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will reply to this more fully later, but S definitely refers to shaft, and yes - Z refers to the thicker heel & sole.the 7xx line has a more bulbous toe-box, and you're quite right - i've not seen it offered without the Z heel & sole [hence why i neglected to mention they were at all separate, because the two always go together].they don't offer the 9xx line with the Z sole though, not seen it sampled in the showroom either.
we'll explore lighter shades in future seasons, had to stick to basics for our first two seasons [you know, budgets and everything].we're kind of a "black boutique" at our core, but i buy what i wear - and i definitely wear lighter shades as well.
bwahaha - no, no, i keed, i keed!just personal preference - i like my Guidis to hold their shape [& to have a bit more, in the first place] is all!hence my excitement over the polished calf leather coming this fall - all the shape holding, mmmmm.edit: oh man, those m.a+ above are amazing. /drool
yeah you can size down on the double layer - it'll stretch out to dress-like proportions eventually anyway. ;p
ms means no toe cap.s refers to the shaft diameter, s is for "small" shaft [personally, i ALWAYS order S shaft, anything else just goes way loose and gives you a floppy / loose / wide opening].you're bang on with the model numbers and what they refer to, but if you're in the market for a back-zip model, please look at the 700 range instead.they have a thicker stacked heel, and thicker sole, which just gives them much nicer proportions overall imho [especially after being...
exactly, nice!
yeah, this whole thing of always looking for the thickest / juiciest / most expensive leathers & materials can be a bit misguided [though i totally comprehend where it comes from]. seasonal appropriateness is often left by the wayside, and if adhered to will result in a much better enjoyment of your wardrobe. that being said, i'm pretty sure that jacket isn't selling because it's blue [as much as i personally love blue, passport definitely proved to be counter to most...
i'm tellin' ya man, i've got the ss16 versions sittin' right here, and a 42 don't fit my size 42 feet. that could be different from previous seasons [wouldn't know], but for ss16, sizing down one size is going to be an educated decision.
the only stooges that sells for decent money is any of the heavy calf leather versions, FW10 is the money, but any heavy calf leather version you can start at around $1,500.00 USD and work down, just as sinnedk suggests.
sorry, minced my words - i meant to say the 42 was a full size too big in the foot for me, and i'm always a 42 in Rick.
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