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ah, thanks for that - nothing else worked.and just as i suspected - it's all clearance crap from previous seasons...
oh we'll definitely take it on AS SOON as it's available to us. i'm a big fan of well executed diffusion lines, and knowing Jan-Jan's penchant for picking perfect fabrics, combined with his ability to design my absolute favourite basics [his jumpers are just... perfect] - i'm just drooling to get my hands on something like this. would work as a fantastic introduction brand for our local clients, who are obviously a little shocked by the sticker price of what we do, but...
there's gotta be some equation involving time spent waiting in lines @ sample sales, versus just buying retail and spending that time working / with friends / with family / building a career. but, i'm not a mathematician.
literally just had a conversation about this line with Pietro via email this past week. it sounds like it might find its way west eventually, they're just in the developing stages and are keeping it Japan only for now. JJVE handles design & development, and their Japanese partners [literally called 'O'], are handling sales & distribution. if enough of us western retailers bug them about it i'm sure they'll start letting us distribute it out here - but it's no surprise...
"Hello! My name is Aidan. I’m a young man who has spent a lot of time focusing and learning the correct ways to dress the best."
so long as you never wear it directly over either of your fannies [depending on which version of English you speak], there's nothing wrong with fanny packs - and they're probably the most useful style of bag out there for the day-to-day.
shipping is free worldwide![edit: even with coupon codes]
did they drop DRKSHDW & Rick or something? bit early for 50% off SS16 items... :/
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