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Is Black FQHH no longer available?
Now I have two books on the way from Amazon. Thank you
I was charged 60 pounds about a year ago. Not sure if it's changed though.
The Skyes are my favorite pair of footwear ever. Good choice.
Thanks for your advice. I think I will size down half, since I have about an inch extra length on my Skyes.
I have my Purdey Islay on the 325 last waiting for me when I get home in 9 days. I hope I'm not disappointed by the quality when open the box. I'll compare the Dainite soles to the ones I had outfitted on my Skyes.
It's been recommended that I go a half size down from the 9E I wear in the Skye to 8.5E in the Tetbury. Has anyone else sized down 1/2 from other C&J last when stepping into the 348 last?
Thank you for your advice. Robert Old's pricing wasn't that stand out, but free shipping would have put 30 pounds back in my pocket and I was excited that they seemed to have the booots in stock. But I do prefer to work directly with the manufacturing company when possible. Thanks again.I did think of purchasing through them when their site showed the Tetburys in stock last week, but after doing a bit of reading about them on the forum it seems some people have been...
I'm wanting to pull the trigger on a pair of Tetburys. I was trying to buy them from Robert Old 1909, but I had to run to a meeting before I was able to complete checking out and my session timed out while I was out, when I went to go through the ordering process again, they were out of stock in my size. I was hoping to have these stateside before New Years, that may not be an option though. Does anybody know a stockist that has the Tetburys in? Or does anyone have a...
These are dope!
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