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Quote: Originally Posted by ronmill I've noticed how GQ has declined over the years, to the point that I don't buy it anymore. However, i find that British GQ is a good read. Check your local B&N, they should have it on their shelves. That's interesting. I'll make sure to look for it the next time I get a chance.
On campus, I tend to eat alone because of my schedule. I'm sure pretty much everyone can agree that you take more time out of your day/night when you go eat with other people. I don't have that kind of time to waste on a daily basis. I also find that you eat less when you eat alone.
I've very recently started looking into this as well and have read that products with glycolic acid and microdermabrasion techniques are key in getting rid of acne scars while evening out skin tone. The high end treatments can get pricey though. I might try some of the lower concentration stuff at first to see if I see any improvements for it (that way it's also a cheaper investment than spending a couple of hundred dollars on the high concentration products).
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