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if your tailor thinks they can do it, why not?got rid of my linen zipped sleeve biker precisely because the sleeves rendered it useless, so if it would make the jacket wearable, i'd totally go for it.
oh and trust me, they monitor them.i made a tiny complaint once on SZ about how i was always getting emails from The Office [despite never having emailed them, bought anything from them, or even known who the fuck they were].then years later when i actually wanted to buy a CCP jacket for work, they wouldn't answer any of my emails - because i guess i was on their shit list.so, spamming = ok, but complaining about spam = not ok.[nevermind the fact that signing someone up...
sale [via] re. porter -- our entire inventory is now on sale. new sale items at 25% off. previous markdowns at 40% off. shop the sale [via] re. porter - here. for all enquiries [sale related or otherwise], never hesitate - enquiries@re-porter.ca -- re. porter | blog. | facebook. | instagram.
strange, i filed a claim on a gift payment last year when someone sent me a brown t-shirt when i was told i was buying a black one. :/
you can file claims on friends / family payments since awhile now.guess this transaction was from awhile back or something?
prices go up incrementally every season [not just Rick, even Guidi... for example].if i'm not wearing compression socks, i just wear american apparel knee high socks - they're pretty good, although your leg hair can poke through them sometimes.compression socks are the real tits though, but they can be expensive sometimes.
you can go .5 to a full size down [at least on SS16], true to size "works", but the footbed will feel somewhat loose [which can be annoying].
don't get me wrong, i LOVE smaller communities [hello Victoria!], but 50% pay cut? HELL NO.
well, could have been stolen, could have been damaged, could have been lost.if the value was marked down for you to avoid customs, chances are they won't give many fucks as they'll see reimbursing you as easier than going on a witch hunt for an ostensibly cheap parcel.has little to do with your neighborhood, and most to do with whatever the source of the error was.parcels don't get delivered to wrong addresses, the system doesn't work that way [wrong floor of an office...
New Posts  All Forums: