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Kind of wish I hadn't read this...I look forward to seeing pictures of yours, though, even if you may have just convinced to buy more.
Epaulet Madras & the Alden #8 Alt Wiens
Oh, man. Very nice.
Khaki? It's a roughout I believe. It was a shock when I received mine, especially with how soft the snuff was. Your loafers look great, though.
Epaulet chambray & ring denim.
The Alt Wiens are beautiful; I think you'll be happy with them.
Probably a 7.5.
Everyone did a hell of a job.
[[SPOILER]] I remembered NYI's because I've lifted that exact outfit combo from him more than once. The plum's a great color. I would give photo credit, but I think most of you can guess which pic belongs to which poster.
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