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UGH, supper annoying.same thing happened to me with Antonioli last year, ordered an Ann hooded jacket [at full price, no less], arrived, paid hundreds in duties [expected] opened the box - and it's a freaking shirt, a SHIRT.not at ALL the same i was out hundreds of dollars in duties, and had to pay to ship the item back myself.barely so much as an apology, and honestly nothing to make up for the heinous error.suffice to say, fuck them, never buying there...
that's just clothing and shoes [most clothing and shoes, that is].the actual tariff table is overwhelmingly exhaustive, you can try and find a rate table by googling [or trying], but it's kind of an overwhelming task.this happens sometimes, they might have read the declared price wrong, which strangely has happened to me a few times with Canada Post this year.
Any classic brick and mortar with employees and proper expenses is losing money already at 50% off.
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fking dbl post
national postal services do not ever charge i said, private couriers ALWAYS charge brokerage, and it's never less than $15.00 USD, and typically around the ~$25.00 USD mark. [never been charged less or more myself]...sigh.despite all my efforts, i can't seem to get through to people.brokerage and duties are two different things.i'm going to stop trying though, GL everybody.
how much?have a sneaking suspicion people are confusing "brokerage" charges w/ "duties".you'll always be charged brokerage by couriers, but not duties.[typically in the range of ~$25.00 USD to clear a package through customs for you]
pleasure!honestly it's almost better this way, no waiting in limbo as your "custom order" will be part of a proper seasonal buy, so it's easier to predict when it will arrive etc.
you can't do "customs orders" with Guidi anymore since a few seasons ago. just have to ask a store to add a pair for you to their buys, so twice a year you have a window to do it and wait time is approximately six months. essentially early February deadline for FW delivery, and early July deadline for SS delivery.
ah shit that bites :/
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