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I did, it's kind of you to remember. That was my first choice, but it was snowing on and off for much of the day.
Kudu jumper boots & Japanese woodblock shirt.
There can be only one.
For me, at least, I'm having a lot more trouble deciding on hair and beard length than anything else.
Thought you were talking about the tees & was genuinely concerned about your proportions.Cranberry henley and marled hoodie after watching the Pacers get stomped yesterday:
That jacket
I wasn't sure about the stitching in the product photos (were these at Leather Soul? I'm starting to mix places up), but these look great.
The only comparison I have bag-wise is a CXL messenger from Unlucky, which is similar in dimensions but twice as heavy. The leather on this is gorgeous, and I think it's going to age nicely.
A quick picture of the Fat Carter. This is really beautiful in person.
New Posts  All Forums: