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Hello, I'm looking to find this item. I know it's a long shot, but figured it was worth posting. One of my Grails. There are two versions, I'm interested in the second improved version of the jacket. The second version is a paler sage green that looks light grey in certain lighting. It also has a single front zip, where the original has a double zip. Thanks to anyone that can help! -UDK
Thank you, that is exactly what I needed to hear. Definitely out of my budget.
What's the up charge for MTO? Thanks in advance.
Black FQHH.....anyone know if it's still an option?
Is Black FQHH no longer available?
Now I have two books on the way from Amazon. Thank you
I was charged 60 pounds about a year ago. Not sure if it's changed though.
The Skyes are my favorite pair of footwear ever. Good choice.
Thanks for your advice. I think I will size down half, since I have about an inch extra length on my Skyes.
I have my Purdey Islay on the 325 last waiting for me when I get home in 9 days. I hope I'm not disappointed by the quality when open the box. I'll compare the Dainite soles to the ones I had outfitted on my Skyes.
New Posts  All Forums: