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yeah i want to at least try the black knit, just can't decide on sizing. i'm presuming this size scale is graded towards the japanese market, but i'm typically an S in JJVE. plus measurements are useless for such garments, and i'm obviously not going to get any customer service from an Ebay seller, UGH. edit: looks like this seller won't ship discreetly either, definitely going to have to hard pass on any of this. :/
having a hard time deciding, really don't have any spending money right now but i might still grab a few things. will certainly update you if i do with a detailed report!
ooh thanks for pointing this out!i want the knit sweatshirt, knit cardigan, knit tunic sweater, and the balloon trousers... can't afford all of it right now though... :/i'm just obsessed with JJVE's patterns & fabrics, need to do some hands-on "research" on this ASAP.
nah, i'm checking the same items over different countries on their site.price were ACTUALLY 40%-60% off late last night / early this morning [for SS16], but they've all been adjusted now.jealous of you mofos who got in there in time - should have picked up a few items.
holy shit!do you see what they did?the discount levels stayed the same [anywhere from 30% - 60%], except the original prices went way up?hrmm, not sure actually.when i login through the US site the prices went way up, and the discounts all went down to mostly around 30%.this item, for example:http://www.farfetch.com/sg/shopping/men/private-sale/ann-demeulemeester-quote-print-tank-top-item-11362169.aspx?storeid=9462&keeprank=1&ffref=lp_pic_17_3_was like 50%-60% off actual...
yeah this is absolutely fucked.the earliest country in the world allowed [by Rick Owens themselves] to go on 30% off is Canada on the 26th of May.i seriously don't know how they get away with this...[or how they make ends meet]
where are you located?can't get these sales to display for the life of me [with VPN, without VPN, with incognito, without incognito]
nah those aren't them.those look like old / previous season to me.none of the waxed options [well, there was only one] were that shiny this season.plus current season waxed version is $961.00 USD retail in the USA [or about $860.00 USD in Canada].
again, look to ze codez.one is MU, one is CV.MU is "murais" as they call it - technical blend plastic ripstop fabric [wouldn't recommend it for shoes], the other CV is cotton canvas, non-waxed.CV & MU are the cheapest, BW is the most expensive this season [black waxed, cause it's the best].and yeah go true to size, if you're a 9 US you'll be a 42.
well, if it lets you buy it at 50% off, then it's their loss.like i said though, it's not sales season yet, so this is all fucking weird lol.[like, we literally just had "mid season" promotions - named "mid season" for a reason ;p ]edit: wouldn't surprise me if this is all due to the wonkiness of these multi-region / different pricing websites somehow though
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