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still shocked by how fast those arrived.got a few emails today about items which were delivered equally as fast, must have been a slow week for DHL or something...
the Z model is definitely the way to go [unless you go for the front zips you posted, also great proportions]. totally empathize with the bone colour after many wears, you have to be really in to / in for the "dirty" look to stay in love with them. contemplating wearing my bone bison leather hikers as actual hiking boots this FW, can't decide whether i'll love having them go to complete muddy shit, or whether it will just fill me with regret / remorse. :/
nobody will have any SS17 until January at the earliest.although the stores that do their product shoots in the showrooms [antonioli, for example], will have them posted much earlier for sure.
love how the colour says "green", and my screen says "definitely just brown".
- Brands included in the sale: Ann Demeulemeester Rick Owens Rick Owens DRKSHDW To take advantage of this offer, use code MID25 during checkout. Please note - sale ends November 11th at midnight. For any inquiries, please email us at: info@calculusvictoria.ca -
well true on the first point, but goods won't be cheap come next season.prices were set prior to the currency drop happening, by SS17 they'll have had a chance to adjust and you should expect retailers to raise their prices to account for the loss in currency value.
holy fuck this is awful, lol.i've honestly never bought from one of those kinds of stores before, so that's kind of shocking to learn. :/
yeah, i think i addressed this via my various edits.you've got it right, their initial pricing will still be classic inflated NA pricing [due to the realities of the duties THEY pay to even OFFER EU made goods for sale].BUT, you SHOULDNT have to pay any additional import duties when receiving said EU-made goods from such stores.if they don't update their practices and policies to reflect this, well that's just lame [and stupid, because better pricing will do nothing but...
1) can't speak for others, but i'm ecstatic over the opportunity to offer EU pricing at my store.2) this is between Canada and EU countries, so anything made outside of the EU isn't affected by this trade agreement [Japan would be TPP, which public opinion is VERY much against].3) again, this deal is between Canada and the EU, the United States has nothing to do with this. their FTA with the EU is called TTIP, and i trust they will have a MUCH harder time getting that to...
yup, she's signed! now it goes to the EU parliament / council / whatever the fuck it's called for a proper vote, as well as the Canadian parliament to vote.it's expected to pass those both with flying colours, and then it will be able to be provisionally applied nearly instantly, as the text of the deal hasn't changed in years so they should have it ready to distribute to all border agents / customs officers.when it's applied provisionally, all the tariffs will be lifted,...
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