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Question for those with Islays: Is the 365 last girthy all the way though or mainly in the toe box? I'm thinking I may be able to go a half size down from my Skyes because of a wider toe box, but am not sure if I'd be able to deal with a sloppy heel. Thanks!
335 last compared to 325 last? Go
Yeah, I'm in Alaska and I don't recommend any leather jacket for that kind of cold unless it's lined with thick shearling. Even then there are much better options. I'd wear a leather with a hoodie or sweater underneath down to -30 Celcius, but only if I was driving in town without the possibility of getting stranded in the middle of nowhere.
No thank you.
Price Drop
I'm also hoping to find out about this. I have the Skyes in UK 9E and am looking at a pair of boots on the 325 and am wondering if the fit is similar. Thank for any info!
Can anyone explain the fit difference between the 335 last and the 325 last? Thank you!
Thank you! Next pair of boots found
I bought these a few years ago and have only worn them about a dozen times. They were my first pair of Alden's and I bought them a 1/2 size too large. I'm willing to trade them for a pair of Alden boots in Barrie, TruBalance or Modified lasts in 9.5D, preferably an Indy Boot or Jumper Boot, but would consider others. Also, I wouldn't mind trading for a pair of Crockett and Jones Islay Boots in UK size 9.
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