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don't get TOO hung up on the "real leather" thing, it's something i see on plenty of Italian brands we get sent to us at re-porter.10sei0otto, for example, never says the type of leather on the tags, always just "100% pelle vera".and, the leather feels quite nice to boot!i've seen this on a few other items from equally positioned brands that people have sent to us, but that's the only one that's come to mind.oh, other than a crocodile skin Backlash jacket that retailed for...
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uh, what did they measure?
you just had to login to your account, then the link would show up and you had 100% access.took me forever to put that together [forgot i even had an account with them], but after i did i saw the whole fiasco [from super amazing cheap prices back up to what we see now].fwiw - i've only ever bought two things through them over the years, and they were t-shirts, so i don't think it was elite clientele only or anything
time will tell, as i'm sure they don't work over the weekends.i can only imagine the tension between the boutiques whose products sold at erroneously low prices, and farfetch themselves.someone's definitely getting fired this week lol.
yeah i want to at least try the black knit, just can't decide on sizing. i'm presuming this size scale is graded towards the japanese market, but i'm typically an S in JJVE. plus measurements are useless for such garments, and i'm obviously not going to get any customer service from an Ebay seller, UGH. edit: looks like this seller won't ship discreetly either, definitely going to have to hard pass on any of this. :/
having a hard time deciding, really don't have any spending money right now but i might still grab a few things. will certainly update you if i do with a detailed report!
ooh thanks for pointing this out!i want the knit sweatshirt, knit cardigan, knit tunic sweater, and the balloon trousers... can't afford all of it right now though... :/i'm just obsessed with JJVE's patterns & fabrics, need to do some hands-on "research" on this ASAP.
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