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Xpost from WAYWT.
Should I also puff out my chest?
Bathroom mirror selfieUntucked: [[SPOILER]] Shirt too long to wear untucked?
If you're trying to measure your own shoulders, then odds are you're getting smaller measurements because of how you're holding the tape relative to your shoulder.
Received my whiskey calf 4zip about a year ago, and goddamn is it beautiful. The calf has more or less been broken in now, and is pretty soft and pliable. Someone give me a nicer camera so I can take pictures
it will be by the end of october
Almost cool enough to start wearing my 4zip again
Until you post a fitpic and we can assess how you dress (ie, your credibility), things you say will be taken with a grain of salt. It doesn't help that everything you say comes off as authoritative.
I've been here for years and I still make shitty posts
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