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other countries just don't understand.i don't even know where to begin with comments like these.
not sure season to season, but i've only ever handled flap pocket versions.personally love flap pockets, so... oh well!
that's a needle & haystack level request - their distribution is huge these days.could just be it's not as easily searchable as we would assume it is, but i still imagine it must be available in one master order list somewhere - like, what would they send to production if they didn't have this?anyway...silhouette.pods are a drop crotch short, with anti-fit / oversized / baggy proportions that nearly look like a skirt when you walk.basket swingers look like basketball...
it was a Cyclops thing, that's the "runway" version of the geo this season."nice hooks bro""they're mainline, bro"
personally prefer the non-heel-hooked version, you made the right choice.
We just started our sale on Rick & DRKSHDW, 30% off SS16: http://calculusvictoria.ca/designer/rick-owens/ http://calculusvictoria.ca/designer/rick-owens-drkshdw/
- Our SS16 sale has begun, with 30% off SS16 collections from: Ann Demeulemeester Rick Owens Rick Owens DRKSHDW For any inquiries, please email us at: info@calculusvictoria.ca -
- Our SS16 pre-sale has begun, exclusive to forum members and mailing list subscribers. Please enjoy 30% off store-wide [some exclusions apply]. To take advantage of this offer, use code PRE30 during checkout. Sale goes public this week. For any inquiries, please email us at: info@calculusvictoria.ca -
i can only say for sure from SS14 onwards, but yes 100% true to size without a doubt.
seemed to work for me on some rick & drkshdw items, but not on others - actually seems completely random [just as occulta said it seems hand picked / chosen what is & isn't on sale].didn't have to click any special links, just added things to cart and then used the code.some things were discounted, most weren't.
New Posts  All Forums: