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Thanks for all the kind words, guys!
Natural Essex
Thanks, Frank!Thanks; I'm really interested to see how they fade.Holy crap. I really want to see the overdyed black.
Quick denim post.Left to right: 13 oz Ring x RIng, 12 oz Kuroki, 14 oz KaiharaThese are all quite soft, and, like most everything with Epaulet, I'm really happy with the fit and construction. Some close-ups of the fabric and fit pictures in the spoiler. [[SPOILER]] They're out being hemmed now, since I can never get stacks to fall the way I'd like. Also note: a teenage son will roll his eyes when you ask him to take jeans pictures for your internet friends much less than...
Cigar Indy BootsThose longwings look really good, Pastor.Kentucky is such pretty country--I hope you had a good time.
I only found one and then all the pictures started to run together after another 45 minutes. I'm just not very good at this. But (and I know this was the point), I did find a lot of things I liked that I otherwise wouldn't have looked at.
I did, it's kind of you to remember. That was my first choice, but it was snowing on and off for much of the day.
Kudu jumper boots & Japanese woodblock shirt.
There can be only one.
For me, at least, I'm having a lot more trouble deciding on hair and beard length than anything else.
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