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shipping carrier doesn't really matter.any courier will charge you ~20-25 for brokerage [the act of clearing the item through customs for you] then PST/GST or HST on the item cost + shipping, then 18% duties on that based on this your duties look 100% correct.[pray for CETA folks, pray for CETA]woah, that's awesome!it's hit or miss in my experience, sometimes they claim i didn't fill something out right, sometimes they pretend like i didn't submit something i did,...
- Black Friday [via] re. porter 20% off store-wide [including sale items]. Ends Monday, November 28th. For any questions, or purchase enquiries: -
our free shipping code should read FREEFRIDAY, thanks Fok!
- Our Black Friday markdowns have been published live to the website. Please enjoy up to 50% off store-wide. Exclusive to forum members - please feel free to use coupon code FREEFRIDAY at checkout for free DHL Express shipping on your order. This coupon lasts through the weekend, and will expire come Monday the 28th. For any inquiries, please email us at: -
well, considering you covered all etymological bases in a single joke, consider it a dad joke home run.
we have them left in 48 and 50, BF sale has started as well and discounts are already published.
never been asked for that information before...
- Brands included in the sale: Ann Demeulemeester Forme D'Expression Jan-Jan Van Essche Reinhard Plank Rick Owens Rick Owens DRKSHDW To take advantage of this offer, use code PRE30 during checkout. Sale goes public on Black Friday. For any inquiries, please email us at: -
yeah, i think we're all well past this curtain of worked ten years ago, now not so much.[they're just clothes, cool fucking clothes made my cool fucking people]
good to know, maybe i'll brave hand washing my short mac one far haven't needed to wash it [~2 years going strong!]but, it's not like i exactly jog in it or anything [or eat baby food with my hands]
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