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this is crazy hyperbole.his outfit is fine, albeit somewhat uninspired.[if anything, i'd ask him why he's wearing a leather jacket, when he doesn't look like a gangster, badass, motorcyclist, etc. - but that's a general fashion frustration of mine and i won't let it pollute this post].kind of sounds like your general frustration with the poor stylings of the "goth" community is spilling over into your thoughts on this particular post.[and i'd agree with you there, most...
Hey!Yeah, buy will grow each season - the big guns keep their minimums quite high which strangled our self-funded budget opening season.Next season will see us add a lot more styles for both Forme & Jan-Jan - with that increasing again for SS17.
No, USD!We use the USD RRP set by the designers themselves, as opposed to the CAD one - as their mandatory exchange rates & markups end up with a CAD retail that is higher than the mandated USD retail exchanged to CAD.CAD also just too unstable and/or volatile lately, with 6 months between ordering and actual delivery it's just a mess using CAD - sorry for any confusion!*Canadian clients are automatically discounted 6% of their order total at checkout to counter any...
- Brands included in the sale: Ann Demeulemeester Rick Owens Rick Owens DRKSHDW To take advantage of this offer, use code MID30 during checkout. For any inquiries, please email us at: info@calculusvictoria.ca -
yeah, just balance the length of your pant hem with the style / height / weight of boot.a cropped or rolled trouser / jean with a nice ankle boot... yum.a cropped or rolled trouser / jean with a tall boot underneath... yum.i find tucking pants into one's boots is often ill advised - it only seems to work [imho] with proper combat boots & a twisted jean with a slim calf & hem.
yup, mine too [vegan sneaks, not that it makes a difference].the waxed canvas is a bit more expensive, but definitely my fave.
this is why the slip-ons come in calf, because they'll stretch less and last longer.the 27E at least, fits two sizes small as well, so it's like they've planned for it. it also has a stronger looking opening though, this one you posted will certainly have more potential issues with the opening stretching.
changes every season, always at least three variations though.can't remember the others for ss16, ignore all the weird ones, but there's canvas & waxed canvas this time around [and the non-waxed canvas come in an option with the cyclops embroidery on them].
yup, this is pretty much it!as such, i would typically recommend you size up one from your "true size".or, just take your normal Rick size [which is typically one up from your true size, but sometimes more for leathers].more or less, yes.
the 795v & 788vs are two of the greatest boots Guidi has ever made.i find the lug sole strange, as you suggest, on many of their models - but these two in particular are fucking made for one another.also, new smooth / polished calf leather lace up boots coming this fall with the lug sole - which are already my new favs.
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