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the stock photos he's linked to are of the women's version of this boot - hence the difference in heel & general proportions.
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Lol - to set the record straight, I replied [pretty much] immediately.Received an email from him over a month later indicating he had received nothing in reply.Previous email forwarded, confusion absolved?edit: you guys are all, all too kind.
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have you tried wearing a pair of m.a+ without protection?the tan portion of the cross is maybe the weakest material on earth, and you will eat your heel away in about 3 wears - good luck with that! [edit: unless you're one of those lucky few people who seem to have ZERO pronation, /jaloux]
http://www.hlorenzo.com/featured-interview-a1923-augusta.html...will answer your questions about Simone, at least [to an extent].
looks like straight up burgundy / bordeaux - will look amazing on an all neutral tone outfit (black/grey)
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This is never the easiest question to answer with this model of CDiem (s23 - unless I'm mistaken? is the 'm' denomination reserved for the bulbous or non-bulbous toe version).Regardless, I always advise to go true to size with this model. They fit our size 48/50 model's size 45 feet perfectly, and should accommodate any true 45. I, myself, am a true 42 and wear a 42 in my own pair.However, if you are sometimes a 45, and sometimes a 46 - you're likely less of a true 45 than...
New Posts  All Forums: