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hey! you! stop being so nice! hey! you! get into my car!(or rather, my showroom - come visit!)
yup, that's us. by us, i mean myself & my wife [& our pups], we're tragically mom & pop.
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your government charges that, not any store.
if you're browsing from the USA, ssense is likely calculating import duties into their displayed prices [which would make sense seeing as they're ~20% over the RRP you're expecting].i mean, maybe they're doing that - wouldn't know as i've only ever browsed them via Canada.
cool, yeah was just curious.if they're more expensive than other North American retailers' prices for the same products, then that doesn't make sense.they won't be able to compete with the EU though for obvious reasons.import duty on these kinds of products should be ~ equal between USA & Canada, but sales taxes will depend on particular state & province [which they pay on top of duty when importing products].
retail here is generally a touch lower than usa retail [at least with regards to prices set by designers].that's just within the market i follow though - what products are you talking about specifically?if you take something like a pair of geobaskets on ssense, and compare them to any american retailer's RRP, they will typically be the exact same [at least when doing the currency exchange via google].lol, how did i miss that - didn't even notice at first.
still competitive compared to Canada though.actual cost for an individual to send something tracked w/ signature upon delivery to the USA, or [god forbid] the EU?well, i won't go there, don't want to give anybody nightmares.
other countries just don't understand.i don't even know where to begin with comments like these.
not sure season to season, but i've only ever handled flap pocket versions.personally love flap pockets, so... oh well!
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