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DRKSHDW quality has been top notch in recent seasons [which would explain why prices are no different from mainline anymore].
honestly it might just look kinda "normal" on you.that's based on my experience wearing them as a size 46 [not in Rick sizing, in true sizing], but maybe someone bigger can comment.
those are insane prices, holy shit. wish i'd noticed / known / etc. as i would have definitely jumped on a pair...
i'd strongly suggest you keep to an M with that size chest.
Well, you know what they say... haters gon' hate, etc.
well, my Unionmade order just shipped... guess I should go buy a lotto ticket or something?
The tongue MIGHT grow on you, I love the wrinkled / folded tongue on the vegans quite a bit [although maybe it's better suited to shorts]. Anyway, glad to see you enjoying them!
ok, bought the floral jacket in S. well, "bought", we'll see if this goes through. [we'll also see if it goes with anything i own, precise shade of beige looks different on every website carrying it, as well as the brand's own lookbook... sigh]
lol, what's the deal with this store? no live inventory tracking or something?
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