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Uzairh, I'm familiar with that interview, it's a great read - I've actually interviewed Simone myself but the article was never realized because of a bunch of complications.sinnedk - I edited my post (after re-reading it) to clarify that I was just being tongue-in-cheek. Just a friendly jab at them from an ex sales associate full of missed promises! ;p I cannot comment on Carol as I've never sold it myself at retail, but I do know many people who do / have worked for the...
Oh, nothing much to expand on really... they are, indeed, handmade - to the point that it's detrimental to their distribution. A1923 are notoriously late (by months, and months) on their deliveries because they can't make their footwear fast enough. (sorry for if my previous post seemed derisive at all, 'twas but tongue-in-cheek as it was never easy to explain to clients why A1923 STILL hadn't arrived one, two, three months after we promised)Mind you, the really impressive...
Really glad your experience was a positive one, hopefully our new drops will entice you further!Teaser:
m.a+ and guidi are both "hand-made"... meaning they're made in a "factory" of "highly skilled workers" meaning, a very small team of unionized trades-people / artisans who are probably better at making shoes than the lazy people at A1923
Thanks for the kind words you guys. Please never hesitate to contact me either via the forums, or via the website's contact form.
I'd never really considered this... I suppose it shares some steez-related roots with that mysterious quality that makes the difference between someone being able to pull-off an outfit, or not pull it off.
I hope that pineapple is at least scratch & sniff, otherwise I really just can't justify it...
thank god I'm not the only one ing at this
Pretty much exactly my experience.Those bison leather backzips fit TTS (no question). I tried on a 41, a 43, and my actual size (42) before committing.However, my tall staple boots (same as Brad posted above, except in Guidi cow leather in beautiful petrol color) are in a 42 and I easily could have sized down to a 41 because of how voluminous the toe-box is.
That's an insane price for those boots, but it makes sense I suppose since they're in women's sizing and footwear's never been the best seller for m.a+ womens' at store-front. (at least not when I was selling it).
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