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founding fathers [via] re. porter — 25% off all launch-stock consignments.
the long weekend [via] re. porter — 15% off all launch-stock leather jackets, with selections from: - julius_7 - rick owens - m.a+
it's true, the upper is a touch higher than any regular derby, and it's perhaps this reason why i enjoyed its appearance so much when worn. it looks much similar to a boot when a jean or trouser falls over top, yet retains its derby-like toe proportions, a really interesting piece.nothing i'm able to announce about m.a+ at the moment, but every week yields new revelations...
sinnedk - i'm going to have to bud in here. in pictures, the shoes you posted might look more interesting, but the first pair of augusta derbies in question are maybe the most perfect iteration of that style of derby Simone has ever done. This is a simple case of needing to see them in person to understand. The subtle amount of variation across the [two ply] leather-work of the first pair is really impossible to describe. i had a few clients come in months after buying...
duly noted. thank you for piping in good sir.
I apologize if I'm misbehaving here, correct me if I'm mistaken but do other shops not advertise their sales here?As notwithit pointed out, these are sales I'm 'advertising', and not just new arrivals to the store. Again, sorry if I'm in the wrong here, and please advise me on this further.
layer-0 [via] re. porter - now available.
m.a+ [via] re. porter - ends today.
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