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well true on the first point, but goods won't be cheap come next season.prices were set prior to the currency drop happening, by SS17 they'll have had a chance to adjust and you should expect retailers to raise their prices to account for the loss in currency value.
holy fuck this is awful, lol.i've honestly never bought from one of those kinds of stores before, so that's kind of shocking to learn. :/
yeah, i think i addressed this via my various've got it right, their initial pricing will still be classic inflated NA pricing [due to the realities of the duties THEY pay to even OFFER EU made goods for sale].BUT, you SHOULDNT have to pay any additional import duties when receiving said EU-made goods from such stores.if they don't update their practices and policies to reflect this, well that's just lame [and stupid, because better pricing will do nothing but...
1) can't speak for others, but i'm ecstatic over the opportunity to offer EU pricing at my store.2) this is between Canada and EU countries, so anything made outside of the EU isn't affected by this trade agreement [Japan would be TPP, which public opinion is VERY much against].3) again, this deal is between Canada and the EU, the United States has nothing to do with this. their FTA with the EU is called TTIP, and i trust they will have a MUCH harder time getting that to...
yup, she's signed! now it goes to the EU parliament / council / whatever the fuck it's called for a proper vote, as well as the Canadian parliament to's expected to pass those both with flying colours, and then it will be able to be provisionally applied nearly instantly, as the text of the deal hasn't changed in years so they should have it ready to distribute to all border agents / customs officers.when it's applied provisionally, all the tariffs will be lifted,...
The day it was supposed to be signed by Trudeau, Belgium sorted out Wallonia's last few reservations about CETA, and it seems to be on track towards signing again: Come next season, Canadian stores could very well offer EU prices [not to mention duty free shopping between Canadians and the EU].
personally find that ziggy coat atrocious, but i suppose that's why we all dress [slightly] different! ;p
if you have the chance to try one on, definitely consider it still.if the pattern lands right on you, it fucking works like nobody's's just when the pattern doesn't quite land right on you, which has been mostly my experience.[but when it works, it really does work, just doesn't seem to super often is all in my experience]
fuck man, those first two Damir collections [ss08 and fw08], just... sew gewd..yeah they can end up looking fine in pics, but there's often a disconnect between what looks good irl, and what looks good in a posed photo.whereas i've always found LEB leathers to photograph pretty ok, but feel / look horrible irl, i've also experienced the opposite very often [photograph awful, fit / look great irl] which can be even more frustrating for someone behind the camera heheh.
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