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those LeU look absolutely horrid.
nope, not even slightly.typically need to size up one on that model actually...
you'll have to forgive me mr. neun, but i can't link an email address / name to your SF handle.if i'm completely honest, this is my first time browsing in a looooong time [and i rarely have time for "personal browsing" ever since re. porter started up :/ ].send me a quick email and i'd be happy to throw some suggestions your way!
frustrating, i know - but 'tis the nature of consignment / after-market. :/you can imagine how often i experience this same pain. ;p
very kind of you to say so!we actually have two pairs of A1923 [one glue coated tall-boot, the other a sharkskin boot] coming up in our next archival collection [meaning new; with tags, at 50% off retail].just moved across the country again though mind you - so looking at an early to mid February release on those.
precisely this.it's silly to ever assume that all models of boot [from any brand] will fit the same season to season, model to model, leather to leather.the Ann D "rule" frustrates me the most, as it's just not true, excepting certain models - yet people run rampant across the internet buying one size down.always, always, ALWAYS, enquire about sizing for a particular model, especially if it's in a different leather than you're used to / your previous pair.based on the few...
fwiw - those boots run more or less true. a bit of a struggle to slip into [as a 42], but fit great once on your foot. a 41 would slide into them with less difficulty, but would have significantly more room left in the [rather voluminous] toe-box.
these things happen...
the pupal stage [via] re. porter & the archives. — in anticipation of its forthcoming transformation, the entirety of re. porter & the archives. is now on sale. please enjoy [up to] 50% off select merchandise store-wide. [w/ further reductions & additional items added to sale] shop the sale [via] the archives. - here. shop the sale [via] re. porter - here. — for all enquiries [sale related, or otherwise], never hesitate - enquiries@re-porter.ca
strange.that seems like a bizarre & aggressive sales tactic as completing the transaction outside of Ebay will do nothing but save them money?
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