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I would pray for a jacket to show up with this much texture and character. Beautiful.
Thank you!
templeofjawnz@gmail.com Is this still the best way to contact them? Thanks for any help
Thanks for the late reply. Been off the grid for awhile, so this is even later I did get the Kemptons, haven't worn them yet, but will definitely get to it soon. They're wider in the front than I thought they would be but they fit well and I am happy I got them.
Hello, Is the Northcote C&J's only black cap toe offering?
Hi, My LS Ultimate Jumpers in Brown CXL are one of my favorite pairs of boots and I'm really wanting a pair in black. Is there anywhere that stocks a black perforated cap toe boot on either the Barrie or TruBalance lasts? Any help is appreciated. Thanks! -UDK
Hi, thank you for the advice. I'm very glad to hear about their sturdiness, which was a worry for me. I am going to buy these, they seem to be exactly what I'm looking for. I didn't get the full winter in to test the dainites fully, but we had a couple of late snow falls and they did much better than my leather soled Aldens, didn't notice if I walked directly on ice and can't comment on slipperyness. I'll have to wait and see next winter. Thanks again.
Hi, I was wondering if I should pick up a pair of Loake 1880 Kemptons in Black Calf. They have been worn once, but are only going to end up costing $140 US shipped. Is this a good deal for the quality of the shoes? I've never even seen a pair of Loakes first hand. My last pair of boots were Crockett and Jones, all my other boots are Alden, will I be disappointed by the quality and feel of the Loakes? I plan on wearing them with denim and since I live in Alaska I'm happy...
I'd like to thank everyone who has been helping me along with my first C&J purchase. Sizing went well, a full size down and I still have room for thick socks or insoles if needed. I'm vey glad I converted to Dainite before getting them as well, much better for spring in Alaska. I love my Skyes and am very happy with my first pair of English boots. Thanks again! These are some pics my wife emailed me of the boots after they showed up at home while I was out of town.
It took me a very long time to identify this Save Khaki shawl cardigan, but now that I have I can't find it for sale anywhere. If anyone could point me in the right direction in locating this or a very similar alternative it would make my month. Thanks for any help!!
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