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*sewn in Moldova
shhh, stop exposing my salesman tactics!my honest excuse is that i finished the floors myself, so there's no telling whether they'll hold up to even socks & slippers... :/#DIYFTW
no shoes allowed in this Canadian household - that's for DAMN sure. [and that includes the Calculus showroom - but i'm working on getting a full size run of slippers for guests]
- Our SS16 sale continues, now with up to 40% off SS16 collections from: Ann Demeulemeester Forme D'Expression Jan-Jan Van Essche Reinhard Plank Rick Owens Rick Owens DRKSHDW For any inquiries, please email us at: info@calculusvictoria.ca -
ah dang, too old for my info - wish i could have helped!
what season is it from?i could check my materials list for you np.
lol, everybody has us all wrong...we're not nice, we're just under-socialized and passive aggressive [low population density will do this].being ostensibly nice just makes it easier to make it back to our hobbit-holes unscathed by various social discomforts! [or, you know, maybe we are just nice and can't take a compliment]
hey! you! stop being so nice! hey! you! get into my car!(or rather, my showroom - come visit!)
yup, that's us. by us, i mean myself & my wife [& our pups], we're tragically mom & pop.
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