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personally find that ziggy coat atrocious, but i suppose that's why we all dress [slightly] different! ;p
if you have the chance to try one on, definitely consider it still.if the pattern lands right on you, it fucking works like nobody's business.it's just when the pattern doesn't quite land right on you, which has been mostly my experience.[but when it works, it really does work, just doesn't seem to super often is all in my experience]
fuck man, those first two Damir collections [ss08 and fw08], just... sew gewd..yeah they can end up looking fine in pics, but there's often a disconnect between what looks good irl, and what looks good in a posed photo.whereas i've always found LEB leathers to photograph pretty ok, but feel / look horrible irl, i've also experienced the opposite very often [photograph awful, fit / look great irl] which can be even more frustrating for someone behind the camera heheh.
this is true, except for combat boots [which is specifically what he's asking about].they are more likely to fit a size large, especially ever since Vicious.would just be smart to check prior to purchase with the vendor.
honestly they fit weird af.cool from a design standpoint at least, but feel / look horrible on the bodies i've seen them on / tried them on.
that looks like them!nah, i had no clue!consignors send upwards of 10-40 pairs of footwear in any given delivery, and they rarely say [or remember/care] where / when things came from.it's so much work just managing this whole operation [along with Calculus now, no less] that i don't have the time to research items' origins like i did back in the early days. :/would not have suspected these were buffalo, the grain is much smaller and less pronounced than most of the buffalo...
Which ones you speaking of in particular? Don't remember any 100% polyamide ones from the showroom, only MU [which is a blend]. The hooded bomber in MU we have from DRKSHDW this season is pretty true to size, but one could size up if they wanted a slightly roomier fit. I'm 5'11" and 150lbs, and I wear the S here: https://www.instagram.com/p/BK36uJ2g2-w/?taken-by=_calculus Model on our website is 6'2" and 170lbs and is wearing the M...
yeah, unfortunately they've done nothing wrong here.the fact that you're publicly defaming their business is a legitimate reason to pursue you legally as well i'm afraid. :/
definitely go for the harnden or bergfabel out of the pieces you posted. ziggy's too... "directional" for me to believe you'd actually get as much use out of it as the prior pieces. would definitely recommend you check out these from forme as far as worker jacket and/or winter coat [obviously biased here though]: http://calculusvictoria.ca/product/black-workers-jacket/ http://calculusvictoria.ca/product/black-prussian-long-coat/
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