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shipping is free worldwide![edit: even with coupon codes]
did they drop DRKSHDW & Rick or something? bit early for 50% off SS16 items... :/
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oh this is just different strokes is all, not a fan of the blistered neoprene - the weight, hand & drape just reminds me of strange things. i'll always remind you though, i don't even wear leather jackets, so my opinion on these things isn't exactly... valid. ;p
well, yes that one stands perfectly but it's still gigantic & awkward.plus then you're stuck with a blistered neoprene jacket [which drapes so poorly it's embarrassing].my favourite version of the geo is the classic oiled calf version, which drapes beautifully in the body but then you run into those awkward huge floppy collar problems when worn open [and honestly never wear jackets anything but open, so...]
alls i knows is - it's hard af to get the geo collar to look "right" when worn open. or at least, hard to get it to look right in photos. always end up just zipping the damn thing all the way up, and thinking to myself "gosh, you really don't fall open like the intarsia do you?". sick jacket still...
- Our mid season promotion ends tonight at midnight PDT. Brands included in the sale: Ann Demeulemeester Rick Owens Rick Owens DRKSHDW To take advantage of this offer, use code MID30 during checkout. For any inquiries, please email us at: info@calculusvictoria.ca -
nothing wrong with ubiquity, good pieces are good pieces - and the intarsia certainly is one!also nothing wrong with wanting to look like a badass [& using leather pieces to play that out] - i'm just personally perplexed by the prevailing obsession with leather jackets among men [though it's honestly hardly perplexing let's be honest].i also [also] don't think there's anything wrong with wearing, what the internet might call, derivative / uninspired / ubiquitous Rick[ish]...
this is crazy hyperbole.his outfit is fine, albeit somewhat uninspired.[if anything, i'd ask him why he's wearing a leather jacket, when he doesn't look like a gangster, badass, motorcyclist, etc. - but that's a general fashion frustration of mine and i won't let it pollute this post].kind of sounds like your general frustration with the poor stylings of the "goth" community is spilling over into your thoughts on this particular post.[and i'd agree with you there, most...
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