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He may also want to consider an internship. He can search indeed.com (the Korean version). This would look better on a resume. Finally, the Korean government subsidizes foreign students here, so he could also do a year in uni or grad school. If he is going to law school, he should be able to research any/all of these options.
Quote: Originally Posted by O'Higgins My son who is a recent college grad has decided to teach in Korea for a year rather than immediately go to law school. What advice can you give him? He is pretty excited about the experience, and if I was 22 and single, I would go too. He should do his research first. Check the teachers' boards (Dave's ESL Cafe, Waygook.org). Another possibility is to teach camps (summer or winter). Some schools fly you...
Quick shipper.
Quick shipper.
Payment sent for some fat pants.
Some of these are too short for my thick neck, but here is a bump for a great seller.
Congrats. You may wish to bring some over the counter meds (cold, allergy, whatever you usually take) as Koreans go to the doctor for everything as opposed to buying something at Wal-Mart (which has abandoned Korea). Also, let me take this opportunity to plug my students' website. Most of the stuff is from Daegu, but you can get a feel of the country, perhaps. http://www.ktvids.com/
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What is the chest measurement?
A very kind offer. I just sent a PM asking about measurements for the sweaters.
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