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Nah, my glasses are just that thick.
ToJ/uniqlo Should I get a haircut? (y/n)
Yessir. Need to buy a car here, then hopefully I can catch sunrise/sunset/the milky way out here as well.Here are some pics from my trip to Tasmania in January:
Don't mind me, just passing through.
Finally got around to stitching together some of the panoramas I took this summer. 7 images, still trying to make that rainbow "pop" more 15 exposures -> 5 images -> 1 huge pano I've also moved to Melbourne for at least the next few months.
The shoulders are very tight, the jacket is very snug when zipped up. Any tighter in the shoulders and I wouldn't be able to zip it up.Haven't had time to get a zipped pic yet, there might be one somewhere in the image archives.
RM williams comfort craftsmanI won't have time until Wednesday, but sure.
xpost waywt
Is ToJ still cool?
They're from my trip around Iceland this summer. Here's the full album, for anyone interested:
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