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don't get me wrong, i LOVE smaller communities [hello Victoria!], but 50% pay cut? HELL NO.
well, could have been stolen, could have been damaged, could have been lost.if the value was marked down for you to avoid customs, chances are they won't give many fucks as they'll see reimbursing you as easier than going on a witch hunt for an ostensibly cheap parcel.has little to do with your neighborhood, and most to do with whatever the source of the error was.parcels don't get delivered to wrong addresses, the system doesn't work that way [wrong floor of an office...
1. no 2. three button crispy
ah shit that sucks.if it was sent without signature required, then you can pretty much expect it to go missing.always cough up the extra money and demand shipping service with signature required, 100% success rate with such services [whereas very low success rate without].
this has happened to me with Canada Post before.often it's just a mistake, and the parcel is still on its way.had one marked delivered show up two days afterwards...
i already went too far saying gash, i thought that was [more than] enough. :/
i'm presuming that's LUC though? amirite? [what do i win]
just a good ol' gash is all.
link i cannot do...[seeing as how i buy them from local dance / ballet shops]and seeing as how i buy them from local dance / ballet shops, they are made for girls, so small feet shouldn't be an issue lol.
well I don't wanna argue with you either, so there! perhaps my feet are just sweatier than yours ;p [the socks i'm speaking of wouldn't show even in an E28 though, that's their whole purpose]
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