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visually they just anchor the boot nicely for me, i like a nice heavy-bottomed boot and have always felt the non-v sole was a bit "light" [with the Z sole being an improvement over the non-Z models already]. and yeah, i personally go for the V soled options in the FW as they're more practical for pacific-northwestern weather.
you mean the V [vibram] sole?what about 'em?
zero problems shipping to Germany.any "purchase" has to be picked up from the local post office there i believe, or maybe it's a "duties" office of some sort.if the parcel says $60.00, and doesn't have an invoice, they'll have to provide one.really not your problem though, just make sure to ship with a signature required upon delivery and you can't possibly get screwed.[ed: ship to Germany all the time, never any issues outside what i described above]
there's already uggs for men... from ugg? http://www.ugg.com/men-boots/
I do like the olive, one of my fav shades of green.Honestly I can't remember what fabric options there were in the showroom for FW16, but we're carrying a wool version [used across pod shorts, cropped drawstrings, and the classic soft blazer this season].
those are pretty nice, A+R?if you don't have a pair of FW cropped drawstrings, they're definitely a staple and you can't go wrong with 'em...
looking good in the shoulders.also keep in mind Geoffrey's work is properly made, so it has a few centimetres of seam allowance on every seam, allowing a tailor to adjust it two full sizes.so if you do indeed want to take it in anywhere, it's literally built for that.
oh nutty!was the street name the same, just different house number or something?i just can't fathom how someone can look at an address on a box, and deliver it to a completely different one...i'd just keep stalking the person it was delivered to, but i suppose it's hard to find the time with such things...
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