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They were the Italian made flannels from two years ago. There is no HST in Manitoba. However, the amount I paid might reflect the GST (5%) or PST (7%)
I am also in Winnipeg. I've ordered three items separately from HY (two pairs of trousers and a scarf). For some reason one pair of trousers had a duty charge of about 10 dollars.
Anyone hear from Jamison lately? He hasn't tempted us with new items recently
Not great pics but since the Allen Edmonds Boston isn't offered from the factory in brown calf I thought I'd post them.
Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar No... If you're under 35 and spend your day here ,you do have issues.. You must out drinking,partying and socializing... This is flagrant age discrimination!!
Quote: Originally Posted by badsha Anyone looking to get rid of their pants below, please PM me. Mini-Houndstooth Wool Pants - EU 48 / US 32 Sand Brown Classic Flannel Pants - EU 48 / US 32 Brown Birdseye Wool Pants- EU 48 / US 32 I'm hoping for restocks/returns in those same three fabrics and the same exact same size.
Quote: Originally Posted by in stitches please tell me you are joking i was looking for a barfing smiley but coulnt find one Here you go. It's too appropriate to not put in this thread.
Quote: Originally Posted by NewYorkRanger Jesus, thats cold. Its from CrownCap, when I told my wife where it was from she said that she wants to go to Winnipeg in February just to say she did it. I don't know how you guys deal with that cold (and the equally oppressive heat in the summer). I'm convinced it's the low cost of living that keeps people here. That's all I can come up with It's definitely not the vast array of good clothing...
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