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that's annoying, i empathize.i think this is why many clients ask me for pictures of their actual size prior to purchase, and as ever - i totally empathize with such requests.season to season their leathers are completely different as well, i find donkey in particular can go from gorgeous to speckle-grained horror show.the donkey for ss16 was beautiful, then in the fw16 showroom it looked like it has chicken pocks [so didn't order it].sucks that this happened but don't be...
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patchwork racer?link?[you talking about ss08 f1 jacket?!?]
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Yeah, no distribution outside Japan yet.I'll make sure to bug Pietro and Jan-Jan about letting me take on those responsibilities when I visit them in Paris this coming January.When I mentioned it last trip they seemed interested in the idea... and... well... I want O-Project at my store, so... [lezmakeithappen]
classic canada my experience they can't read, and will misinterpret currency descriptors [so they probably though it was worth 550 eur, as opposed to cad], this happens to me a lot.and yes, just refuse delivery, and it will be sent back to the sender at no cost to you.
much prefer the proportions on the stacked heel versions [z sole].
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yeah, designer and store alike don't give any fucks about people who didn't buy the stuff through their channels.i don't think it's difficult to understand why [there's at least two reasons that spring to mind immediately].but it's worth a shot inquiring, i've had luck with a few designers in the past performing repairs for re. porter inventory items for me, so you never really know!
yeah, for how scared we all are of customs, CBSA is actually super chill to deal with over the phone [and in person, at least at the Vancouver airport location].
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