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in my experience m.a+ actually scales quite reliably, but... ya still never know!
nothing quite like that weightless feeling once you finally hit camp for the night and get to take your pack off...i'm a sock and underwear monger when doing proper treks, pretty much bring triple what i think i might need lol.
yup, my family laughs in my face when i pop over to the mainland for day hikes in squamish, etc. - but i find proper hiking boots annoying for such things.multi-day proper-pack laden mountain treks? [wear your damn hikers boy]
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nope, pretty sure it's this cult film: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0115964/
yeah carpe just doesn't sell as well as it used to, since a few years now.
can't speak for the others, but Geoffrey spent 3 hours taking me through [only part of] his collection this past fashion week, and most of that time was taken up just explaining what medieval techniques he used to finish the fabrics [which were all made by different small families in tiny Italian towns who wouldn't even exist if he wasn't ordering from them anymore].every button, and every material is actually handmade, and the fabrics are all hand finished as well, quite...
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