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m.a+ [via] re. porter - one week left.
your guys' pricing is, indeed, very strong. and this is true, Guidi is not supposed to go on sale - and if it ever does, somebody's probably breaking the rules. :|
We have actually introduced our first run of new stock, accessible [via] re. porter's homepage, or directly at this link: http://www.re-porter.ca/featuredNew deliveries will now unfold throughout the coming months, grouped by designer and/or style - our next delivery will be from m.a+ and will be featured on June 10th.
Ann's sizing is confusing as all hell - apparently she's suppoed to run a full size big (across the board), which is information that applied back in 2008. In that year, I bought two pairs of boots a size down (41) and they fit perfectly. Since then, I've bought Ann trainers in my true size (42) and had them fit too small, and then bought boots (FW10 & FW11) in my true size (42) and had them fit spot-on.So to conclude... good luck. ;D
I haven't followed this discussion very closely, but I'm gonna have to take a moment to get behind Ann D footwear. I've always been a huge fan of the shapes of both her lasts & toeboxes - and used to pretty much used to look no further than Ann for my footwear choices. The only reason I've moved on, personally, is for maturity reasons - as I'm looking for something timeless in both its aesthetic & construction. And, while I've always found Ann's designs to be timelessly...
no, that's my job. ;p
hideous? edit:
what size are you onijo?
Unfortunately this is very true - m.a+ doesn't hold its re-sale value as it once did.For that matter, neither does CCP anymore - it used to be R.A.R.E. to find derbies under $1,000.00 USD / CAD, but it has now become R.A.R.E. to have them SELL for over $1,000.00 USD / CAD.Guidi prices have also plummeted, but that's quite obviously because the market has been flooded with them - they used to be a rarity but they're stocked at so many boutiques these days that there's no...
Not all Guidis are created equal.That is to say, not all of them have the same toebox/profile at all. I can't be 100% certain, but I think it mostly depends on strength / stiffness of the leather used. My favorite pair of backzips was the OG baby-calf leather version as the toebox featured more structure than any version I've seen since - avoiding the "leather sock" look many Guidis devolve into these days.
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