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yeah carpe just doesn't sell as well as it used to, since a few years now.
can't speak for the others, but Geoffrey spent 3 hours taking me through [only part of] his collection this past fashion week, and most of that time was taken up just explaining what medieval techniques he used to finish the fabrics [which were all made by different small families in tiny Italian towns who wouldn't even exist if he wasn't ordering from them anymore].every button, and every material is actually handmade, and the fabrics are all hand finished as well, quite...
same, prefer the proportions big time.
how's the sizing nicely?is it graded to the japanese market specifically?assuming so as i see no real international stockists listed on their website.
we stocked 100% cotton mainline pods for SS16, and i purchased a pair of 100% cotton mainline pods last year [SS15] from Idol.material is one thing, weave is a WHOLE 'nother thing.DRKSHDW's got some better 100% cotton weaves coming for FW16, as well as SS17 - as opposed to the silly pyjama shorts woven 100% cotton people are used to [poplin for FW16, and twill / canvas for SS17].
well, that was stupid.considering how small the margins are on restaurants [not to mention how high the failure rates are], he should have stuck to ToJ...
what i mean is, what happened with the ToJ drama?did a bunch of people pay for jackets and just never receive them or something?
also, what DID happen with ToJ exactly?completely missed that story, and the ToJ thread is like 1,000,000 pages long...
psidy's a shady motherfucker, so i don't blame you for pointing on the holes in his incomplete story.eugene is definitely much MORE shady of a motherfucker, mind you, but i think that was self-evident anyway.i refrained from getting involved [just never smart as a retailer], but i have one story about psidy from a botched re. porter transaction that has him wearing a permanent red flag in my records.
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