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The jacket is made by Bandtailor from the Eurotex cotton book.http://blog.naver.com/bntailor/40209625042
Thanks I'll send Ben a pm.
Still don't have mine as yet.
I've done it to two of my fresco jackets never worn it as an odd jacket.
It said low stock it doesn't mean it's discontinue.
Good to meet you finally sorry didn't get to chat for longer.
I wear the chino all year round winter in Sydney can be very mild. The Solbiati bunch is not a blend it's cotton or linen. I have tried the Mersolair linen and cotton blend before but find it's coarse and scratchy.
In memory there was only one weight 310g or about 11oz for me its about perfect weight.
I've used the Harrison's cotton for chino is excellent stuff Brisbane Moss also makes some really cottons and the price is very reasonable.I've just discovered a bunch by Solbriati linen and cotton and having a few pairs of trousers make at the moment and it's one of the nicest I've seen.
You can visit a podiatrist and have your feet examine. You may also just have a narrow heel , you may want to try a pair of custom shoes and have a pair make with a narrower heels.
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