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generally m.a+ are true to size, though there's some wiggle room in models with bigger toe-boxes, if you're talking about the bison leather backzips they fit dead-on true to size though.
he speaks truth ;D
haha, welcome to artisanal branding, all i noticed was the boots look good ;p
which ones?
i wasn't convinced myself, even after selling them in-store at layers london. however, this video convinced me to at least try them on, and i've never looked back: http://vodpod.com/watch/15545704-layer-0-stratification-alessandro-tinelli
I can attest to the quality of Layer-0 footwear. Alessio uses either Guidi or Horween leathers (horween being the leather often used in Carpe Diem shoes). I personally own two pairs (rubber-band derbies, and painted canvas over leather ankle boots), and I can tell you they hold up just as good, if not better than my m.a+ tall staple boots (made with Guidi cow leather). Mind you, nothing really seems to compare to my m.a+ bison leather backzips. ;D
Kris Van Assche http://supertalk.superfuture.com/index.php?/topic/135557-fs-kris-van-assche-lace-zip-sneaker-size-9-42/page__p__2730001#entry2730001 RAF http://re-porter.ca/shoes/signature-velcro-high-top-trainers/
the Guidis are hardly "used" ...trust me
I am now (officially) offering my proxy services for London, the UK, and EU e-commerce websites. If you are looking to import anything from the EU, and cannot find it elsewhere, and cannot have it shipped to your country, please contact me at curiouscharles@gmail.com I promise to be any competitors' rates. If you require references, I have countless sales on superfuture, stylezeitgeist, and ebay (amongst others) to which you can refer.
Quote: Originally Posted by Englandmj7 Wow. Do you re-read this shit before you post it? Prestige = Charging a high price? Unfettered? Do you even understand what that word means? Cheap-ass streetwear kids? Ha haha. Yes, I would be happy. If that were even a slight concern of mine, I would be a trend-adhering pawn. Like you. Don't act like you don't own at least one piece of clothing from each of the SUFU-approved brands. You buy this shit...
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