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I missed your response, Carminas I'll check them out. Thanks
They look like Crockett and Jones to me
Thanks for that extra info man! I'm still nowhere closer to choosing between the Islay and the Purdey, but I definitely have more to think about. I'm waiting to hear back from Yukiko at the Burlington Arcade store, but it's been a few days and may try reaching her again. Thanks again
Thanks Brummie! I hope you don't mind, but I have a couple of questions for clarification. Is the toe box on the 335 actually more bulbous or does it just seem that way because the back half is slimmer. Is the heel of the Coniston comparable to the heel of the Islay or is the Islay more bulbous throughout? Thanks again, you've been a huge help since I first started looking at C&J last year.
That cutoff would limit my leather jacket wearing period to 3 months where I live.
Thank you for the info. Yeah, the only basis I have for comparison is the Skye, which is about an inch long, but fits perfect around my foot where it sits so I don't notice they're long. I imagine if I sized down they would pinch my pinkie toe. If the 365 is more bulbous I think sizing down would work out just fine, but still wonder about the heel, may have to just invest in wool socks. There are the boots that Brummie posted a few pages back offered by Purdey, made by...
Question for those with Islays: Is the 365 last girthy all the way though or mainly in the toe box? I'm thinking I may be able to go a half size down from my Skyes because of a wider toe box, but am not sure if I'd be able to deal with a sloppy heel. Thanks!
335 last compared to 325 last? Go
Yeah, I'm in Alaska and I don't recommend any leather jacket for that kind of cold unless it's lined with thick shearling. Even then there are much better options. I'd wear a leather with a hoodie or sweater underneath down to -30 Celcius, but only if I was driving in town without the possibility of getting stranded in the middle of nowhere.
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