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i wear mine nearly every day - not only beautiful, but comfy af.
it's what we do.
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i'd be wary of trusting any of those measurements, simply due to how much volume of inventory they deal with the probability of human error is insanely high.
yeah wouldn't recommend an S if you're a 33/34, at least not this season. BUT, the aircuts are also awesome.
or you know, message me and I can also PM it to you ;p
lol, this made me chuckle.you should move to Canada... it's absolute robbery here [BC is 12%, and we're not even the worst].
QFT.the low instep will sometimes necessitate sizing up, i've got a "medium" sized instep [ie - not big, maybe slightly bigger than "average"], and i've typically always had to size up in back-zips and side-zips, but gone true to size with any lace boots.
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