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Posts by curiouscharles Well, it's [finally] happening. Too late for SS17 to be affected, but by FW17 Canadian stores will be able to offer EU pricing. [trying to contain my excitement]
Yeah, I'm a 42 in island dunks, and they fit me splendidly.
I'm a relatively true 42 / 9, and I went with a 9 US (had to blindly order in the showroom).They fit a bit tighter in the toe / length than is IDEAL, but the 9.5 US is also a bit roomier than I like.I've seen others mention they fit about a half size small, and that might very well be accurate.
Hey guys, So we just joined SF as an official affiliate this week. We have a 20% off store-wide promo currently running in celebration of this fact, with coupon code SF20. There's some great footwear left from Rick in larger sizes, namely: Just wanted to...
fantastic, will be great to host you!
4horsemen is in the downtown core, we're in Oak Bay ~8 minutes by car to the east.mind you, there are also multiple fine coffee shops within a couple blocks of us.
Their hand dyed pieces look incredible in person. Stylistically they're not my personal cup of tea, but still highly satisfying to the eyes [& hands, as is the case with all Geoffrey's work].
Nothing in Vic is more than a 10-15 minute drive from the harbor. 8DJokes aside, we're located in the Oak Bay district, just around the corner from the village.
These are quite warm, the Prussian coat moreso than the worker's jacket, mind you.Both are made of the same heavy weight wool/linen tweed woven shell, but the Prussian coat is fully lined [with the shell fabric doubled along collar, placket, and cuffs], whereas the worker's jacket is completely unlined.Hope that helps!
- Hey guys, We officially joined the SF community late yesterday evening, and are offering an exclusive code to all SF members to celebrate. For an extra 20% off store-wide, please use code SF20 at checkout. For any inquiries, please email us at: Alternatively, you contact us via PM, or our official thread: -
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