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Black 3sixteen ST-100x Size 31. These jeans are awesome but sadly they no longer fit my legs since I've started working out. Sucks! Worn a bunch, never washed (don't worry they ain't stinky). No fraying, cuts, scratches, etc. Some of the buttons have busted and been replaced, as you can see in the last picture. Some measurements can be found here but these definitely do not have a 37' inseam. mine measure at 32 even though i didnt get them...
Odyn Vovk Canvas Jacket: Worn a few times. No damage, good condition. From the guy I bought it from years back: "21 inches S2S: about 17.5 inches Sleeve length 26 inches Back length: 25 inches. I would say this fits a true 40 at best, even a 38 if you want to wear something underneath, the sleeves are very slim." The jacket is tagged Large Paypal or Dwolla. Will only ship in the Continental US
posting so i can pm you
in a similar vein as the size question earlier, do you think a 45 would fit someone who normally wears 12-13's?
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