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Thanks J, These truly are great boots the colour is amazing but unfortunately just half size too big. I probably can make them work if I put in an innersole but not ideal. My lost is someone's gain.
Beautiful ties PCK1! I have to try their 7 fold next time.
IIt's funny I've had a few people PM me about the blue/grey cloth. The Mistral is 18 oz but wears like 15-16 oz,I can only wear it in autumn and winter here in Aus.
The image came out more blue, the cloth itself is grey. It's probably not what you looking for but there was a RAF Mistral recently finished on LL.Here are better representation of the colour below. May be we should propose to make a blue grey Mistral.
I don't think it's exclusive to LL, I read other tailor like Ercole had access to it as well.http://www.styleforum.net/t/268410/the-official-tweed-appreciation-thread/1245#post_6112555
I like that jacket a lot, I actually thought of ordering it when I saw the cloth. You pull it off very well, I dressed very sedately when it comes to patterns and colour and I don't mind breaking out something loud once in a while. There are always room for something bit more fun in our wardrobe.
It will be good if we can revisit the barley corn options with Molloy and Sons. There was a blue grey version that LL did recently which look great but at 625grams its like overcoating weight to me.
It's what we called the uniform on SF. Have a look at this thread for inspiration by our members. a striped Shantung silk tie with a light blue shirt will be nice. I'll suggest wearing a pair of brown calf or suede with the say outfit.http://www.styleforum.net/t/381634/friday-challenge-2014-2-28-the-uniform
There was a lot of interest here on the Breanish POW tweed that @dopey was organising . I wonder what ever happen to that. It will be great to get this off the ground.
Out and about in the Sydney Aroma Festival getting high on all the coffee tasting.Bonus [[SPOILER]]
New Posts  All Forums: