite like.
I appreciate the feed back even my better half tells me my more structure jackets looks better on me. I have jackets made by different tailors some are more structure than the one shown somehow I always gravitate towards the softer style jackets it's much more comfortable. It really comes down to personal preference. I may do a version with slight padding and roping in the future.
I like the cloth a lot it's a lighter weight for our mild Sydney autumn winter feels very soft, the book have some great patterns.
Congrats Moo that's a lovely pieceWearing mine today Sbga105
It's two different business Joe was using Bijan's shop while he was setting up his own premises. They are good friends.
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