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cool, thanks guys. sounds like my "true 46" body should fit into the S. their posted measurements seem to say so as well, so... cool!
any idea how this brand fits?is an S an "american" S?
love the G&R line of footwear, great purchase!
if they're listed with the tagged adidas sizing, you can use adidas' size chart to great results:http://www.adidas.ca/en/help-topics-size_charts.htmlcan't remember if they default listing sizes for rickdidas are UK or US though, hopefully someone else can fill us in - but my order sheets are listed in UK sizing at the very least.
- Our SS16 sale continues, with further markdowns on previously discounted brands. Now at 50% off: Forme D'Expression Jan-Jan Van Essche Reinhard Plank Now at up to 60% off: Ann Demeulemeester Rick Owens Rick Owens DRKSHDW For any inquiries, please email us at: info@calculusvictoria.ca -
yeah the vomit bleached stuff REALLY added to price, so we only have it coming in tees [LS and SS] from DRKSHDW. looked super cool on some of the runway cargo trench coats from mainline, but man did it increase the price to Jupiter-bound levels...
just spoke with a lady who delivered a client's size exchange from Japan this minute, apparently they rejected the proposed arbitration, so the lockout will be happening tomorrow.so yeah, no mail, no parcels, no nothing.this gon' get ugly.
well, no, the corporation announced a lock out, so a "reverse strike" - which is still looking like it will take effect tomorrow.but yeah, essentially Canada Post will not be operating as of very soon - and i have a feeling it's going to get ugly [ie - take a long time to resolve].edit: oh, and apparently [read just now] the lockout was extended until Monday, pending further arbitration between the union and the company? fucking hell just do it or don't this is KILLING me!
yeah precisely.MU drapes super well for a technical fabric, but still holds its shape / has enough structure to show off the cuts of the clothing it's used for.didn't like it in the fishtail parka though, felt it undermined that piece's design.there's bombers with snaps on the sleeves coming for SS17 [in place of the interior carrying strap / alternative carrying method], which is super cool - unfortunately only on the glitter bomber for DRKSHDW [BOO], and a puffy & stiff...
yeah that's MU - only plastic blend i've ever liked [and it's back for SS17 in the flight bomber]
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