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that looks like them!nah, i had no clue!consignors send upwards of 10-40 pairs of footwear in any given delivery, and they rarely say [or remember/care] where / when things came from.it's so much work just managing this whole operation [along with Calculus now, no less] that i don't have the time to research items' origins like i did back in the early days. :/would not have suspected these were buffalo, the grain is much smaller and less pronounced than most of the buffalo...
Which ones you speaking of in particular? Don't remember any 100% polyamide ones from the showroom, only MU [which is a blend]. The hooded bomber in MU we have from DRKSHDW this season is pretty true to size, but one could size up if they wanted a slightly roomier fit. I'm 5'11" and 150lbs, and I wear the S here: https://www.instagram.com/p/BK36uJ2g2-w/?taken-by=_calculus Model on our website is 6'2" and 170lbs and is wearing the M...
yeah, unfortunately they've done nothing wrong here.the fact that you're publicly defaming their business is a legitimate reason to pursue you legally as well i'm afraid. :/
definitely go for the harnden or bergfabel out of the pieces you posted. ziggy's too... "directional" for me to believe you'd actually get as much use out of it as the prior pieces. would definitely recommend you check out these from forme as far as worker jacket and/or winter coat [obviously biased here though]: http://calculusvictoria.ca/product/black-workers-jacket/ http://calculusvictoria.ca/product/black-prussian-long-coat/
yeah, well i'm 178, he's 185, and we both get them at or above where you're saying.could very well be different socks, or maybe they've just changed the cut slightly.he's a 43, i'm a 42, my calves are pretty skinny, his less so...
they were one size, not striped, not sure if that matters.unless you're taller than 6'2" then colour me confused!
did you get the right ones? the knee-high socks?they fully cover the calves on our 6'2" model, they're the socks i use personally and for Calculus shoots...
it's funny because import duties literally exist to protect local business from unfair international advantage, but 100% fail at their job.TTIP and CETA would completely fix this, but unfortunately there's too many other reasons why these trade deals suck for them to ever realistically be ratified.
just what Jay said, you don't have to depend on human interaction to make sure your bid is placed, it's all automatic.time is of the essence quite often when dealing with proxy bidding, so their humanless system is ideal.i've never gotten dinged with import duties using them either, not sure if that was dumb luck or what.ah yes, this would be why.
you're pretty safe sticking with the same size in mainline and drkshdw. i did notice the instep is a bit lower for drkshdw fw16 footwear, but i still find 42 [my true size / typical mainline size] to fit me best overall [or maybe my feet have gotten fat?].
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