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hrmmm, only the second most luxurious leather used? i think i'll pass... ;p
nice jackets gentlemen. i'm not a leather jacket wearer myself, so it's always especially nice for me to see classic leather items in alternative fabrics [the m.a+ linen biker being another example of what pleases me]. fit looks awesome on your ROR-EDGE piece D, now i'm really itching to see the fencing on you U!
i've heard my fair share of shady Vertice stories, but that's mostly from their bitter-mouthed competitors. what happened to you sounds like something [potentially] out of their control?i've had my credit card & banking info compromised by many a company we've worked with over the past few years, and it usually comes down to a third party intercepting information at a vulnerable place in the ether, and never had anything to do with the companies i was working / transacting...
lol, trust me, he doesn't give a fuck...
just check with the store / seller for sizing on specific pieces.when i used to sell TVA at retail in 2008 quite often i needed a size 4 [as a "big 46" back then] to fit my frame.these days [as a true to slim 46] i can fit either a 2, or a 3 consistently [in tops & outerwear].
just send me an email guys, /archives is being amalgamated with the main site in preparation for our upcoming collection.as such, /archives was hidden while we tinkered in the back-end - but it should be accessible again now. in_stitches - double tap any of the white space [ie - zoom out], or flip your phone horizontal, then all will be solved.
that's not holger.that's premierminister.always enjoy hide_m's stuff.
when it comes to this niche of ours, this thought is always misguided.
upturned toes have their place.but i couldn't agree more with the latter half of your statement - nothing's moved me as much since Carpe Diem.
disagree to the power of 12,000,000
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