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honestly it might just look kinda "normal" on you.that's based on my experience wearing them as a size 46 [not in Rick sizing, in true sizing], but maybe someone bigger can comment.
those are insane prices, holy shit. wish i'd noticed / known / etc. as i would have definitely jumped on a pair...
i'd strongly suggest you keep to an M with that size chest.
Well, you know what they say... haters gon' hate, etc.
well, my Unionmade order just shipped... guess I should go buy a lotto ticket or something?
The tongue MIGHT grow on you, I love the wrinkled / folded tongue on the vegans quite a bit [although maybe it's better suited to shorts]. Anyway, glad to see you enjoying them!
ok, bought the floral jacket in S. well, "bought", we'll see if this goes through. [we'll also see if it goes with anything i own, precise shade of beige looks different on every website carrying it, as well as the brand's own lookbook... sigh]
lol, what's the deal with this store? no live inventory tracking or something?
cool, thanks guys. sounds like my "true 46" body should fit into the S. their posted measurements seem to say so as well, so... cool!
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