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i already went too far saying gash, i thought that was [more than] enough. :/
i'm presuming that's LUC though? amirite? [what do i win]
just a good ol' gash is all.
link i cannot do...[seeing as how i buy them from local dance / ballet shops]and seeing as how i buy them from local dance / ballet shops, they are made for girls, so small feet shouldn't be an issue lol.
well I don't wanna argue with you either, so there! perhaps my feet are just sweatier than yours ;p [the socks i'm speaking of wouldn't show even in an E28 though, that's their whole purpose]
you gotta get concealed socks for those though (i call them ballet socks, don't know what the proper term is), otherwise they're going to be a stinky, stinky mess quite quickly. dye transfer isn't the concern for me, wearing shoes sockless makes them stink, and you can't fix that...
that's what i would presume yup!
yeah it's a poop party. a poopy party. mr. poopy party pants.
yeah, i mostly just mean in all instances where i've had multiple sizes of archival pieces on hand, they've scaled as one would expect [meaning equal measurement differences / steps between sizes on hand].
if i were your pants, i'd mount a revolt.
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