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just go w/ android. by the end of the year, it will well surpass io. bb is as windows...dead in the water.
Quote: Originally Posted by pvrhye When you go back to the store, try sizing down one size into a long and seeing how you feel about it. Thanks.
Try white vinegar. Get a spray bottle and mist the suit w/ it, inside and out. Dont saturate the fibers, but get it all over. Then fill up a bit of your tub with very hot H2O and pour in some vinegar. Seal up the room and let it sit O/N. The steam will help penetrate the fibers and might get rid of the smell. Perhaps repeat a few times as well. I few days in open air will dissipate the vinegar smell.
Cheers for all the feedback! Ive decided its going back to the store. In part because I dont feel I could pull it off, but the bigger issue is fit. Didnt even notice the blouse-y sleeves...thanks for pointing that out. I have a large chest and prefer fits that taper in the waist. Too much material in the gut area.
Most recent is a pic I took while in Mostar:
Sorry for the it is:
Thanks for all the feedback people...both good and bad! I bought it on a whim, w/o even trying it on...mistake #1, but I can return it. It is a 40R, which is what I generally wear. Once home and getting around to trying it on, it is not slim...more of a "classic" fit which brings me to my 2nd issue - I find it a little boxy, but am no expert in SC fit. I will get a proper fit pic up soon. Looking forward to any and all feedback.
For someone turning 30, is this style workable? Cheers in advance! Sorry for the lousy camera phone pics.
sounds like (over-)cleansing is your problem. you say you have dry skin, so try to repair from the inside out. ingest a tablespoon of extra virgin coconut oil (great to add to your chai) per day. best to space intake out between two or more timepoints. within two weeks you should notice a difference. i know i did and have been swearing by it for six years.
Quote: Originally Posted by FtRoyalty Bump of earlier post: I will probably pick up a Thunderbolt this weekend. All the reviews state 4g is incredibly fast, but battery life suffers. I live just outside a 4g market so I'll probably get it soon. One complaint is the lack of a dual-core processor, but I'm not a gamer. The huge amount of memory is nice though. Apparently, the phone has already been rooted too. Thoughts from others? Pros or cons...
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